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  1. There's no hard-and-fast rule for "maximum size", because the game holds the maps in memory by having a list of row pointers and then the full map, so each tile the map is tall takes an additional 4 bytes of memory in addition to the 2*x*y size that the map has to take by virtue of each tile being stored as a short (2-byte pair). A formula for finding the maximum size (as according to the reserved amount of memory) we can write it out as such: But as these notes should inform you themselves, this does not precisely define the actual behaviors for reasons that I was/am too lazy to discover because nobody wants to play on the edge case shaped maps (gigantic-in-one-dimension rectangles). (You can see some examples of how these "breaks" occur here: http://feuniverse.us/t/amusing-romhacking-glitches-thread/899/560 )
  2. just remove "true path", that makes it much more enjoyable
  3. "some of it might be garbage that needs to be adjusted, balanced, or thrown out", wrote JCartwright. I picked only the two (well one and a half) bad things to comment on because everything else sounded actually good and interesting; I didn't think much about complimenting the things I thought were perfect because I saw an incredibly obnoxious point to cover that I wanted to make sure sat and resonated. The former, as a mechanic, mostly only creates tedium if you don't remove the battle preview from some units ("The preview tells me I do 10 damage and have 80 hit, therefore because my Atk and Hit are 20 and 130 respectively, the enemy has 10 defense and 50 avoid"), and removing the battle preview from only some units means a lot of players just will always and only use units that do have a battle preview. It doesn't add to a strategy game to be starved of information that you can acquire by doing math. For mage v mage combat the problem is that you don't have it incentivized with how the default magic classes are in any of the games, because no magic class has less res than defense, and also none have less res than a physical class. But no, there was not nothing positive to say, and I should have said something to that effect.
  4. This is stupid because in order to make it mean anything besides tedium you also have to disable the battle preview or make the formula setup non-trivial Both of which are obviously undesirable. There's basically no point in having both of these. There's barely a point in having one of them; what you need is variety in mage stats to make this meaningful (you basically never do mage v mage combat).
  5. Possible: Yes Interesting: I don't think it is. Transferring EXP just means you can dump more levels into your favorite unit, and thusly trivialize the game if it is designed normally (ie such that you cap level). If you designed such that abusing this mechanic in this way was required to win, then it would create an involved tactical challenge that could definitely qualify as interesting.
  6. No, you should find ones that label it as 8 bit unsigned integers (because that's what they are).
  7. precious honeypie

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  8. Eliwan

    Elibean Nights

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/obb12xdlzc6gh81/EN 9-23-17 Build.ups?dl=0
  9. [img=] i don't have a proof piece because i'm dumb
  10. snuggles also your world isn't little

