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  1. Yes, if your team can make a compressor/decompressor than it much easier for translation. From my side, i found the way to use the game itself decompressor engine to decompress what i want and after modify i will update the ISO with decompress data. It take some manual steps and more time. Anyway my email is [email protected] Rgds,
  2. Thanks for your information :) but Chinese is more complicated then JAP - I think. The main translator is Othin and it seem that he is busying for other thing. Most of the weapons, classes ... have been dumped and translated and post on the google spreadsheet. PS: i assumed that your team know the decompress/compress routine. I am not but i found another way to do with it. Rgds,
  3. What's patch version are you using? Please apply the latest patch 0.86. 0.85 change log: Fixed: 1./ Morse Tower 2./ Back screen and crash at some MAP as report from patch 0.8 due to missing death message/control code 3./ Line break in the middle of word Updates: 1./ English MAP title 2./ Items description alignment 3./ VS Mode is now in English (I suggest that do not change your VS team name because strange character added too, this error also exist in JAP version) 0.86 change log: - Fix item crafting - Fix crash/hang after player kill the last boss (dragon) Download link: http://up.4share.vn/f/2c1f1d1d1f141414/trs-e086.zip.file Thanks,
  4. Thanks for your help but i've done the table before you! Text has been dump and uploaded on BWS Patching Google spreadsheet for edit/comment.
  5. If you mean convert the picture that I've just post above to text than yes - type exactly as it looks. Thanks,
  6. Yeah, i mean convert it to text. Thanks,
  7. Need help! While making JAP table, I use KanjiTomo to recognize the letter and it's ok for big/clear but this time the font's smaller than previous so it cannot do well. This font's still clear for human reading. Anyone who has time and know JAP, please take a look and type in text file (Shift-JIS) for me. Thanks very much.
  8. If you know JAP than feel free to take a look at Berwick Saga Patching google speadsheet. Thanks,
  9. How about this font? We have more space.
  10. You don't want a new font? I'll try to make one and we'll see. I've just upload the remaining un-translated part at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmgAmMojnPkLdDJJbjNWRGRCbkFCNEsyQnNrVGVPTUE#gid=15 I think we missing some allies/enemy/boss name and ... Anyone out there feel free to comment. Thanks,
  11. I've just added two screenshots at the OP after playing around with insert thing back. It seem that we need a new font (thinner one). Thanks,
  12. Hi all, New dump of FNT_Command related text has been uploaded at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmgAmMojnPkLdDJJbjNWRGRCbkFCNEsyQnNrVGVPTUE#gid=13 Anyone who has time and would like to contribute to the project than please take a look. Thanks,
  13. Yeah, it's a bit of confuse here. About line1 description than it'll be easier when we done the char name, item... For line2 and line3, i'll dump them all when i finish its JAP table. Thanks,
  14. I think i make mistake while make JAP table that's why some words look crazy! hahaha Example: へルプ Le to But it should be: ヘルプ Help I'll dump again. Thanks,
  15. Hi all, Is there anyone out there was completed or on working (except Othin) on my first dump? I mean the FNT_Command_Dump.txt. Thanks,
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