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  1. Wist

    You don't happen to still exist, do you? Nightmarre, Zeph, and I made a group on Discord, but it's missing one member.

  2. Happy 21st Birthday!

  3. Blitz

    Happy Birthday Hikarasuman

  4. Raven

    I remember a time when you were 14. Happy Birthday.

  5. uguu

    Elibean Nights

    You should totally get rid of Igrene's muscles.
  6. I considered making a proper thing but it wasn't worth the effort, here's my list:
  7. Happy birthday. Hope you get a CPU that isn't broken.

  8. Happy Birthdayrusa

  9. Esme


  10. Raven

    Shit man I remember when you were like, 14. This ageing thing is killer. Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Wist

    I just now noticed your screen-name is not in fact Hikarusaman.

  13. imo, they should just get rid of marth and ike and make everything before awakening non-canon.
  14. If there are Primal versions of other Pokemon, Relicanth needs one, and it needs to literally just be Relicanth again with no changes.
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