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  1. I did a pseudo-draft with a friend of mind on Hard Classic, but she doesn’t have the game on-hand anymore. So the way this worked is that I picked a unit to draft, then she picked a unit I couldn’t use, and we went back and forth like so. I also let her choose my pairings at the end of the draft. My question is, what are some fun combinations I can do with these pairings without much grinding (as little grinding as preferable) 1. Chrom x Village Maiden 2. Bachelor Male Robin (+Mag, -Str) (No Morgan) 3. Sully x Virion 4. Sumia x Frederick 5. Panne x Gaius 6. Tharja x Gregor 7. Cherche x Stahl 8. Lissa x Libra The other units I have are Vaike, Basilio, Flavia, Walhart, Yen’fay, and Priam. I’m very excited for the challenge, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on skills that can be useful for these units/pairs. And yes, these pairings and units are set in stone
  2. Even though Wyvern units are supposed to favor axes in Three Houses, this was not always the case in Fire Emblem. Traditionally they were primarily lance units until Radiant Dawn made axes their primary weapon of choice with a secondary rank in lances upon promotion. However Seteth, a very old and traditional wyvern unit, has a higher Lance rank than Axe rank possibly referencing the roots of wyvern units
  3. Primarily class requirements, but also in order to unlock certain skills other than breaker skills. For instance, Sylvain, Ferdinand, and Seteth all learn Swift Strikes at A rank lances, so even if you want to make them Wyvern Lords which requires A Rank Axes and only C Rank Lances, it is still worth leveling the skill in order to get that Brave effect. Additionally, because of how good bows are in Three Houses, I have given almost all of my combat units C Rank in bows in order to unlock Close Counter so they can retaliate to melee units on enemy phase. On harder difficulties, opponents can have skills like Axe breaker so it is worth your time to have at least one back up weapon
  4. Just now finding this topic. I think that if we are going to get a new mainline game soon, it will be either a Genealogy remake in 2021 when the original game turns 25 years old or a Binding Blade remake in 2022 for BB's 20th anniversary. Shadows of Valentia released in 2017, 25 years after the original Gaiden, which is what I'm basing this off of. Then again, Shadow Dragon's release doesn't necessarily correspond to FE1's release 18 years prior, so maybe I'm off the mark here and it's just a coincidence. I think if we do get a Genealogy remake, we won't have a BB remake until 2027 when FE6 turns 25 years old. I would actually love another Warriors game with a more varied roster in the meantime, but I'll honestly be interested in whatever they release. FE is in a good place right now, and I never would have expected Three Houses, so for the time being I'm going to just bide my time with that while I see what they have in store.
  5. Mine has also been Felix without a battalion, but honestly Dedue has been amazing too. I gave him a sword for accuracy early on, threw him down the myrmidon line, and abused his personal skill to take 0 damage on EP and then deal massive damage on retaliation, sometimes even doubling in return, even on Hard Mode. I also trained his flying rank since the very beginning, and he's getting ready to become a wyvern rider. So excited!
  6. Well let's even look at some of the playable characters we have in FE4. Holyn and Ayra both have minor Odo blood, but they don't have the same appearances. Moreover, Claud and Sylvia both have Bragi blood but they also look very different. For a third option, let's not forget that Sigurd, Ethlyn, and Oifey all have Baldur holy blood and they look extremely different too. At the very least this is not entirely new and there is some precedent for it.
  7. Yeah I'll go ahead and update my plan for the classes. Byleth: Commoner -> Myrmidon -> Mercenary/Thief -> Hero/Assassin -> War Master (Maybe even Dancer if it's not gender locked). Possibly mounted route to abuse personal skill via canto. Black Eagles: Edelgard: Either Fighter -> Lord -> Canon Lord classes or Fighter -> Lord -> Wyvern Knight/Lord if her canon promotion route is armored. Hubert: Noble -> Monk -> Dark Mage -> Dark Bishop -> Dark Knight (Hidden Talent in Lances might come in handy?) Dorothea: Commoner -> Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight (Maybe Dancer) Ferdinand: Noble -> Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight (Wyvern Lord if Great Knight is too slow) Bernadetta: Noble -> Fighter -> Thief/Archer -> Assassin/Sniper -> Bow Knight (Maybe Dancer if the bow classes aren't as good as I hope) Caspar: Noble -> Fighter -> Brigand/Brawler -> Warrior/Grappler -> War Master Linhardt: Noble -> Commoner -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight Petra: Commoner -> Myrmidon -> Pegasus Knight/Thief -> Swordmaster/Assassin -> ??? Falcon Knight? Not too sure honestly. I'd like to have her as a sword flier, but certifications might be tough Blue Lions: Dimitri: Either Soldier -> Lord -> Canon Lord classes or Soldier -> Lord/Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight if he doesn't get a mount and his skills don't make up for it Dedue: Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior -> War Master (For the lulz might send him down the Wyvern Path if I can avert his flying weakness) Felix: Myrmidon -> Mercenary -> Hero -> ??? Maybe Wyvern if his axe rank is good enough, but also maybe Dark Knight for his Hidden Talent in Reason Mercedes: Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight Ashe: Fighter -> Archer -> Sniper -> Bow Knight (Might be handy with Hidden Talent in Lances) (Quite possibly Dancer too just for the fun of it) Annette: Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight Sylvain: Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight (Personal skill would be good with canto, possibly) Ingrid: Soldier -> Pegasus -> Falcon Knight (Might dabble in Paladin or Swordmaster in-between for fun) Golden Deer: Claude: Canon Lord path if the leak is true. Otherwise whatever bow class turns out to be the most useful Hilda: Fighter -> Brigand -> Wyvern Knight -> Wyvern Lord for canto abusing with her personal skill Lorenz: Might very well go Monk -> Dark Mage/Warlock line with him into Dark Knight. Depends on his stats and growths in magic. Otherwise Cavalier line Raphael: Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior -> War Master Ignatz: Fighter -> Archer/Thief -> Sniper/Assassin -> Bow Knight (Maybe Dancer for the lulz) Leonie: Soldier -> Cavalier/Pegasus Knight -> Paladin -> Falcon Knight/Master Horse class like Bow Knight or Great Knight. Want to keep canto for personal skill Lysithea: Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight Marianne: Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight You know, I think I may be even more unsure now than I was before. Really hoping to see how promotion gains, growths, skills, and how strict the tests look so I can make more concrete choices
  8. Do we know Annette's Strengths and Weaknesses yet?
  9. Unless I missed something, this is a Paralogue right? At the very least there's still hope for the main story missions.
  10. Female Paladins and Falcon Knights in Thracia and Genealogy can use staves as well as melee weapons.
  11. So I just went back and watched the King of Beasts footage, and Dimitri has a B+ Rank in Lances and is still gaining weapon exp
  12. Or maybe you can't have B Rank before the Timeskip?
  13. Yeah, an exception I can see is if terrain penalties are severe enough. But we also know that cavalry can't cross drawbridges, so that could be another use. Then again, with free reclassing, if your paladins also passed the wyvern rider test, you could reclass them to that for the chapter or something like that. Plenty of ways around the weaknesses it seems like
  14. If they put that much effort into a standard counterattack for a dismounted cavalry unit, then I'm even more excited for this game. I really want Dimitri to have a canon mount instead of me having to resort to the Paladin line
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