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  1. im on BL chapter 18 or 19 after the time skip the game got harder also i dont like to warp and kill commander i usualy rout unless the bad guys are endless yeah hard stuff some times
  2. So i'v been playing for a while and reached the time skip and so far everything is nice and dandy until Is it Normal or was some choice i made along the way that influenced this turn of events ??
  3. spoils were the only thing keeping me alive while the game wasnt out ...
  4. If any of you find the time skip designs for bl and gd link it plz
  5. Soon as possible since there is no lvl reset also care i heard there are a low count of seals so choose wisely
  6. My image was not working i though she was the girl with sylvain brother xD
  7. How about she is gilbert daugther blue eyes orange hair ....
  8. tbh the s supports don't matter to me that much since you wont be having child units so its ok ofc ill s support someone but yeah ... ALSO if this is TRUE the fact that claude is not bi after all this is gonna make some people mad xD
  9. Plot twist 4th route you revive nemesis and grow a beard
  10. Soldier > pegasus > wyvern >falcon Or W.lord since Pegasus is a Intermediate Class and Wyvern is a Advanced Class
  11. So ... Yesterday i was getting though chapter 26 in Conquest some of you might agree with me when i say that chapter is a pain in the butt .... but moving on i was getting though it, after 5 try's i was able to defeat everything, the only guy left was Iago so i went attacked him with Camilla and took 90% of his health so to end in style i got corrin to deal the final blow and yeah the odds were good actually i had 20 dmg 98 accuracy and 12/13 crit iago had 70 accuracy and guess what i missed and i died it is one those moments that you want to throw you 3ds into the wall and then cry in the corner after that the salt is so real that i haven't played ever since ... xD
  12. Looking for : Renewal for Camilla also more then half Europe has birthright as affinity kinda hard for me
  13. Looking for camilla with Renewal anyone ??
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