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    Elibean Nights

    You should totally get rid of Igrene's muscles.
  2. I considered making a proper thing but it wasn't worth the effort, here's my list:
  3. imo, they should just get rid of marth and ike and make everything before awakening non-canon.
  4. If there are Primal versions of other Pokemon, Relicanth needs one, and it needs to literally just be Relicanth again with no changes.
  5. No one man can change the world. Edit: Parrhesia, are you the one with the strength to fix this broken Earth?
  6. If you were going to be the lead pilot in a team that pilots a combining super robot, who would you take as your four co-pilots?
  7. I also meant saya no uta btw
  8. ps: good suggestions by someone with good taste Watch Armoured Trooper Votoms Don't read visual novels, they suck and are lame. Fate/Stay Night is really good if only because it's probably the only one I've read (or at all) that takes advantage of the medium really well, and even though most of it is really bad it also has some of my favorite things to ever happen in fiction.
  9. lol. Not in an eternity could I describe how hilarious this is.
  10. Do you think eeeeeeeeetcheeee and action anime is better or romance and drama anime?
  11. I wonder how well Ayn Rand's books could be used as a real form of torture. Like, just reading them aloud.
  12. Z3, Captain Earth, and Gundam Build Fighters have gotten me back in the mood to watch mecha anime, so I'm sort of slowly catching up on some things I guess. By the way, everyone should watch Gundam Build Fighters.
  13. Captain Earth is a really good looking show. That combination sequence <3
  14. Hi Fruit. In other anime news, I was doing really good on my progress in Escaflowne but then I got to episode 17 and got incredibly pissed and now I don't want to watch it anymore.
  15. I stopped watching it really early on and everyone I trust about anime thinks that literally everything about it except its style or w/e was utter shit so I don't really regret it.
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