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  1. yeah it could probably qualify as an ace attorney murder weapon lets be honest
  2. yeh it really does scream magical girl LOL
  3. poopoo peepee nuts look what i got in da mail today
  4. puku where have you been and why do you have such good taste as in having leona avatar wine make stomach feel full brrrrrr
  5. i guess that its good that i haven't ordered anything recently 😔
  6. i remember that bart guy, 8 year old me couldn't get past that little shit because he kept throwing sand in my eyes i didn't really get how rpgs worked until my early teens lol
  7. "why don't you just look up songs other people have gotten to work in it surely theres a song or two you like that can be used" it feels like an empty victory that way okay
  8. not as smelly as the tune maker in AC where are the sharps and flats I CANT USE ANY SONGS I WANT FOR SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT
  9. ;_; KARINA idk if you're still around or remember me i'm lettuce/fleece i haven't seen you since skype days like its been super long whats up

  10. does link ease up on the nero shilling? i felt like extella had so much to the point that it soured me on it if i'm remembering right
  11. i forgot it was leap day cause i never remember how many days each month has normally i just know feburary is the shortest
  12. unfortunately the two biggest things that i would like done differently are out of my control, like a chronic illness that runs on my dad's side with no way to prevent or cure, and a learning disability in math so severe that only the most basic ass problems aren't a nightmare for me most of the stuff i would have like to have done differently is stand up for myself/get back at people who hurt me, even if there would be consequences for me...its better than being a doormat and letting people do whatever the hell they want to you -- my parents, brother, the kids who bullied me all-throughout school and my former best-friend turned abuser who would say/do too much awful shit to list + tried to spread rumors about me and make it look like they were the victim to the point where I LITERALLY ended up in the hospital once and nearly several other times due to diabetic ketoacidosis due to constant high blood sugars/lack of sleep from the intense stress i was under i shoulda saved the logs but i'm a dumbass BUT on the other hand i don't think its safe for me to read any of them again...its ok though because i completely cut off ties with them and i have no idea where they're at nowadays THOUGH now that i think about it the smartest thing for me to wish was different was to never have gotten close to them in the first place to have avoid all of that trauma-- i still think they deserve the worst though other things i would have liked to have done differently is - done a better job filtering what i looked at/who i chose to hang out with on the internet when i was 11-16 because that shit does a number on you - figured out how to get therapy sooner so maybe i could handle my bpd better - figuring out how to call child services as a kid on my parents maybe(not that i'd expect anything to come of it) - try to pursue becoming youtube/instagram/influencerwhatever famous like sure people would think i'm a total sellout and hate me but at least i'd have money possibly!!! - not denying myself and wasting so many years hurting myself by pretending to be straight because i chose one of the worst people to out myself as bisexual to when i was 14 and they convinced me i was doing it for """attention""" jokes on them i'm still very much bi and also non-binary
  13. - ffxiv sub - ps plus - nintendo switch online i mooch netflix/hulu/amazon video off of other ppl so i don't count those
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