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  1. ok here's your report: "eliwood" has a glitchy crit animation the ch1 enemies block the house your axe dudes come out of if you move the party south so they get in a rather dumb position the fighter with four axereavers the displayed objective of ch1 is to seize gate, but there is no gate and it's actually kill boss a bunch of enemies in ch2 have guard AI for no apparent reason other than to be annoying, in a rout they're also all super fat so all of the units not named circles and morps are basically useless i quit on the following chapter because the solid white stat screen background was too painful to look at
  2. idk if this is the right subforum for this sort of thing but here's a patch i made for personal reasons that i've been convinced to share: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o14rh74dk6hhkwg/fe7_convenience_patch.ips apply to US ENG FE7 for the following luxuries: -all difficulties may be chosen from the get-go -music room is open from the get-go with all of the songs -HP bars show up on the map when units are injured -inventories are shown in the unit tabs note for serious hackers: the inventory tab palettes act up when adjusting formation. i don't care enough about this to fix it. Source: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zf5r9v1go3l3v11/Convenience_Patch.zip
  3. hi i beat thabes on hard/classic with no intentional grinding, no forges, no pitchfork, no dread loop, and minimal running away from encounters within the lab final party was alm, celica, saber, dread kliff, delthea, luthier, saint faye, silque, genny, tatiana i also got through the entire thing like five things, the BF10 boss is the worst part by far with these rules saints are godly, most of the super-nasty stuff later is weak to seraphim. against the stuff that isn't, warp+speed ring delthea+rescue lets you get some solid damage off on turn 1 while things approach. casters in general and mage ring trading are your friends; with the exception of entombed and dread fighters most things have huge defense and mediocre resistance. silver is the best sword unforged; roundhouse is required to do decent damage to white dragons and deimos. benchmark for speed on dread fighters is 34 after encumbrance; the fastest things i saw were deathgoyles who clock in at 33. they hit like wet noodles relative to the rest of the lower floors though so you can bait them with alm or by carrying a shield. if you just want to clear it without caring about conducts, field bow knights and make parthia, from what i hear shooting the endboss with it won't aggro him which makes the thing incredibly easy. without high-end bows you pretty much have to spam Rescue while retreating from it and efficiently killing the reinforcements while it eventually chases you to the back of the map.
  4. I don't think fire dragons were involved? It was when I was coming out of the treasure room and dealing with respawned mooks there; I'm pretty sure it was red skeleton mages and white dracozombies.
  5. Huh, this exact same thing happened to me at the same place; tried to unwind an ill-fated BF9 fight to the start, get kicked back to firmware with an error message. It was only on turn 2 though so I doubt it had to do with distance; most likely it's a graphical issue.
  6. ok i downloaded the patch and tried it out i was amused, but the berserk mechanics make it kind of hard for me to want to actually see it all the way through, even though it is definitely beatable for the patient also lmao @ the berserk leaking into this thread
  7. The way you win the chapter isn't to defend the green tiles, it's to kill everyone who could reach them by turn 11. This means, kill pretty much everyone. This is easiest if you split your forces by leaving the safety box of comfort, since that lets you split the enemies into groups that you can manage. Oboro and Hinata will charge you eventually, so being in a position where you can pull and murder them during a lull is a Very Good Thing since it means you don't have to deal with them and a swarm of dudes at the same time. The one big exception to this rule is near the end of the chapter; if you're having trouble, it is fairly easy to stall the last big oni push in the east by parking someone in the gap near the eastern ballista, because that is a viable chokepoint that the enemies will clog up on uselessly. My usual approach to the chapter is to smash the southern wall turn 1 and get Arthur forward immediately to start killing the spear fighters, then clean up the ninjas that accompany them on EP. Corrin and Silas go east to deal with the Onis (I run +mag corrin though so you may have better picks here). Western front you don't actually have to smash the wall, Odin can just walk over leisurely and go in the village while the onis break in.
  8. I made patches to port FE12's Lunatic Reverse rules to FE7 and FE8. These basically give every enemy Vantage+; they will always attack first, even on player phase, if they are able to counter. The FE7 patch also enables all difficulty options from the get-go, because nobody wants to play Lyn Normal again. Patches here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/17a7qzs06cddq77/fe7_reverse_1.0.ups http://www.mediafire.com/file/sy9v3ynapkqyicv/fe8_reverse_1.0.ups Source for the interested: FE7: http://pastebin.com/0ceAV0d0 FE8: http://pastebin.com/8WZazyrU
  9. if you're banning reclasses you should ban using items other than starting inventories too it wouldn't make sense, intsys gave everybody their starting inventories for a reason if we didn't do this, we'd be here all day arguing items, who's better with this weapon and who's better with that stat booster, etc.
  10. It's not terribly hard to get an arrow to hit Camilla when she flies toward the party, is in a game where you can get dual strikes off the archer, is in a game where you can dance the archer, and is in a game where the archer gets Hit boosts just by having friends nearby. At any rate she's definitely no qualifier for strongest boss since she's worse than playable Camilla on Lunatic lol
  11. FE6 through Awakening all use a 2 RN system for hitrates, sometimes called true hit. Basically instead of rolling one number and checking it against hit rates, the game would roll 2 numbers and average them. This means that the values it's comparing to the hit rate trend closer to 50, so displayed hit rates are not actually accurate unless they are 0%, 50%, or 100%. Hit rates above 50% are more likely to hit than displayed, and hit rates below 50% are less likely to hit than displayed. This usually favors the player, as they won't be making attempts to hit unlikely blows often, but will make a lot of attacks with high displayed hitrates. In short: unless you've played one of the (super) famicom games, ever Fire Emblem you've played has lied to you. You are trained on bullshit statistics, which is why Fates seems weird sometimes. Fates changes its system somewhat. For attacks with 50% hitrate and below, the game uses a 1 RN system, meaning the chance to hit is actually what is displayed; the game isn't lying to you. For attacks with more than 50% hitrate, the game uses an unknown different system to nudge the odds upward. Source here: https://fire-emblem-strategy.tumblr.com/post/143452625727/how-fates-handles-hit-rates Note that all of this only goes for hitrates, not crits or skill procs or other things. Another noteworthy detail is that Conquest is quite a bit harder than most other Fire Emblem games, so it often only takes a little bit of bad luck to derail your plans, making it more visible when things go awry. e: read the OP again and if you have a 53% chance to die maybe figure out another way to go about the first turn?
  12. Building up an air force is actually a pretty viable strategy in the chapters after kitsune hell. While you do have to watch out for bows (and the wall sucks), mobility is king in wind hell, on the endless staircase, and in Hinoka's chapter. also i regret to inform you that you have terrible taste
  13. I mean, if you want to assume I'm lying, then go ahead... Leo is not tankier than Odin. He has incredible Res, but it turns out Res isn't nearly as important as Defense, which Odin has more of. On average, 20/2 Sorc Odin will have 15.2 Defense to --/2 Sorc Leo's 13 Defense. Couple that with Odin's higher personal Def growth rate and he's always going to be sturdier, since Nosferatu access makes max HP mostly irrelevant (and they're extremely close anyway; less than 2 point average difference at Leo's join and Odin eventually takes the lead) Lifetaker is mostly irrelevant at this point in the game by virtue of requiring you to hit 20/15 to learn it, which nobody reached in that run until Odin got Bowbreaker while devouring the great wall.
  14. It proves that I was able to just leave Odin in the face of unlimited constant staircase hell reinforcements for 50 turns, which kind of goes against this: (if you weren't aware, those guys have grisly wound and wary fighter on lunatic, and yes that is without any boosters)
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