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  1. So I got my Special Edition on Friday. I bought it via Amazon within 5 minutes of it going up. The box carton was damaged in shipping, which really sucks (I'm super OCD and don't want any blemishes on anything. I collect NIB amiibo since I don't want to damage packaging, etc), but I cant do anything about it since its sold out everywhere. At least I dont ever plan on reselling, so its not too big of a deal... Grrr Amazon recently has been damaging my orders, like bent book covers and stuff.
  2. Lol it's not that bad... Also, so Severa should be a physical class? would paladin be okay? then Brady would be a berserker or some other physical class for support reasons... Also, for inheriting skills, I want to give the children skills that they cannot learn on their own. They are marked in brackets. Are these correct? did I miss any exclusive skills or should I inherit a different exclusive skill than I listed? I might have missed some like how Panne's wyvern rider disappears on Yarne (although Virion provides Wyvern rider so that one is okay) MaMU +mag/-def (Sage/Dread Fighter) x Chrom!Cynthia (Sage/Dark Flier/Sniper)[Aether, GF] Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan (Sage/Dark Flier)[Axefaire/Counter/Wrath, Aether] x Ricken!Owain (Sage/Dread Fighter)[Any, GF] Sumia!Lucina (Sniper)[Aether, GF] x Henry!Gerome (Berserker) [Any, Dual Support, renewal] Vaike!Nah (Hero)[Axefaire, Any] x Frederick!Inigo (Hero)[Any,GF] Stahl!Severa (Paladin)[Any,GF] x Lon'qu!Brady (Berserker/Sage) [Any, GF] Donnel!Kjelle (Paladin)[Counter/Aptitude, Any] x Gregor!Laurent (Berserker/Sorcerer/Sage) [Any, Dual Support] Gaius!Noire (Dark knight/ sniper)[Counter/Sol, Any] x Virion!Yarne (Berserker)[Any,Any] ​ switch yarne and Laurent probably... It's too hard to copy and paste on my phone >.<
  3. What would be good children pairings and final classes? I've decided to go with the generic and get a max-stat morgan in a FeMU run instead.... MaMU +mag/-def (Sage/Dread Fighter) x Chrom!Cynthia (Sage/Dark Flier/Sniper) Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan (Sage/Dark Flier) x Ricken!Owain (Sage/Dread Fighter) Sumia!Lucina (Sniper) x Henry!Gerome (Berserker) Vaike!Nah (Hero) x Frederick!Inigo (Hero) Stahl!Severa (Dark Flier) x Lon'qu!Brady (Sage) Donnel!Kjelle (Paladin) x Gregor!Laurent (Sorcerer/Sage) ????? Gaius!Noire (Sniper) x Virion!Yarne (Berserker) ​Seem to be lacking in Str based roles for guys...
  4. So, to recap: Tharja x Ricken!Noire Male MU x Noire!Morgan Cherche x Henry!Gerome Nowi x Vaike!Nah Miriel x Gregor!Laurent Cordelia x Stahl!Severa Sumia x Chrom!Cynthia Chrom x Sumia!Lucina Lissa x Libra!Owain Sully x Gaius!Kjelle Olivia x Frederick!Inigo Maribelle x Lon'qu!Brady Panne x Virion!Yarne This will end up with the following pairs: MU(Sage) x Noire(Sorcerer) Morgan(Sage) x Owain(Sage/Sorcerer) Lucina(Sniper) x Gerome(Berserker) Cynthia(Sniper) x Yarne(Berserker) Severa(Dark Flyer) x Brady(Sage) Kjelle(Assassin/Wyvern Lord) x Laurent(Berserker?????) Nah(Manakete) x Inigo(Hero) Any changes I should make to my children pairs and/or classes?
  5. Hey everyone, I just recently decided to play Awakening again since one of my friends just got the game. I'm running Lunatic+ Casual so I can play the hardest difficulty, yet still be able to fight other people's teams without risk of losing characters (like lethality counter teams omg), with a Male MU with +Mag/-Def Glad to see that the meta has shifted from Chrom x Olivia to Chrom x Sumia since I last played, since I completely forgot and already gained support between Chrom and Sumia Can you rate my pairings? Also, if I screwed up and accidently skipped a child or if I used a father twice, please let me know. Tharja x Ricken!Noire Male MU x Noire!Morgan Cherche x Henry!Gerome Nowi x Vaike!Nah Miriel x Gregor!Laurent Cordelia x Stahl!Severa Sumia x Chrom!Cynthia Chrom x Sumia!Lucina Lissa x Libra!Owain Sully x Donnel!Kjelle Olivia x Frederick!Inigo Maribelle x Lon'qu!Brady Panne x Virion!Yarne edit: I'm pretty sure that everything looks ok except Ricken!Noire, especially since Gaius isn't being used anywhere, but I really wanted a maxed mag morgan .-.
