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  1. Nice song, I like the sense of self-conflict/reluctance in the lyrics. 7.5/10 Tetris Attack: Forest Lullaby
  2. Why do we exist? Why does banana cream pudding taste so good? I couldn't say, exactly. Music genre/particular songs you listen to in order to fall asleep?
  3. Hmmm... I actually only bought one game that came out this year, heh. The new Samurai Shodown for PS4. I've also played Shounen Jump Force. Can't think of any other 2019 games I've even played atm. The new Pokemon and Fire Emblem look very fun though, heh. Do you have a favorite vocaloid song?
  4. ^one of my favorite Beatles songs, love the groove
  5. I hadn't read their support conversation until now. Kinda surprised by the serious tone. They look very cute together though. Yeah there's a lot of factors in the general opinion of what makes a character good or not, (base stats, availability, etc.) but usually the units that are considered weaker can be made into strong units, it's uncommon for a character to actually be trash lol. I have never used her, but I have had good results with the villager characters in FE. Favorite game that came out in 2019?
  6. back when I joined the site, I really liked Eirika and Innes. It's okay. Ephraim and Erikia is better Now I would probably have to say Tethys and Gerik. same question
  7. Yes, let us revive the thread Favorite way to eat lamb?
  8. Shin Nihon Kikaku, literally translated as new New Japan Project. It's worth mentioning that the Chinese company (Leyou Millennium) that bought out SNK back in 2015 has been pushing to get SNK ip in crossovers in order to expand marketing. And they've had quite a few since then. Geese in Tekken, Terry in Fighting EX Layer, Haohmaru in Soul Calibur, Iori in Square's Million Arthur fighting game, and samsho characters in Granblue fantasy. Smash x SNK is surprising, but makes more sense in context. That being said if there's an SNK rep, I would bet Terry, Mai, Nakoruru, Haohmaru, or Athena. (either classic goddess or Athena Asamiya) Kyo and Iori are also possible picks. Personally I want Mai, but it seems strange to include a character that shows so much T&A after characters like ZSS and Snake got such a hard booty nerf :' ( or maybe we'll get Kula 😛
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