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  1. Damn in a weird way i miss the days when this thread was spammed to shit. Apparently haven't posted in over a year but i guess i'll change that now. Hello!
  2. Played like trash till maybe day 4. The switch back into fable was probably not the best thing to do but genuinely from my pov did think it was the best Lynch.
  3. Oh I can see your point on fable. Basically my thinking was that I won't be around for deadline so I wasn't sure if people would be around to vote for fable, zeon did express some interest but I didn't know if he would and RAD you know already did decide to vote you. Since people are actually here now tho and a fable Lynch is actually possible ##unvote ##vote @Fable Best Lynch because it has the least amount of conflicting information. I still think that zeon being the partner is unlikely but Jordan is right that I do feel best about this Lynch. I have to go now tho and this is likely to be my last post so let's hope we get this right! BTW if zeon doesn't ever give thoughts on fable dont consolidate on Jordan since zeon being a partner comes back. Fable outweighs zeon for play reasons though so Lynch fable regardless IMO.
  4. Okay yeah going back to your stuff on the rad claim basically I believe that it's unlikely for town to not have any investigative power at all. You pretty much think that it is too powerful for town to have that but I think it's reasonable. Okay so basically here's my thinking. I think that zeons response would screw him over if he is buddies with fable for reasons I already explained. Also I do have to consider that he expressed a similar sentiment as you and I feel like he could be making this far easier as scum by just dismissing my responses and just agree to consolidate on you instead of even bothering to talk about fable at all. I'm still waiting for zeons stance on fable and why he thinks what he does however since he kind of has to do what he says to get the towncred.
  5. Decided i would go to my thing later lol. No offense rad but it barely seems like you read what I said. I most definitely did not just comply as I literally said that I would have not switched to you but because of zeoneths response I did. And by my consolidation vote I was saying that I may not be able to post before deadline. I'll check your question in a second I'm on mobile and switching between tabs is a pain. @Zeonth what do you think of fables posts?
  6. oh that's a pretty good response and seems really weird to fake as scum @Zeonth Basically my thinking was that if you and fable are scumbuddies and jordan is town. By your logic literally all fable has to do is not post and you lynch town jordan so I definitely did NOT want to switch to jordan. with your response however that's definitely commitment as you've basically forced yourself to vote fable if he comes online and doesn't post. Everyone else can check this as well to see if you're lying and that response also seems super weird to fake as scum. Okay think i'm willing to consolidate onto jordan. His evan vote if he's scum with fable can be somewhat justified by wanting to distance I realize. His vote on RAD still bugs me a lot but with zeoneth's response a zeoneth/fable scumteam literally cannot exist unless zeoneth is trying to throw the game. Making the consolidation vote now since I may not be around for deadline depending on what I have to do. ##unvote ##vote @XnadrojX
  7. Actually I just realized that zeoneth calling me town makes no sense from a scum pov since my response could easily be dismissed. There is one question I have @RADicate what do you think of zeon's stance on not lynching fable unless he posts? This is the major thing that's bugging me. I'll probably make my final vote in a few minutes since I won't be around for deadline most likely.
  8. @RADicate I couldn't see a scum fable/zeon team except zeon never actually committed and him saying he won't lynch fable if he doesn't post is just weird. Fable literally can just not post to damn near win the game.
  9. That's somewhat what I thought. Basically the question kind of bugged me because I feel like from a scum pov it allows them to gauge who they should vote based on what rad says. If rad think i'm town and chooses a town person to vote you could basically say i'm town and sheep rad or perhaps stick to me. If rad chooses your scumbuddy you could reverse your stance on me and try to lynch me. @RADicate you can answer now. PEDIT: oh rad just did well zeon actually committing to fable is something I didn't expect aaaand he just reversed his stance to if fable doesn't post.
  10. @Zeonth why does it matter who rad votes?
  11. oh the reason why I think the athena thing is null now is because i think athena fakecrumbed cop by saying he thought he wouldn't die tonight so he could tell us who's scum tomorrow. I also never doubted jordan. I'm saying he has to be scum by pov but his play is going completely against scum. Honestly I can see some of your case but if i'm faced with that pov of you and fable unable to be partners there's nothing I can really do about jordan being scum but I have to consider the fact that his play makes little to no sense as scum. This is further compounded by his vote on evan. Like is there any advantage to that whatsoever? Well yes the patterns match up with what you think I think the reasoning behind those sentiments is important.
  12. Oh zeon does express wanting to lynch evan way before the wagon on evan started which puts him at a decent disadvantage as scum since he easily could have pushed bart. He never actually commits right away though. I think he commits later when the pressure on bart had worn off for the most part. It's not 100% disadvantage because of this. I think i'll go fable>zeon today because of this however.
  13. I think it's fable/zeon. I can't find anything that would 100% be a disadvantage for either of you whereas jordan's vote I can.
  14. okay I think jordan might be 95% town at the very least. If you go back to his vote on evan only fable was voting evan at the time. Even if he thought that Zeon was going to get lynched going over to evan is 100% disadvantage for scum. There is little to no reason to switch to evan considering the sentiment for lynching evan wasn't even expressed very much yet.
  15. Yeah, pretty much. Mack trying to vote zeon then unvote zeon as scum is lol and he's taking a big risk faking roleblocker as godfather.
  16. hmm okay so fable/zeon is definitely still a possibility off that answer. I was just expecting you to say that you were paranoid of fable getting hammered by like jordan+mack so you never voted him but that doesn't seem to be the case. Normally my defense would be that I'd like to see if you could point out what you find scummy about my votes as opposed to just being wrong but I legit can't find anything scummy about other people so *shrug*. Rad's point on me is good I guess as well. It makes no sense to me to suggest the cop plan as scum. That objectively puts me at a disadvantage. I couldn't have faked it either because my post came right after Rad's. Otherwise honestly don't have much else. I was just wrong. Fable, why would I refute my own plan then if I plan to use it for nefarious reasons?
  17. hmm okay and one other question I have is why have you not committed a vote yet?
  18. I guess it has to be jordan and one of fable/you but that doesn't make much sense... I'm still thinking I do have a question @Zeonth just to 100% clarify what are your reads on rad and mack?
  19. yeah. I don't really have a defense. I was just wrong this game. I'm trying to think of an advantage that !scum jordan gains by going for your lynch but I can't think of any :/
  20. so from my pov if I assume rad and mack are town and fable and zeon are not buddies jordan has to be scum with either fable or zeon but wtf is he doing then with this rad lynch as scum?
  21. ughhhh this shit doesn't make sense. Fable and Zeon can't be buddies because all zeon has to do is lynch me. By lynching his own buddy (fable) mack is likely to block zeon tonight fucking him over.
  22. I honestly don't know :/. I'm voting fable but really don't feel confident in it at all because the things i'm voting him for he could have done as town as well and all the points brought up for other lynch candidates I feel similarly about. As for your response on not doing it as both alignments I'll agree that i'm confused why jordan would think to do this as town but I feel like he's putting himself at a disadvantage by doing this is as scum. While yes he could be trying to force a no lynch by voting a candidate we know won't get lynched, we're like 14 hours away from deadline so I don't really see that plan working well. I think I would go fable/zeon>jordan because again I feel like his play against you would disadvantage him but i'm not very confident on either fable or zeon.
  23. The thing that's bugging me is that why the hell would he go for you of all people? You're not getting lynched today at all and scum have way easier pushes.
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