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    Hi I'm bad at this, but basically I'm an JRPG Lord, I play tons of JRPGs(It's my favorite genre) such as classic SMT, Fire Emblem(yeee), Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, and Tales of Series etc etc. I used to stream speedruns on twitch.tv/MitoRequiem but that kinda died off as I'm working on other things.

    I also like Fighting Games and Puzzle games, I've played competitive Street Fighter since I was a young lad, I recently quit playing USFIV and waiting on SFV as for competitive games I'm currently active in that'd be Smash4 and Melee. Marth mains in both. I love Marrtthhh! eff the haters :>

    Just to tack on here my top 10 fav series are
    1. Fire Emblem
    2. Classic SMT and it's Spin-offs(So not Persona though I do enjoy 1~4 P2 is my fav!)
    3. Dragon Quest
    4. Tales of Series
    5. Mega Man series(All of them Classic, EXE, X, ZX, etc etc)
    6. Ys
    7. Sonic
    8. Zelda
    9. Donkey Kong Country
    10. Final Fantasy

    Anyways I'll probably fix this when I get unlazy but yeah nice to meet you!!!
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  1. Don't mind at all I kinda went through those too fast and ended up getting busy had no time to edit :> Appreciate it
  2. So I've cleaned up 3 supports(If I need to make any corrections do tell it was a bit confusing) I would like to finish the rest of Marth supports if anyone has them(I'll keep searching the forum) Marth & Lucina: https://pastebin.com/LHLuGZ2c Marth & Frederick: https://pastebin.com/mJSSHmCS Marth & Ryoma: https://pastebin.com/SGEZgt40 Marth & Xander: https://pastebin.com/KbyzQJra Marth & Caeda: https://pastebin.com/gRJpYv3Y Marth & Chrom: https://pastebin.com/NQAzymWE
  3. If anyone happens to come across all of Marth's supports could you PM them to me on here or serenes discord? o: much appreciated
  4. I'm glad they decided against the Avatar, I know that newer fans really want it to return in future Fire Emblem games and perhaps some remakes, I think Avatars are okay they do have their place, but maybe I personally would be more happy with an avatar if they weren't relevant? Participates in battles, maybe gets a headpat by their Lord here, customization can be a bit expanded on since it'd just be a blank slate that doesn't have to appear in cutscenes. I dunno something like that. I must admit though I think how Robin was in Awakening was okay just towards the end Chrom felt sorta irrelevant, It's been awhile since I've played Awakening though. For the most part I feel like the Fire Emblem games that would be remade have no place for an Avatar I dunno, I do like the ideas that I skimmed past a bit like an Avatar being a mentor or something, but I feel like that is just better put on another character. Slumber already said it above though in terms of FE4 Shanan, Oifey and Levin pretty much fill those shoes. FE5 I think Finn would be just fine doing that. Maybe an Avatar being a mentor is an idea that can be used for a future FE game if we *have* to have a relevant Avatar
  5. Anyone have the dialogue for what Kliff, Faye and Python say when they are recruited by Celica?
  6. Did they improve on some of these maps or are they literally copy and pasted?
  7. Thanks for the answer I appreciate it :> I didn't wanna ditch Pegasus Knight, Though I wonder if Cleric!Faye is the way to go. Another question on the subject of classes/characters. Any classes seem better versus the original? I kinda found Armor Knight to be weak but that's just me. Also is Clive still trash? >.>
  8. I was told that Falcon Knights were significantly nerfed? Wasn't sure if it was bs or real can someone confirm/deny? and if this is a case would that make them useless or still solid just not as good, and if so would it be better just to put at least 2 of the White Wings into a different class?(The whole Villager fork thing) I kinda asked too many questions who0ps. Thanks in advance :>
  9. Played it during my FE1-13 leading up to FE14 marathon thingy and really enjoyed it honestly. Excited for the remake.
  10. If I'm gonna be completely honest here, After playing all 13 FEs(Before Fates dropped) I learned to not care about the story and pretty much just play the games for gameplay purposes... With that being said I think this was a good mindset change CAUSE OH MAN CONQUEST'S STORY IS INSANELY BAD "HEY AZURA DID YOU SEE WHERE THAT DANCER WENT???" Gameplay wise dude, Conquest is excellent lol. I really hope they can find a good combo for the next game of great gameplay and great story for the people who care about that.
  11. Ryoma x Scarlet Ryoma x Scarlet Ryoma x Scarlet Ryoma x Scarlet Oh? and Ryoma x Scarlet I am insanely upset that it's not possible especially after she says how great she thinks he is and that you'll never live up to him basically lol. I also think Ryoma's son kinda looks like Scarlet but hey I guess IS didn't see it my way :( as for others I think Izana with Kana and the Awakening cast would be really cool just because how goofy he is. I think all of the siblings should have unique dialogue(Without being the parent of Kana) with Kana that'd be really cool also think the children of Marx, Ryoma, Leo and Takumi should be able to support with their aunts and uncles.
  12. Some of my favorites are Keaton!Shigure(Which I personally find the best gameplay wise) and Jakob!Shigure(Which is also pretty good gives Shigure Wyvern Rider) Never tried Xander!Shigure but probably is pretty good since Xander himself is a good unit.
  13. I think it's totally understandable why it's Japanese VA only... I mean more money and also have to wait for English VAs I think it's completely fine(Also the whole idol thing I don't think I wanna hear those songs in English personally lol) But Um yeah maybe that was the wrong term. I guess I'm not a fan of the whole idol theme has nothing to do with either SMT, Persona(Okay maybe 4 lol) or FE :/ So kinda upsetting with that theme. I'm really curious to see what they do if the sequel is real. I'll blindly support it regardless cause SMT and FE both happen to be in my top 3 favorite videogame series of all time >.> and It's not like the game is Sonic Boom or anything so it's coo.
  14. If there is a sequel? I think they're crazy for doing it. Though I do think the game looks actually good like gameplay wise and challenge wise(Also the music is gdlk) I'm surprised they would consider making another sequel considering how bad it did sale wise(I know it was funded by Nintendo). Well? I guess I'm game I hope they make some significant changes and I hope they add in more iconic SMT characters like Yuriko, Louis and hell give a reference to Aleph in some way all I really ask. touch up the gameplay a bit and maybe keep a balance in terms of I dunno I hate using this word "weebness"? lol. In my past posts I was pretty upset with how this game turned out and I still kind of am but meh I'll accept it for what it is. This won't affect either of the main series in anyway it was probably just something fun for the developers.
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