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  1. Are you calling what you guys are saying Civil? You're just coming off as condescending and that's incredibly childish. 'LOLOLOL' isn't civil. She just simply made the post to close the discussion because she didn't want to fight about an internet game with a grown man. You were continuing to complain about her even after the game and that's incredibly childish. This is a prime example of someone taking the internet too seriously. You're not going to have any new players if you continue to be so rude and get hung up on things like this. This is a fun little game on the forums, I don't think you realize how childish you are being. You're getting all your friends on here to gang up on her and attack her? Does that sound civil and adult behavior to you? No. That's kids on the playground behavior. Her post game response was bad? It was trying to close the conversation and stop an argument about something that you guys won't let go. That sounds pretty mature and civil to me. He wasn't being civil at all, he was saying she was 'too sensitive for mafia' and basically telling her she couldn't play because he didn't like her playstyle.
  2. All of you honestly. Just stop. Kirshe thank you for being a good person here and standing up for what's right. It's horrible how you guys are ganging up on Mei here. The only reason she made the sour grapes post was because they were harassing her even AFTER the game. Honestly you guys need to learn to move on. It's a GAME not REAL LIFE. We're playing characters and I find it a bit ridiculous that I need to talk about this to several grown men. Just get your priorities checked and stop harassing an innocent girl.
  3. Well they did have the masons, so I don't think they necessarily need an investigative role. And also they called you town as well. And I still haven't figured out why you hammered Poly so quickly, giving up precious discussion time. Mei hasn't done anything particularly scummy from what I've seen and I've never considered her scum. Although I did read you as scum at the point when you hammered Poly, and now you're very eager to get the game done and want me to hammer Mei. I don't like what I'm reading. None of us expected a Witch role so why couldn't we expect there not to be an investigative role? And how does Prims and Refa calling me scum confirm that I'm less scummy than Mei? Wouldn't calling the scum a townie simply be more obvious? Neither Mei or I were ever really hot topics to be lynched. Although on numerous occasions people voted for you. ##Vote: kirsche Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm just going by what my lynch priority has always been.
  4. So from what I understand there is two towns left and a scum? Or maybe an SK? Or did GB count as the SK? Sorry for all the noob questions, the mafia wiki is just further confusing me so I figured I'd ask here.
  5. I am Krypton, Town Vanilla. Could you explain to me what a witch kill is or is that against your restrictions?
  6. ##Vote: BBM for now I think the daykiller is an independent party, but I don't know who yet, maybe eclipse? But I do think BBM is scum because Refa tried pretty hard to make it seem like he was against him, but I don't think BBM is the Godfather because he seems to take too many risks.
  7. Agreeing with grassbridger here that we should massclaim. I'm claiming town vanilla, Krypton. Could someone explain to me exactly what a 'hooker' is?
  8. Well I can see how you would have thought I was scummy because I myself made a dumb decision voting BBM right off the bat, just following suit of others' posts. You didn't seem to have a history of making quick accusations like Poly did either, so I figured it was just a fluke.
  9. ##Vote: kirsche Agreeing with Sangyul here. Kirsche seemed pretty eager to stop the flow of conversation and remove Poly from the playing field. Being a new player I think I'm beginning to understand how it works, and from what I see what kirsche did would only make sense if he was scum or a new player who didn't understand that the time we have to discuss is valuable.
  10. 1. What is your eye color? Hazel 2. What is your natural hair color? Brown 3. What is your blood type? O-Neg 4. What is your race? Caucasian 5. What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius 6. What is your chinese zodiac sign? Rooster 7. How much do you weigh? 211 lbs 8. How tall are you? 6'1 9. Are you single or in a relationship? I am in a very happy and loving relationship with meibum <3 <3 <3 10. What do you want to do as your career? Stay at home daddy and maybe develop software from home 11. What is your favorite color? Red 12. What is your favorite book? The Giver 13. What is your favorite film? The Room + BearCity + World's Greatest Dad 14. What is your favorite TV show? King of Queens 15. What is your favorite song? Hurt - Johnny Cash 16. Who is your favorite artist/band? Five for Fighting 17. What is your favorite food? Teriyaki Chicken, no veggies, white rice 18. What is your least favorite food? All vegetables 19. What is your fashion sense? Plaid stuff 20. What kind of personality do you have? cool gui 21. What is your favorite sport? i like ta watch murican football 22. What are your hobbies? talking to my girlfriend(seriously it's really fun) 23. What is your favorite video game? Paper Mario Thousand Year Door 24. What electronic devices do you own? a lot 25. What is your religion? Catholic 26. What are your fears? stressful situations 27. Where would you like to travel to? Canada 28. Who is your favorite fictional character? Goku and Will Smith 29. What kind of weather do you like? Rainy 30. Do you have any tattoos? no 31. Do you have any piercings? no 32. Do you drink? no 33. Do you smoke? no 34. What is your favorite supernatural/mythological creature? Latrice Royale 35. Do you prefer sweet or bitter things? Sweet 36. What is your gender? Male 37. What is your sexual orientation? Straight 38. Do you have any children? No, but I want four with meibum 39. How many languages do you speak fluently in? English 40. What is your most valuable possession? my relationship
  11. Well from what I'm gathering it seems like the scummier ones are the ones who start them up. Myself, I prefer to read and analyze instead of immerse myself in the arguments.
  12. Doesn't seem to put his thoughts completely together before a post is what I meant. Someone like Prims although seems to think things over and doesn't get himself involved in gigantic arguments and/or start them, so I am going to go with town for him.
  13. I'm sticking by my Poly vote. After reading some more of his posts I see that he seems a little too fast and blunt to be Town. Although being a beginner I don't know much about the usual behaviors of people in other situations.
  14. My vote has changed, I apologize for jumping to conclusions
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