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  1. Valvrave is so Valvrave. I can't even. It's way too much.

    1. Helios


      It's just so beautiful. Any idea what that "future" scene in the beginning of the last episode was about? Felt kinda random.

  2. uguu

    ...What do you mean other six? You're left with four tenths now.

  3. uguu

    That's your excuse for four fifths of it. And for the rest?

  4. uguu

    isn't that copyrighted

    gonna report you

  5. uguu

    yes, and happy birthday to you as well~

  6. Yes I am now legal in every state, rather than just most

  7. Don't worry, I'll be a little boy until the day I die

  8. blaaaaaaaaaaaargh

    1. Nightmare



  9. uguu

    yes it is slightly dark


  11. blargh

    do we have to

  12. You are such a good poster

    I wish that I was that good of a poster

    Instead I just shitpost and then say it was ironic

  13. what

    why no, no I wouldn't

    I don't even own it anymore

  14. Apparently, yes. Apparently they're Japan/Kummen/Space/something with OZ?

  15. "Gundam Wing has less coherent storytelling than Tailes Got Trolled which I guess is what happens when you try to cram the entire Amuro/Char story into a single TV series filtered through the lens of a 14-year-old girl writing slash fiction."

    1. uguu


      I thought this was a good post (it was on SA)

    2. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      Some Wing episodes make a certain amount of sense, but there are also times you feel like you are watching something the next rung up from G Gundam (not to say G Gundam is not awesome).

  16. Less awesome people, of course

  17. Valguard definitely turned me off at first, but it at least seems like an actual progression from the Valstork. I think I mostly just really dislike the Valkazar because it really just doesn't fit with the others in my opinion, in neither its design nor its attacks.

  18. It's really boring looking, as are its attacks, relative to the Valhawk and Valguard.

  19. eew I actually don't like the Valzacard. SRX X Valguard would be fine, though~

  20. nope, it was from last night

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