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  1. awe damn... thought it could be pulled off, so 1hp sage, wouldn't that be hard to achieve without miracle?
  2. Miracle keeps you alive, counter would damage the adjacent enemy attacker, Vantage lets you get an extra attack in before the enemy gets to react thus killing him, life taker heals your unit when the enemy dies for an instant 50% hp. also the luna lance would give your attack the effect of luna. so magic would still be a weakness but still not as bad because of LB. or am I wrong about the activations?
  3. the more competative posts the better it gets, please keep em coming incase I missed something else ;)
  4. haha wow, actually got me thinking a bit there for a moment. Miracle Limit breaker Life taker Counter Vantage With luna as ur weapon.
  5. why AT buying or getting weapons isn't a problem plus I have 5 spots in my inventory to fill with weapons.
  6. can't really convince anyone to hate it but I certainly can give you plenty of reasons to like it such as having stats of: hp 80 strength 62 magic 41 skill 55 speed 50 luck 56 defense 63 resistance 57 also a hit of 241 and avoid of 150 when fighing mages. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42446&st=0&p=2581199
  7. if you must change a near perfect build at least change it properly like so insteed of luna, use a luna spear so you have an extra skill space. free spot (skill of your choice) Limit breaker all skills +2 aggressor resitance +10
  8. I kept it to annoy mages further by making it harder for them to hit me and so I'd have a better chance of hitting them with a hectors axe. you could always just replace it with aggressor or counter or something like that if you don't agree with my way.
  9. Sir Jason, on 23 Aug 2013 - 12:09 AM, said:luna Limit breaker all skills +2 tomb breaker resitance +10 with Hector's axe - str/def +2 luna would have 55% because of LB and AS+2 and with asset of +speed and flaw of -luck. Tomb breaker would give +50 to hit and avoid when fighting a mage, with Hector's axe that makes hit of 241 and avoid of 150. and as for a weak resistance, with LB, AS+2, and resistance +10 would give the general a resistance of 57. for movement problems you can give him both boots giving him a max movment of 9.
  10. there must be a way to make a general unstopable :P
  11. I thought about movement but decided to focus on deffense and living through those pesky mage attacks.
  12. luna Limit breaker all skills +2 tomb breaker resitance +10 General with legendary lance and axe.
  13. sweet thanks, so miracle counter axebreaker Limitbreaker Sol or luna instead of axebreaker.
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