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  1. Who do you think I voted for? Mustafa, duh.
  2. Generally speaking, Koei Tecmo has had a history of going full on with the fanservice when it comes to representation. With Hyrule Warriors they got just about every 3D Zelda, and then eventually even got down to Link's Awakening, which was nice. I'm hoping that Fire Emblem Warriors gets the same treatment. If they only included Marth, Fates, and Awakening characters, then it would just be doing a huge disservice to the series as a whole, which is why I imagine they probably are just starting off with those games for the initial trailer, and then as the game is presented, they would go through the representation from other games. I'm wondering who the potential joke characters are, Hyrule Warriors gave us Agatha after all. Due to his small following in Japan, and his recent cameo in CODE NAME: S.T.E.A.M., I actually think that Wrys might potentially have a chance of being a playable character if Tecmo Koei does decide to include more characters than just Awakening, Fates, and Marth. Meanwhile, you guys arlready know who's on my wishlist, Garnef boooois.
  3. Figured I'd sign in for the first time in a while to check this out. I've been using Google Translate to get the names of the early units (The mistranslated names tend to be really funny.). Troy seems to be my favorite unit so far.
  4. I decided to take the bullet to see if it was a dud or not. Seems to be an RPG Maker VX game, though idk if it's filled with trojans or not.
  5. Will probably just temperarely reclass Merric for that map.
  6. So I got bored and felt like I wanted to do a run of FE12 where I use nothing but Cavaliers. The only issue is I need to be able to reclass Julian to a Cavalier, and I remember there being a code online that allowed me to do just that, but now I can't seem to find it no matter how hard I look. Can anybody help me out with this, whether it be through hacking or finding the code in question?
  7. So quick little question. How does the extra data work if you have both a copy of Fates Birthright and Fates Conquest? Does the extra data (Unit log, castle bonuses) transfer if it's on the same 3DS? Do you get the path bonuses if you played both games?
  8. I guess we're going to Librof then. [spoiler=Part Tatyana] Monica: "What." So let's head to Librof! *Souffle has left the party* Thomas: "Well that was stupid." Yeah, attempting to go to Librof with her in the party makes her leave, and it relates to her unfinished sidequest. Yay we're in Librof now. Thomas: "Wilminton and Yamas, huh? I remember the businesses in Yamas being terrible, but not so much in Wilminton." Sara: "Tatyana... what a nice name." Monica: "Something else for us to handle?" Monica: "RIGHT! Ludwig was that one guy in Pidona that was mentioned... the king I think?" Julian: "Damn it, those guys again?" Man: "They say that its height was about a million times of a person's height." Nora: "Sounds intimidating." Nora: "Get the fuck out of here and back to Pidona you lazy fuck." *Weapons being made still aren't complete yet* Bartender: "It seems that Lasaiev's daughter is running away from home." Julian: "Stolen treasures, I presume, based on how they cleaned out the devil's castle." Man: "It's a dangerous place, but Divine Church members risk their lives to go there just to visit the Divine Tower." Thomas: "That's some serious dedication." Woman: "Divine King. I wonder when this Divine King will really appear?" Sara: "Church people are weird." Man: "The leader Tiberius took the weapons and stood up against the kingdom. 10 years ago they battled at the Hamal Lake. The Gessiah Dynasty lost and was then destroyed." Monica: "How tragic." -Sun Magic Teacher Monica: "Wow, she must be really young the- ooooohhhhh." Thomas: "What is it?" Monica: "That girl we encountered must've been Tatyana then." Thomas: "Should we tell them?" Monica: "The issues not really any of our business, I'm sure people will let them know of her presence someday." (To put it simply, that's the unfinished sidequest that was taken out due to time constraints.) Thomas: "So I guess we're gonna go check out what's at the Naj desert?" Monica: "I suppose!" NEXT TIME: Monica gets lost in the desert.
  9. Aaron from FE12 is definitely a good character, bad unit. He had a nice personality, even though he was a Jeigen.
  10. Sorry for the long hiatus. Hope interest in this playthrough hasn't faded. >.> [spoiler=PART FARCE] The votes have been tallied. Monica: "We're going to support Farce." Nora: "Huh? Who made you leader?" Monica: "I did. Plus, Thomas and I both think we should support Farce. Sara never voted, that means the majority is in favor of Farce." Julian: "Alright then, let's go!" Thomas: "Very well then." Soldier: "So here's the first 1000G... well fight now!" Monica: "Yeesh, chiil, I'm going." This is the war minigame. You'll find yourself playing this a couple times in Harid's story, and you can play it as many times as you want in Mikhail's story. For the other characters though, I believe this and one other time is the only time this minigame is playable. It's really just down to luck.If I were playing as Mihkail, I'd be able to do this better, but for other characters, you're limited on the commands you can give to the troops, as such, I won't really be explaining how to play this minigame, since quite frankly, I don't know how to either. A Defensive Formation might work. From my understanding, certain commands increase troop morale, and the more morale you have, the stronger your troops will be. Oh wow. Yaaay~ Soldier: "Yeah! We won! Here's your other 1000G!" Thomas: "Now what, Monica?" Julian: "I'm drowning in money!" Monica: "I guess we'll see what people have to say around town." Soldier: "... but nothing has changed. Why?" *Almost everyone in town says this* Nora: "Yikes, the atmosphere has gotten even worse here." Sara: "Maybe we should go to Stanley?" Thomas: "Not a bad suggestion, things may have changed there." *The Party Goes to Stanley* *Almost everyone in town says this* Julian: "I guess things didn't end so well for either town, huh?" Monica: "Right? I was hoping at the very least I'd remember who that Ludwig guy was, but since it seems like the nothing's really changed, shall we head back to Pidona?" Thomas: "That's a good idea. The port in Pidona can take you almost anywhere in the world." Sara: "So we're gonna travel the world?" Nora: "No objections here, if it brings up closer to finding my father's murderer, I'm all for it." Monica: "Let's go, then!" Where should we go first? -We've already been to Mules. -We've already been to Farce. -Monica doesn't wish to go to Zweig, but you people can vote for Zweig anyways. TO BE CONTINUED. Check it, there's a new poll too.
  11. you can't win against garnef

  12. Even if you had starlight I'm more powerful than you.
  13. tan is a color women can wield starlight as well. What I'm saying is I hate all rights that aren't my rights. also my favorite character is Ganef. No.
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