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  1. WTF I just saw The Rock last week too! He was quite good there. Unfortunately I haven't seen any of his James Bond films but I was going to watch Highlander at some point. Damn...
  2. I can't believe this day finally came. As someone who literally grew up with CT, watching TheMoniker's playthrough of it, then playing an early build of SGC before it was cancelled, then seeing you randomly pop up one day announcing SGW which was a remake of SGC, then even asking you if I could remake CT... man, time sure does fly (you started in 2015, holy shit that feels like last year)! But hot damn, dude, when I logged on today (I really just peruse around, don't really engage with the community anymore), my heart skipped a beat when I saw [Complete] in brackets. I'm not really sure what to say. This has been perhaps one of my favorite ROMHacks I've ever played, and the fact it's now COMPLETE is making me so excited. I know you don't think very highly of the story, but I've been waiting to see this story conclude for the longest time. Of course, the gameplay is baller too (can't wait), but man... I just don't know what to say right now. I've waited so freaking long, I can't describe how elated I am. Thanks for all the memories dude. I'm gonna be playing this all night. Also fuck it I'm gonna post this on FEUniverse too.
  3. Just read about this today Here's a pic I found online regarding what @Glennstavos said: Neat stuff!
  4. I killed Zapdos in LeafGreen, saved, then left the Power Plant while telling my big brother, "I think he'll return when I go back in" He never returned
  5. I beat Romancing SaGa 2 again this Tuesday Been playing a ROMhack called Pokemon Gold 97 that makes the Spaceworld 1997 beta playable as a complete game. Pretty fun! Been thinking about continuing my playthrough of Digimon World Championship (New save file!), Metal Wolf Chaos DX, or replaying Romancing SaGa 2 but beating the final boss with solo Final Emperor. Shit is gonna be so cash, very excited.
  6. Playing games on my old game consoles (LeafGreen/SMB3 on Gameboy, Bob the Builder for PS1, Thomas typing games on PC, Gamecube games like Melee at cousin's house, etc.) Playing board games with friends Playing with toys as a kid I want to be a kid again
  7. Game nights with the boys 😞 Thankfully we can play Magic over Zoom. Also, eating out at local businesses, and going to the little retro game store downtown. I don't know how well they'll fare with all this crap going down 😞
  8. All the Gold Saints fights were hype as hell, that one is definitely rad though To add one of my own: Kaiba vs Yugi (Battle City duel) in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a definite banger "shonen" moment/fight. Even though you know Yugi will eke out a victory, the entire match seems as if they're on equal footing. Then they both summon their God cards and they hit each other so hard Yugi and Kaiba get transported into a vision of their Ancient Egyptian duel... shit is so cash.
  9. Lol @ the narrative that Biden is somehow losing https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-primaries/democratic/national/ https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/28/biden-leads-polls-1476649 Just because one poll puts him even with Warren/Sanders means jack, it's an outlier Also this is a primary and is determined by delegates who do you think is going to win the South??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statewide_opinion_polling_for_the_2020_Democratic_Party_presidential_primaries Biden is still favored to win. I don't know how it'll go (and I can't vote it in either), but Biden leads double digits and is in a good position I would say
  10. I agree a better candidate can probably beat him but I wonder how much incumbency advantage + strong economy will do for him in the longrun, granted the economy doesn't tank (which I think it will sometime this year or next year). One can only guess how much of those franchised voters will actually go out to vote in 2020 too... I dunno, I just like thinking about these things. I wonder how much the voter turnout will increase in 2020. Democrats are certainly not happy and their anger showed in 2018 when they flipped the house
