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  1. lol wow I didn't expect so much.......(for lack of a better word )"enthusiasm" I now have my plans for the future and I've taken down the votes. So the votes are closed. Im using only the top voted characters and tactic so bear that in mind. My team will be composed of Dorcas, Batre, Renault, Wallace, Nino, Karla, Farina, Eliwood (complusory), Lyn (ditto), Hector (ditto again), nils (thank god) and athos. Hang on a dang second, NO HEALERS UNTIL CHAPTER 26?!?!?. There will be NO arena abusing (god fucking damn it) and a 100% offensive tactic. Seriously wow, I had a slight hear attack reading all this today. I need to unlock hector's mode to get started so bear with me for a day or so. >_>
  2. I've played fire emblem at least 5 times over, I've played multiple different hacks of the game, I've experimented with different units, different tactics and I find it way too easy to play with the units I always use. Basically you get to have control over how bad I will rage (which is already a lot without this challenge). Now I want to be challenged by you guys. You choose my units and my chapter tactics (slight cringe when I typed that >_< ). Give me a character (Pick your personal choice of 7 units on the topic poll) and vote on a tactic. When I have 12 characters (including the 5 complusory units used at the end of the game [i.e eliwood, hector, lyn, athos, nils] so you basically get to choose only 7 units) and the tactic I will use for all chapters I will play the game and possible tell you about how badly I struggled on each chapter and how badly I want to punch my screen? Possibly? Anyways enjoy choosing, (I hope I have enough money for a new pc monitor by the end of this)
  3. Nino [fire emblem 7] (as we can gather from her support with erk) is illiterate. She claims to use anima magic because she learnt from sonia's chanting. So why/how does she a) need a actual tome to use her magic b) level up in anima magic (new magic is learnt through the tome(?) so how could she level up if she is illiterate?)
  4. I've known about Fe7if for a while now and have "tried" to play it (I punched a hole in my wall because of my rage, got a number for any good wall plasterers?) and its safe to say its tough and draws out every ounce of rage. I know there is a patch for fire emblem 6 that translates all of it into PERFECT english. So is there a Fe7if english patch in the works yet? The fans of FE have done patches for almost every single fire emblem game so why not this great hack?
  5. If you had to take a guess, how long until we get the full version of this hack?
  6. I really doubt anyone has a hack that is even 1/4 of the epicness of almost any hacks on serenesforest.
  7. Does anyone even know specifically who the creators are? Seriously, for them to post their rom hack there must obviously be a "starting place" where it was first posted. At w.livedoor.jp/fe7if/ it says last updated 7 september 2013. It is obvious that unless it is a lie then the creators are still out there waiting and (possibly) on serenesforest. It can't be that hard to track them, right?
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