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  1. Ooooh, this looks like a pretty cool set! All three of the banner units were really great gameplay-wise when I played FE5, and I really like Sara and Marietta as characters too! This would definitely be a banner I'd roll for! These sets look pretty solid. I think Marietta should get Regnal Astra because she's pretty much the only character in Jugdral that emphasized how special Astra is in FE4/FE5, which justified why Ayra got a personal Special in FEH. Grafcalibur seems rather weak, given that nobody likes Merric's original Excalibur, but the stat spread might change things. Sara having Miracle and Wrathful Staff fits her Prayer and Wrath skills in FE5. Karin makes sense as a TT unit since TT units tend to be on the middle ground of popularity, I think. Not too popular that whales complain about lack of merges (they had to release Zelgius to fix their "mistake" with BK), nor too unpopular that F2Ps are discouraged from utilizing a free SSR. I find Karin adorable so this would be nice. Hone Fliers on a free unit, I wish... I really don't like Kempf, but the other obvious GHB candidates (Reinhardt and Saias) are both out. Speaking of which, I'm going to enjoy killing Kempf with Reinhardt and feed him the Chill Res skill too. He deserves it! I'm imagining the map to be based on the Eyrios map as well.
  2. ...wait, does Vantage + Quick Riposte ensure that she can counter despite having Firesweep Lance?
  3. Kriemhild

    The Second Well

    Well, he only has it during his final battle. And yes, I know there wouldn't have been a FE15 without FE13, but that doesn't make it a good game.
  4. Kriemhild

    The Second Well

    I... have no idea. I don't see it as huge, but it is broken, probably due to PhotoBucket being dumb. Kriemhild is a Prf weapon used by Berkut, who I find to be one of the most well-written characters in FE history. My avatar is of Berkut. Since you're asking these questions, you should really go play FE15. It's a great game, and revived my hope for the FE series after the disasters of FE13 and FE14. My one and only waifu, is Kazami Yuuka.
  5. Kriemhild

    The Second Well

    Kriemhild is a she
  6. Kriemhild

    The Second Well

    Who is this Proto?
  7. I'm gonna claim Town aka /low priority in Those who aren't low priority are obviously scum, right?
  8. I've seen you with enough FE and Touhou avatars so let's go with Miki Sayaka.
  9. I died for a while but I"m back, hopefully. I hope life's been good for you.

  10. Empowerer vs Safeguard was only an issue when we assumed that there was a Mafia Roleblocker. Once we learned that it was Junko screwing with the actions, the contrast made more sense. I'm not quite sure why Marth's self-clear would be a strong point in Town's favor... it's no different from becoming a tree stump since he'd lose his vote (i.e. a dead player that can talk). I guess it would also be relevant if the Town could redirect scum to Marth, but the only redirector (Refa) was scum. If Michelaar survived, this could have been pretty scary. Overall, it was a great game, and I think it was well-balanced, given how everything turned out. I wish I thought a bit harder about Refa's claim that he couldn't redirect on N4, but eh, the idea of Refa approving Junko's massclaim sounded ridiculous and I screwed up. You did pretty well, Refa, congratulations! I keep scumreading you in so many games but I think this is the first time you were actually scum... and then I actually let you go in LYLO >_>. I should probably go join my imouto's game, despite my colossal failure in this one.
  11. Wait, nvm, just noticed Veronica's 1-shot roleblock, which also activated the massblock on the next night
  12. Graveyard was probably Town-only, so that they can speculate on the remaining scum without dead scum barging in
  13. Also, wait Not only did you approve of Junko claiming roleblocked... ...but you also approved of Junko targeting me instead of you? Refa what the Furudo Erika
  14. Thunder Siblings QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/hmf3vdDc4NaS I legit forgot about the QT for a good chunk of D1, tbh
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