  11. Regardless of the nominee, I'm calling it now: There's no way a Democrat is winning Ohio or Iowa (Ohio voted 8% more for Trump and Iowa voted 11% more for Trump. Those are uhhh big numbers) I also don't see a way out in Florida either given its recent electoral history (Republican Governor, Republican Senator... granted by small margins, but still indicating which party Florida leans towards more) Also considering the closeness of New Hampshire in 2016 I think Trump has a good chance of winning that too, I consider that a swing state. Nevada might be able to switch but idk if Trump has it The only way I see these states going blue is if the economy tanks and Trump becomes unpopular, or if there's a high turnout that negates the votes he got in 2016. He's had consistent approval ratings throughout his tenure and I don't see any of those who approve of him switching their vote anytime soon (unless, as I said, the economy tanks and the populace pins him for it) And I don't know about the blue wall, he's losing in hypothetical matchups but idgaf about hypothetical matchups because Clinton was winning those and guess who won them instead lol
  12. Well, I got five games from the Steam summer sale: Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition, Ikaruga, Shenmue I & II, Slay the Spire, and Yakuza 0 Then yesterday I used my remaining $1.25 to buy Insaniquarium Deluxe for $1.24 LOL So... I guess I'm playing all of those rn, lol
  13. Tuned into both debates while going to/in Santa Cruz but I didn't really watch them in their entirety (we're talking like 30-45 minutes for each) First debate was boring and all those guys will drop out of the primary some time or another LOL Second debate I didn't really pay attention to, all I remember is Joe looking tired and Bernie yelling and Kamala apparently being the winner Post-debate analysis says Kamala definitely was the star but I wonder if this newfound momentum will keep up with her??? I wonder if Harris could dent Biden's popularity, or if Biden can do better in the next coming debates . There's no doubt in my mind Joe Biden will win the Southern states in terms of primaries, granted he doesn't drop out by then... I wonder what the primary will look like in terms of the northeastern states?
  14. Watched it with my younger brother and it was very very average And the third act was really wacko for a children's movie But I enjoyed it overall
  15. I actually like keeping pokemon in their respective games so I don't care about this announcement I wasn't surprised when it was announced though: it was inevitable they would have to do this eventually due to time constraints, laziness, money, etc People are so assblasted though, honestly the way people are conducting themselves it's like the end of the fucking world LOL
  16. It's Alabama. They're a part of the deep red south so I'm not surprised they passed this bill (Remember these guys put Roy Moore up for election) It's important to note though that it was a woman who signed this bill into law, not a man, so men aren't only to "blame" I guess...
  17. If Democrats want to take back the Senate then what are the most vulnerable Republican seats? Susan Collins? Who else?
  18. How did you meet him and what was the experience like
  19. I wonder what Biden's policies would be I think Democrats going into 2020 should be less about "ORANGE MAN BAD" and instead focus on domestic policy and all that jazz
  20. Right. Which begs the question: of all the Democrats running, why is he unique?
  21. I didn't even know who he was until I googled him He's a generic Democrat that won't win in an already cluttered field Calling it now the Democrats are either going to put up Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden EDIT: Did a little bit more research. He's "bipartisan" which is a very very dirty word in this day and age
  22. Biden has the potential to be real dangerous to the Republicans in 2020. He's an establishment working class guy that appeals to middle class workers, which can hurt Trump's odds in the midwest. If he runs a Warren G Harding return to normalcy type campaign he has a strong chance of winning the election, I think But he has a history of "saying it like it is" that seems to turn people off. Some of what he's said in the past is really weird too, lol. Maybe its charming in a "oh it's just Uncle Joe being Uncle Joe" kind of way, but it's comparable to Trump saying stupid dumb shit as well And I guess he's too old and too white for the younglings or some stupid shit like that lmao
  23. Well I am glad they are at least speaking out against it rather than twiddling their thumbs going "ah shucks might as well ignore it" EDIT: Also... what else can they do? Actually ignore it???
  24. Besides a tax reform bill... what did the Republicans even pass in the time frame where they had all three branches of government under their control I'm pretty astounded Trump didn't get funding for a border wall in the first two years. That was one of his major goals... right?
  25. I'm glad she's smarter than what she let's on.
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