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  1. I never really tried to hide it. What's the kanji mean? I don't speak Japanese.
  2. Yes, I suck. I'm scared that I can't build up Juggernauts and have to treat the enemy as an equal. Hell, I never got past FE10's 1-6 because of it. But speedrunning just saps all the fun out of the game IMO.
  3. FFFFFFFFTrust me, I've stopped. I barely come here anymore.
  4. Whatever. I just wanted to draw attention after my last post went unnoticed. Did you ever enjoy a troll on this site?
  5. Fine, but could you look at this video i found and tell me if they're hacking stats?
  6. It was a joke. I treated it like a joke. Don't start.
  7. Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
  8. What was the most hilarious troll on this site?
  9. >Devolves into a bizarre dick-measuring contest of who can do their runs faster and with less casualties
  10. He still has Aether to make up for it, though. But he has to be a Paladin first.
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