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  1. It's alright. I still might end up changing the title just a bit anyways.
  2. Hey there all; I've been wanting to create my own sort of Fire Emblem Fates hack (for the Special Edition) and there's a lot I want to do, but I want to handle them all one at a time. To start this off, first I've wanted to alter the stats of the classes, weapons, items, and characters in Fates before I get to things like animations, but if there's one thing I'm still stumped on in how it works and like to confirm, its enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and their relation to base stats. In FEFEditor, there are terms like Str? right before a number (for example there was Sorcerer with Magic? = 65 or something like that); what I want to know is this: are these terms for the enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and how they scale with levels, and if so, how do these numbers play off of the base stats? For example, if I have a base stat of 0 for any stat, will any growth number change that through higher levels for enemies/npcs/joining cast or not? And if that stat is 12 instead, is the stat increase based on how high the number is (like if the growth rate is 35% vs it being 85%)?
  3. I went and made a thing where virtually all of the non-dummied out classes exist alongside one another and added a few third tier classes that didn't exist before (I also ended up finishing the stat caps and growth rates for the 0th and 1st tier classes). If you guys think I did good enough then that's cool; I just wanted to show off something that you guys could talk about for the time being. The files are attached below. 0thTierClasses.txt 1stTierClasses.txt OriginalNameClasses.txt
  4. Keep it. Implement it in the story in a way that it makes basic sense and it'll be alright (oh how I wish the MyCastle feature was implemented in the story better).
  5. New chapters are up. Chapter 4a—Snow Warning Chapter 4b—Icebreaker For some reason I tried copying-and-pasting some of the very minor edits I've made to previous chapters from FanFiction.net's version of the story over to SerenesForest, but they're not coming out so you may find a few oddities here and there (mostly just surname changes). Also, since it's been a while since I was on the forums I don't know what happened to the fonts (TImes New Roman, Arial, etc.) but that's not so much of a bother. Anyways, I'm back and did a few other things over at FanFiction.net.
  6. I know that this is probably a shot in the dark, but does anyone know what the first song is playing in the Class Overview video? I've looked through the music provided above but it doesn't seem to be present anywhere. Then again I'm not listening to the entire songs, just looking for the first few cues of the song to play.
  7. I'm back. Recently I've been looking into saving Avatars into my logbook to use as Einherjar units for my "canon" SAVEs, and I'm just breezing through some Normal/Phoenix files just to get these units quicker. There's currently 36 Einherjar planned (I've gotten 2 out of this 36), and even though I can find some of the skills I want on these Avatars easily, there are other skills that aren't as easy to come by. I'll be stopping by frequently when I need the skills (which should hopefully not be too much). Right now I'll need Life and Death, Rally Magic, Air Superiority, and Amaterasu for one Avatar, and then Armored Blow, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker, and Tomebreaker for the next one.
  8. Inspiration for the Avatar?
  9. Got him. Thanks! Now I'm done with my Hidden Truths skillset!
  10. Got Odin with Deathblow and Tomefaire (all I need left is Sol). Thanks guys!
  11. I got her and your Aegis!Laslow. Thanks! Got him! Now all I need is Sol for Odin (since that Quixotic Odin also had Tomefaire), Laslow with Astra and Deathblow, and Selena with Luna (I just remembered that she can naturally learn Warding Blow).
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