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  1. I was actually confused by the title of this thread for a bit.
  2. 3/7 could use some Raquesis.
  3. Hmm. You may be right. I forgot you get the leather shield just before that fight. If they really do plan to stay true, I doubt they'd just give him a shield too. Since in Gaiden if enemies had an item equipped you'd be able to kill em for it.
  4. I played Gaiden once through and am replaying it again now. It and FE6 are my favorite two games in the series.
  5. He could have promoted to Myrm/Hero, which uses "shields" already in Gaiden. It's either the real deal, or there just for show. If you notice in the trailer, Valbo and Luka's map sprites have fake shields. Only unit that had an abnormal shield looking thing was the soldier I screencapped earlier.
  6. This could be something. This dude is a normal soldier. :U Shields confirmed?
  7. It sucks that Celica's angel magic didn't look like it had the faeries. Damn it.
  8. I knew taking this username would be good someday.

  9. I hope he's Slayder. If he is then maybe he'll actually return after all. I mean, he STILL hasn't comeback for revenge yet and it's been 24 year since the game was released.
  10. Oh, did you guys know that Klok is actually updating this? Pretty sure he's fixing all the problems you guys are having. Check it out on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4j5iyp/does_anyone_here_code_in_visualbasic_need_help/
  11. What you're saying makes sense to me, man. I'm totally on board with this idea.
  12. I agree, buddy. It's kinda messed up how things are. The mod bias and their behavior sometimes really makes it hard to even wanna use the forums... I personally have barely even, if at all, logged on this past year.
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