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    Heh. I'm probably related to Kellam... Who's Kellam?
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    Played: Shadow Dragon, Radiant Dawn, Sacred Stones (only for a few minutes), and Awakening. Hoping to play other ones in the series.
    Well here's other stuff that I like:
    Phoenix Wright (OBJECTION!)
    Adventure Time (It's Adventure Time!)
    The Legend of Zelda (HYAHH!)
    Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all!)
    Super Smash Bros. (I'm always up for a challenge)
    Trauma Center (Vitals are dropping!)
    Fire Emblem (For Ylisse!)

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  1. This is a pic of my drawing of Lucina in a cutscene when her mask was cut off. (First time posting a pic... I wonder if it's going to show up.) LOL I love Haar.
  2. Stahl... Food... Video games...

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