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  1. Welcome to the Forest, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Welcome to The Forest, hope you enjoy it here.
  3. Name: Alex A+ Support: Laslow S Support: Felicia
  4. Welcome, Extreme! You seem pretty cool, so I hope to see more of you
  5. Don't worry it was nothing, also seeing you grateful makes it all worth it.
  6. Finished Grandmaster Alex (+Magic and -Luck) Married Felicia for partner seal to become Maid/Strategist Link for Stats/Skills/Weapon Level/Level imgur.com/vRXTetW I hope this helps took me a couple hours. Castle Address 13796-16083 30318-28237
  7. Can I volunteer for Grandmaster? (+Mag -Lck) Secondary: Diviner
  8. Inigo from Awakening (This is going to be long) (To give some backstory I paired up Libra and Olivia together) I first saw him flirting with a girl in the chapter he was first shown, which I was not very happy about. However as time went on I saw more than just that flirtatious attitude, I saw his funny and emotional side (Gerome and Inigo support) I started to like him more, but then I saw his supports with his father making him out to be a deeper character. I also read some of his other rather serious quotes and dialogue such as Death's Embrace and Future Past 2. Future Past 2 showed him at his best as a person who always smiles to make people feel happy around him. Here's my favorite quotes “I wish I could be shocked at this, but the dead rose all the time in my future. Friends, neighbors - they all became Risen... And then they had to be taken down. I've done this so many times now, I barely feel anything at all...” "Sorry... I don't think I can go on... Everyone...promise you'll keep...smiling..." "You may think me a dandy and a fool, but a lot of people depended on me in the future. Every day, I was out there fighting Risen and risking my life. With everyone looking to me to be strong, I had no choice. I HAD to be invincible. I couldn't complain or show any weakness. Not with everyone else struggling in that damn war-torn wasteland... Even with you and Mother gone, I had to pretend I was fine. That I wasn't hurting. I had to fight every day of my sorry life and wear a smile while I did it!" This was so moving to me that I started to follow Inigo's philosophy of always smiling to make everyone happy. Inigo is now my favorite character in all of fictional media.
  9. Azu-nyan Nice K-On reference... but besides that Welcome to the Forest.
  10. My favorite class to capture is Lancer because of the class's status as enemy only. (My Lancer: Virgil) Also my favorite boss is Candace because of Midori's paralouge as she had a personality.
  11. Congrats to Dotty. Maybe next time I can play in a tourney again without dropping out.
  12. I really like "I make my own fate." just because I really like the concept of characters changing destiny or foretold fate. (By the way i believe the make/choose is dependent on the gender not 100% sure though.)
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