  11. So what makes "Silver Fist" better than "Iron Fist"? Hit rate, so that they can overcome any terrain / speed avoid? Seeing as nothing has "Tomes" alone makes me feel like they should have separate names-- instead of being "Tomes (+Light/Advanced/Dark)". There's nothing in particular that screams "X is absurd". What's the point of the Str-Mag split? Only 5 of your 45 classes use both stats unless you intend on having some use for either stat outside of the typical "increases damage of attack type" or you include magic-using weaponry for physical classes (in which case I feel like it would only be fair to give mages some way to use their physical stat).
  12. To expand upon this with my opinion; the part about "EN but Magvel" being an imitation. "What makes EN work" I feel is the critical thing you need to think about first. EN's storytelling functions by taking a large number of already existing plot threads from FE6 and FE7 and relating, resolving, or demonstrating instigation of them; and having Arch spin these events as his muse's whims go. This, of course, can't be done too effectively to FE8: There's only the one game, and what happens to the cast after the game is not completely ambiguously defined (the earthquake, for example), the very premise that makes EN work is that the cast is already divided and off doing their own things wildly far and away from one another. They have no more relation, the reason why the full group came together has been resolved and thus they re-divide into their smaller groups for their even more personal ambitions. But, to quote from Arch's long past draft of Metis's Fables (which followed the general idea) Thus, while being full of many separate stories (what EN does), it would have narrative differentiation (not a clone). EN has every single tale separated and thus there is no progression really possible, which drives a number of gameplay choices-- enabling and disabling things that can be done.
  13. 4. accept that it doesn't actually work no matter what you do and what you need to do is just keep at it also as a collorary to 1; managing your text distribution is important-- not just the size, but keeping anything you say honed in and focused. you don't want to be too brief, that also is basically useless for people looking at your idea; but if your text is so long it can't be digested it's not going to get people too interested.
  14. The basic idea has a particular sticking point story wise that I think you'd want to get around before anything else-- The Scouring is "humanity is losing, but the eight legends and their weapons cause a calamity that changes the environment of the planet, making it toxic to dragons in their native form, enabling the legends to rip through the Dragons." That's not going to be good gameplay-- even if you can succeed at setting all the moods you want to with the writing and how the game flows, it'd still mostly fail as a tactical engagement or be incredibly difficult (and then a cakewalk). Though this indicates you've thought about it some more than quite a few others, so yay! I think this has the most merit. Instead of telling the story we know, tell the one we don't. FE5 is a deeply personal story and it encompasses a very small sequence of events in FE4, but we see them in a hugely different light because of the perspective of Leif instead of Seliph.
  15. how so there's a female mercenary on the left and a male sage on the right, the female mercenary is the one that comes from that package
  16. emailing / dming / writing text documents / doodling on scratch paper are all very powerful tools for """remembering"""" things even when your brain is addled...? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ?????????????????????????????????
  17. Even if we assume the inverse of all these posts-- Zane Avernathy's (New assumption being: that doc exists and the product is actually complete); Crazycolorz5's (that the tool perfectly aligns to how you think it should function / you can arrange yourself to the tool as necessary very easily) MCProductions's (that your project's vision factually exceeds the capabilities of FE8 and that you're good at self-education and dabbling) I would be inclined to say that people still wouldn't get things done. At least, so my cyncism from having multiple dying husks of projects tells me. Struggling to get started has, for me and some friends, done nothing but help realize mistakes in our vision. That the very things we believed were necessary were our real stopping blocks. I said personally for a very long time that I couldn't code but that I could write, but now I realize that I'm the hackiest hack of a writer and I can program. Generally, though, I find a slogan of my grandfather somewhat appropriate; "make everything as simple as it needs to be and no simpler". Don't decide you can't do it on the GBA engine until you try. See what limits that engine has, and which ones that you actually hit with your idea. Then think about how necessary any of that is. Do you need more than 255 items? ...Probably not. Do you need more than 127 classes? It's possible, if all classes need two genders and you have a healthy number of cutscene-only classes. Do you need more than 255 classes? ...Probably not. Do you need stats to go past 63? ...If you do, why are you making an FE game? Consider, also, implementations. You can circumvent charge up skills by having multiple skill IDs dedicated to one skill, then have only one of those actually allow you to activate it; then having combat or phase change adjust which of those skill(s) the units have-- that doesn't work for everything but it can certainly work for many. There are a lot of creative ways to get around what you believe are limits-- and honestly, you can frequently see exceptional creations born out of limitations.
  18. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211534987307122688/301518850304770059/Ephiwood_Animation_by_MarkyJoe1990_and_eJubs.zip https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211534987307122688/301519035538079754/Angel_Mage.zip https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211534987307122688/301519267617046529/Halberdier_V2_F.zip
  19. [/img] would it be because I have links to .zips that the forum doesn't recognize (it worked before when I tried earlier)? On a tangentally related note; where can I locate a source editor so I can not have big blocks from «quote» or see where bold tags get used or a preview button to verify that tags that I'm using are working before actually making the post edit i was not actually expecting this topic creation to work edit2: it magically solved itself :???:
  20. Yes, the link is depreciated for one reason or another-- it's rather unfortunate. Fortunately, however, [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211534987307122688/300816593674567681/Trueblade.zip]I have it[/url].
  21. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssspppppppppppp

    it's so cute '''3'3''' i must change mine to match

  22. what no fixed growths work great in games with low caps too they just remove variance from level ups, which means that somebody who levels 10 times with an 80% strength growth is going to get 7, 8, or 9 strength 100% of the time (the reason for the variance there is because you could have it set up to miss the growth on levels 4, 10, 15, and 20, or miss on levels 3, 5, 18, and 20; depending on how the system is set up)
  23. Maybe you should check the thread in question. And the answer is really... Whatever Alfred decides.
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