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  1. Has anyone figured out the most optimal use of the DLC stat boosters for Maddening? The EXP nerf pretty much guarantees everyone is at level 1 base stats (except maybe Byleth and your lord of choice), so I'm interested in what thresholds can be met with +7 HP, +3 Str, and +3 Spd for the Chapter 1 mock battle.
  2. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the undo buttons. On one hand, it's quite possibly one of the best quality of life changes ever introduced to this series because now I can undo that fatal misclick of hitting "Wait" when scrolls through menus too fast. The problem is, however, I don't make 10+ misclicks per map. Which leads to the problem... I find myself essentially savescumming for good RNG rolls on low Hit rates or aiming for that one Critical hit to end the map quicker simply because the game allows me to. I have an excessive amount of undos that I simply have no other uses for. In a way, I find this fun to some extent since it allows for some cheesy LTC moments. But it absolutely trivializes any flavor of difficulty that was supposed to be presented. The undo buttons presented in Fire Emblem thus far simply offer too much freedom. It lets you revert to any point in the map and reroll any battle RNG just by reordering your actions, all for the low cost of one single use. It even bypasses defeat conditions by auto-activating when they are met now. It needs a few changes in order to not be so broken in the player's favor. 1.) Loss conditions are loss conditions; the player needs to be punished and game over if they were playing badly enough to meet them. 2.) Undo usage should increment somehow. Something like one use needed for each action or phase or turn undone as opposed to one use letting you rewind to any point in the map. I'd be more inclined to it being tied to phases if the uses are extremely limited or actions if they continue being so numerous. 3.) Character deaths/retreats should be points of no return. Rewinding to get out of bad situations is one thing since the error was recognized, but players letting those situations unfold (whether it was trying to dodgetank or simply not paying attention) need to learn from their mistakes and play it more safe. That's what comes to mind for me, anyway. The number of uses is heavily dependent on how the second change is implemented, but I'm more inclined to a lower number overall. I'm open to thoughts and suggestions since this is a rough draft of ideas.
  3. How feasible is it to get Byleth (male) into Wyvern Rider? Getting the lance and axe ranks seems easy enough, but I only remember Seteth tutoring flying.
  4. Dorothea as a Dancer is just too perfect. I've found Meteor is better as the ultimate utility spell rather than a siege weapon. Just equipping it spreads her support bonuses and Gambit Boosts across the map. It doesn't matter that it only has one use since she should be refreshing other units. You lose out on her long range offensive capabilities, sure, but since basically everyone wants a mount, +5 Mov from Stride even existing, and Warp-skipping to the enemy commander being easier than ever, it literally doesn't matter. She can use Physic if she isn't in range to refresh someone, but I've had great success in giving her the March Ring since 7 (or 12 with Stride) Mov gets the job done. Ferdinand is a Bow Knight. Getting to A+ Riding for Movement +1 is absolutely trivial, and the enhanced bow range is stupidly good. He has to invest in bows since he's neutral with them, but bows are one of the few things actually worth investing in. I need to play Blue Lions to get a fresh perspective on Felix. Recruiting him late in Golden Deer did him no favors since he was heavily invested by default into swords and brawling, two skills that don't exactly overlap. I ended up investing in bows to make him an Assassin to middling success. Bow Knight or War Master are probably his best options when training him from scratch.
  5. That's a relief. Thank you for the concise and insightful answer. Now to try and get a third EXP+10% before this run ends... I've been doing skirmishes on Hard every other week of the month to try and grind Renown. I think for generic skirmishes, you get a flat 100 Renown per battle? So it's an easy 600 every month assuming you have an A+ Professor rank and without ignoring your students' Motivation.
  6. I'm getting conflicting reports here. Do you or do you not start NG+ with additional bonus Renown for clearing your previous playthrough? This is important since I need to know if I should hoard my Renown for NG+ or if I can continue spending it on status bonuses safely in my first playthrough. It would be awful to start NG+ with like 200 Renown just because I tried to reach for a third EXP+10%.
