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  1. What I meant when I said that the fan reception was more bittersweet was that Fates and The Last Jedi were polarizing and divisive titles among (hardcore) fans. Admittedly, that's what I should've just said from the very beginning, instead of caving into the temptation to use more flowery language.
  2. You're projecting a strawman onto me. Quit that. If I really hated Fates that much, why in the name of Naga, Anankos and Mila would I have Sakura's Forest as my forum theme?
  3. I think Fates is "The Last Jedi" of Fire Emblem, a blockbuster commercial success but in terms of fan sentiment, the reception is more ... bittersweet. Should art's merit be determined principally by monetary profitability, or should another quality be the primary determining factor? There was someone who actually believed that Fates had better characterization than A Song of Ice and Fire.
  4. I've got your back, fam. EDIT: I can't get the image to show up properly in this post.
  5. You know all those stories about people claiming to be Somali or Ethiopian princes sending emails offering to wire millions of dollars to your bank account? Well, I recently got a somewhat similar message from (some Japanese server) (with (some gmail address) as the reply-to address). Although the sender claims to be a mere "TRANSFER INSPECTION OFFICER," he gave off the aura of an Ethiopian prince. Anyway, without further ado,
  6. Here is my attempt to make the lyrics to the Theme of Infinite even edgier. The substantive changes I've made from the original are indicated in bold and italics. Without further ado,
  7. I think it's kinda funny how around the same time Fire Emblem abandoned weapon durability, Zelda added a weapon durability system.
  8. If Soleil's birthday had been August 21st instead of August 31st, it would have been on the same day as the recent solar eclipse. You were so. Damn. Close. Intelligent Systems...
  9. If you had to pick a non-Japanese writer for a mainline Fire Emblem game, who would you pick? I'm asking specifically non-Japanese because someone over at /r/fireemblem had already basically asked a similar question but keeping it to Japanese writers, and even without any regional stipulations, most FE fans would probably pick a Japanese writer anyway, so it would be interesting to see what choices you guys make if forced to look outside of Japan. As an optional bonus challenge, pick a writer who is neither from Japan nor a predominantly English-speaking country. My pick would be Michael Kirkbride. He wrote the lore for Morrowind and he continued to write Elder Scrolls lore even after he left Bethesda. I think his writing style would add some really interesting flavor to the world of Fire Emblem. OPTIONAL BONUS CHALLENGE: The writer(s) for Nehrim: At Fate's Edge. The story and atmosphere completely blow (vanilla) Oblivion out of the water. EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about writing for a brand new mainline FE, not rewriting a pre-existing mainline FE.
  10. At least they're not Konami.
  11. At the very most, you need only two memory cards: one for all your PS2 games and one for all your PS1 games. And used memory cards should definitely work, as long as they are in good condition. Edit: I forgot to mention that PS1 games need a memory card made specifically for the PS1. They will not work with PS2 memory cards!
  12. I honestly have higher expectations for Sonic Forces's story than I do for Fire Emblem Switch's story.
  13. Someone actually did a mash-up of Cardcaptor Sakura and Fates!Sakura.
  14. If you're unable to get your hands on a Switch, remember that Breath of the Wild is also available on the Wii U.
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