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  1. Things I'm sick of seeing in FE? Hmm... let's see: The main lord is either a 'Marth-type'(whom the Japanese prefer) or a 'Hector-type' (whom the Americans prefer). Obviously evil-looking antagonists. Dragons/demi-gods/gods as final bosses (no, FE10 does not get a pass nor does being possessed by a dragon count). Blue-haired male leads. Loses more points if they use a sword. The more experienced late-game warrior having lower base stats than the (levelled-up) scrub you got in the early stages of the game. Worse if the pre-promotes base stats are complete trash. At least give them reasonable base stats if they don't have enough chapters to gain levels... Storylines that resemble anime plots rather than telling a proper tale of war, morales, ethics etc (though FE4 tried, at least). IS should fire all their current writers and get someone like Matsuno... Shipping wars. Made worse if the game is more than 10 years old. The newer ones I can understand, but the Tellius/Elibe shippers should just give up now. No-one cares if Hector ends up with Farina, or if Ike ran off with Soren/Ranulf. Wrt to Ike, fans should give it a rest about his sexual orientation. Why is this such a big deal? It makes zero sense to me. The fandom arguing why the older games are better than the newer ones or vice-versa. Fans complaining about fan-service. Oh, and the constant arguments that sprout when a new Smash is announced about who will get cut and who won't.
  2. Oosawa-Sigurd has more personality than his in-game self. Ayra looks like an edgier version of Eirika in Heroes. Maybe too edgy. Elincia is a milksop in FE9 and has awful taste in men. Her Heroes art is horrid and she REALLY looks like she needs to take a pee. Don't get me started on her voice. I wonder how Lucia became Elincia's retainer with those base stats in FE9... About the only good thing about her sucking stat-wise in FE9/10 is that she can't possibly get worse when she eventually gets added to Heroes. Same deal with Bastian. Lucina... Time-travelling doesn't work for a series like FE. Sorry, sweetie, even if you daddy did screw up super bad. Still <3 you in Heroes though.
  3. I'm back after a 8-9 month hiatus on this game (got sucked into Granblue, still playing it), and was relieved that I didn't delete my old data (I just uninstalled FEH) and had around 209 orbs, which I pushed up to around 320+ thanks to the overwhelming number of orbs just waiting to be collected. Amusingly, my first 5-star pull in months was Redhardt and I got him on my second summoning attempt. However, he is +SPD/-DEF. I wanted Leif as well, but got a second Rein (+SPD/-HP). Will conserve my remaining 200+ orbs for when Ayra (so I can bench V!Ike, I can't stand him) and Hector appear on a banner, since I really want DC fodder for the Redhardts (and Ayra when I eventually get her). I'm still kicking myself for merging 2nd Haxtor into the first one...
  4. (sighs) Poor Lyn... I guess she deserves a wallpaper as well. While I don't play Heroes (or hell, even FE) anymore, I still appreciate good art. Granblue Fantasy; the biggest mobile game in Japan (with 16 million players and counting) that most westerners don't even know about) is where I am now.
  5. I don't do requests/chibis anymore, but in honour of the two heroes who lost the voting gauntlet:
  6. Yeah, like I give rat's fart about a rabid fangirl's opinion who will go to ANY lengths to protect her precious Ike. :/
  7. So, apart from killing off my least favourite FE character, this is how I would have handled him. Or at least, made him more interesting. Ike, as the son of a noble house that has pledged its fealty to Crimea, leads his troops into battle againstDaien on behalf of his ill father. He is extremely confident in his ability with the sword ( due to having Greil for a mentor and receiving daily tutoring from Crimea's top swordsmen; incidently, he'd probably be sparring partners with Lucia and he'd know Elincia) but makes a couple of mishaps. His recklessness and arrogance causes the losses of many casualties and he is forced to reassess his behaviour (much like Hector, he's a fight now, ask questions later type of person). He is guilt-stricken and worried if his strength will be enough. (That bit was taken from my 3K word essay on why I hate Ike and how I'd make him 'flawed'). Of course, he wants nothing to do with the nobility after he finds out they're merely exploiting the commoners for their own ends, then severs his ties, and becomes a mercenary. But after Greil dies of illness, Ike has no choice butto assume his noble duties, just like Hector. This also conveniently removes the Black Knight from the picture (who is oneof the worse villains in the series) and prevents Ike from taking the tried-and-tested yawnfest of seeking revenge for daddy's murder. He'd have no need to become stronger if he is already an established general in his 20s. There.
  8. Least favs: Ike. Kill him off the way the Mountain kills Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones Season 4: That is,crushed, eyes gouged out and head smashed in. Less violent version: Have him hanged after he yells at Sanaki. Makalov: Have him die of alcohol poisoning. Sothe: REALLY have Tibarn throw him off that cliff in RD. Favourites: Lucia: Fix her god-awful base stats in FE9, give her more playtime/screentime in RD and give her back her godlike FE9 growths. Elincia: Have her be the main character in PoR. Get rid of her horrible damsel-in-distress persona. Sigurd: Make him more like his Oosawa-manga self.
  9. In an earlier post in this thread, I was toying with whether I disliked Sothe or Ike more. Well, in this 3000 word essay, I finally have my answer. And it is entirely relevant to this thread.
  10. People are completely within their rights to dislike something indeed. But hating something without giving any reason just comes across as being shallow and petty. Not to mention it looks awfully hypocritical on Ana's part when someone hates her Ike but she's allowed to hate on Lucina, Micaiah, Mia etc. Only their fans show admirable restraint and never fly off the handle like she does.
  11. I've been designing jRPGs for around 8 years or so (all ftp) but I only seriously considered going commercial with my games recently. While I work full-time, I hope to make a success of my upcoming games (plot is primary inspired by focusing on political conspiracy and general power-mongering rather than save the crystals/world hogwash and the main characters are partially based off my favourite FE units) by honing my skills (mainly pixel art, writing, studying reverse-engineering guides on Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 etc,) before I put my plans into action. Granted, it isn't an easy road being a solo indie-game developer, but if I persist long enough with it, I can succeed.
  12. I haven't updated this project since March but I hope to move it forward soon. This game is basically for everyone who loves Elincia and would have prefered her as a main lord. Without sharing the spotlight with any male leads. After adding Mia, Lethe/Mordecai are probably next, followed by Jill. So there's that.
  13. Greil Mercenaries fan-service at its finest (pukes).
  14. Unpopular opinions, huh. This is probably like the third thread dedicated to it, lol. - FE9's story is hideously over-rated and just a bad video game in general. - Tellius would have been amazing if it wasn't for Ike. Elincia showed more character development in Part 2 of RD than Ike did during the entirety of PoR. - All FE plots are awful (yes, even FE4's). The writing is questionable as well. - Virtually every lord is a Sue/Stu in some way or the other. But Ike and Ephriam take the cake. I don't count Corrin because he/she is a self-insert which equals automatic Sue/Stu-status. - Jill is one of the most over-rated characters and units from Tellius. The fantasy racism cliche is so old by now. - Weapon durability and permadeath are poor gameplay decisions. - Eliwood and Roy need more love. -The Black Knight is an atrocity. I suppose he suffers from 'Sephiroth Syndrome: aka, you can get away with murder if you're cool enough. - FE8 has one of the best OSTs in the series. - I love using pre-promotes and hate shotas/lolis. - FE doesn't know how to do 'hard games'. Hard/Lunatic just amounts to stat-inflation, unfair balancing, excessive reliance on the RNG and/or cheap AI tricks. - FE's unit rosters are far too large. RD was ridiculous with its 70+ units, of which maybe 15 were viable for endgame. This is bad, bad design.
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