  7. My Professor level is already maxed out at A+ thanks to exploiting the fishing pond. I guess I'll just look out for Anna, then? Will the regular shop carry any limited copies of Master Seals like they did with the lower level Seals?
  8. When can you start buying Master Seals? All of my primary units are level 30+ after Chapter 12, but I have only received the one free Master Seal for qualifying. I don't intend on using online features either. I'm playing on Hard/Classic, if it matters any.
  9. I have seen people mentioning earning Renown from dinner invitations, but I seem to only get the usual Motivation boosts and Professor EXP? Is there something in particular you have to do to get Renown out of it? Actually, I have seen a lot if people talking about Renown from activities that only give me Professor EXP. Like the tournaments held in the training grounds. Are people just using the terminology incorrectly? It would be nice to know how to earn Renown outside of skirmishes and quests because I am pretty sure I have not earned it any other way.
  10. I'm very curious what Lysithea will unlock from her budding talent in Swords. If her Strength doesn't get in the way, training Mercenary for permanent Vantage could be devastatingly good, too, since it synergizes with her paper-thin defenses. Then you could make her your Dancer and watch her go absolutely nuclear on Enemy Phase since she can use Reason magic again while refreshing or using Faith magic on Player Phase. It might not be optimal, but it sounds absolutely silly in terms of utility.
  11. Since it's in the minority, the theoretical optional patch should be to remove the accessibility changes, not add them in. If people want to make the game harder on themselves, they should be prepared for the patching process to be harder, too. You could even be cheeky about it and not explain how to apply the accessibility removal patch in true vanilla FE5 fashion. And no worries about the joke video. I might have an opinion, but I also have a sense of humor. I'm actually kind of happy to see my ramblings immortalized. Cheers.
  12. I'm merely trying to assert the "vague" hints are more damaging than you think. As stated earlier by Miacis, they could apply to roughly half the map and do not outright spoil the locations of the traps themselves. You have to look at it backwards, though. You know that roughly half the map is rigged with landmines...but you also know what pieces make up this half. But what about the pieces that make up the other half? These pieces must be "safe." It unquestionably changes how the player approaches the map. When every step might cause the worst possible scenario, the player prepares accordingly by keeping their rescuing options open until the very end. Now knowing the "vague" hints, however, the player can simply kite around the affected areas or send in pawn to ensure a space is safe for next turn. It certainly isn't so cut-and-dried, admittedly. Treating each space as a potential trap due to the absurd uncertainty of where they are positioned is incredibly stressful...but it is also the penultimate map of the game. Preparing contingencies should be expected at this point. They also aren't so frequent that damage control is impossible. That's why explaining the traps exist and what they do is important. That's a change I welcome since you're simply explaining the map's gimmick. But then following up on how to circumvent it entirely seems...unnecessary.
  13. Just some constructive criticism here... Making the game less cryptic is one thing, but is inserting long-winded paragraphs blatantly spelling out what strategies to use really the way to do it? FE5 is still supposed to be a SRPG at the end of the day, no matter what anyone's opinion of video game accessibility is. Deciding and realizing how to overcome the challenges presented--and even creating contingencies for when things go horribly wrong--is an innate part of the genre. Warning the player of warps to kill rooms is one thing, but telling them where they are positioned and how to circumvent them feels like an insult to their intelligence. Just knowing of their existence is enough to plan for unfortunate situations, but the script clearly states to just avoid certain positions on the map and use your own warp magic to turn the tides. There's no thought process on the player's part anymore; the game just allowed the player to cheat by giving them all the answers. Just because they were originally implemented in the most awful way possible doesn't mean the traps should be practically invalidated for the sake of "accessibility." Both situations are extremes of the worst kind, and I feel like it would be an easy fix to just be less verbose with the creative liberties.
  14. Because my dumb ass quoted your quote instead of the actual quote. Please disregard.
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