  6. Tharja x Ricken!Noire Male MU x Noire!Morgan Cherche x Frederick!Gerome Nowi x Kellam!Nah Miriel x Gregor!Laurent Cordelia x Stahl!Severa Sumia x Henry!Cynthia Lissa x Libra!Owain Sully x Vaike!Kjelle Olivia x Chrom!Inigo Chrom x Olivia!Lucina Maribelle x Lon'qu!Brady Panne x Gaius!Yarne Rate my pairings please. I'm going with a +mag/-luck or +mag/-def avatar. Also, between the children, I'm thinking of doing Morgan x Owain and have Owain be a sage
  7. Well since I've read that pretty much your entire streetpass team will die on the 1st turn, I think I'll go with a shop instead with some high-end weapons or something .-. However, now the question is, what skill should I pass down to Morgan? Counter or Wrath? Also, is +mag/-luck the best option if I want to have a balanced MU and a super duper strong morgan?
  8. Alright thanks for the answers guys. I have a final question (or 2 sorta). It looks like the Harvest Scramble reward is a master seal. Is it worth it to farm it right after ch 4 for master seals? I've got a bunch of lvl 10's and my MU is already lvl 20. I have a single Second Seal from renown as well. I was wondering what is the best way to use my seals? should i promote at lvl 10, wait until lvl 20, or try and get lucky with Annas to get more second seals?
  9. So RIght now I'm on Ch 4 Lunatic Mode (took a good 5-6 hours, mainly on prologue and ch 1 just to get good level up stats). Before I go on, I have a few questions that I should probably get answered beforehand. If I want Chrom x Olivia, Chrom cant have any support ranks with any female characters except for Lissa. Is it possible to get Chrom x Olivia if one of the females already has the chat available for Support Rank C, but I just don't talk to them (theorhetically. Hopefully Chrom hasn't gotten anywhere with the females yet. I think he stood next to Sully for like 3 turns and then I had Sumia paired up with Lissa healing Chrom paired up with MU) Also, can proc skills miss? I don't want to get my hopes up when I'm in a pinch and Sol activates on like a 60% hit rate and then it misses. Also I never understood what the Parallel Falchion and the Exalted Falchion descriptions meant when I played on Normal mode (yea, normal casual straight to lunatic classic. I hear hard mode is as easy as normal though, except w/o slide screen thingies. Besides, I played like it was classic except for when I was really lazy or super far ahead). I would attack with them but then I wouldn't get the 20 hp? I haven't actually done any of the spotpass team things yet, but I see Ike as one of the PoR ones, and you can hire the spotpass teams. Thus, what is the difference between the PoR spotpass Ike vs the Rogues and Redeemers 3 DLC? Finally, are the bonus box items once per game file or once per game cartridge? also, is everything else in the bonus box repeatable?
  10. So I want to make a very strong 3rd gen Morgan for challenging StreetPasses (by challenging I mean difficult, not troll-y lethality/counter etc) while keeping my MU very balanced. I was originally going to go Kellam!Nah!Morgan with +Def/-Luck but then def isn't all that great because of Luna and I dunno if I want to make a manakete with all those weaknesses and i hear it loses out on speed. So now I am thinking of +Mag/-Luck for a Ricken!Noire!Morgan and have him specialize as a Mage of some sort, but the only thing I know about this is that it has high magic. However, if I go this route my MU can go Dread Fighter and have equal Str and Mag. But the -luck does reduce the magic cap by 1 for Morgan. Also, if I'm going the sorcerer route, then Morgan would have: Limitbreaker Armsthrift ? ? ? And the last 3 I'm thinking of maybe Vantage + Vengeance + Wrath, but the 96% proc rate for vengeance isn't 100% (I know it isn't a big deal, but it kinda bugs me XD. If I had a male morgan, then I could get 100% proc rate for vengeance + lower defense which makes vengeance a bit more useful, but then my MU would be more limited to magic using classes because of the Mag asset making Magic > Str and there is no Dread Fighter which boosts up the Str to match Mag. Plus, I feel weird having a feMU when I am a guy. I'm not one of those guys that like making female characters just so you can stare at a female character instead of a male one.) Anyone have any other opinions/ suggestions on what to do?
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