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  1. no they don’t there is no dessert in ba sing se
  2. Polywhirl

    IDNSFMM5 - Signups

    my secret is never promising play
  3. i-it’s not like you WANT it to be anime, b-b-baka
  4. WELL THANKS FOR INFORMING ME OF THIS I GUESS 1. constantly depressed and by extension probably lowkey grumpy all the time 2. best is that i will literally fight everyone for my friends, worst is probably that i will fight everyone for my friends and that includes my friends also that i want to die near-constantly 3. don’t you mean wrath it’s probably wrath tbh 4. okay this is gonna sound ridiculous but i watched sonic underground with a vengeance as a child, alongside whatever came on tv for cartoons at the time as for video games i was raised on platformers but that’s obviously changed 5. no 1. the health care, the fact that this is the only place i’ve ever lived, and the fact that our government isn’t ass-backwards all the time 2. bundle up like crazy and never go outside more than i have to in the winter 3. overall, probably The World Ends With You 4. probably when i first got into university, shame that my depression got the better of me 5. too many to list off while i’m on my phone 1. i’m gonna have to come back to this 2. sins is wrath, and idr the seven virtues enough (probably whatever loyalty falls under) 3. i honestly think i was just browsing a website looking for games and i stumbled on FE and thought it looked like it’d be worth a try that and, as i will shamefully admit, i recognized the series through smash 4. i was looking stuff up for one of the games and i just said “fuck it” and joined the forums 5. it used to be greek, now i’m not sure. probably still greek though
  5. xenoblade 2 but everyone is a penguin instead of human or whatever xenootblade 2
  6. granted, but now the pain is in your right shoulder instead i wish i had a dollar
  7. fe4 thread died as it lived uh idk where i was going with this one tbh
  8. just ceiling just ceiling just ceiling
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