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  1. The Exp. Needed for Skill Ranks table on the site isn't yet complete, anyone know where there's a full table explaining how many points are 'needed for next' and 'overall totals' at each Rank value?
  2. Does Claude have Riding talent? The info on the site seems to indicate he's neutral but I could've sworn he's strong in that area.
  3. Most of the PCs look the same except for their hair. I like Raphael and the ??? person in the Black Lions group the most because they actually have their own faces. A couple of the other ??? people are also a bit more distinct, but goddamn most of the units in the PC group seem like they were run through an online character generator.
  4. >First thing I see is that #%&^ loli manakete taking the role of Navi from Ocarina of Time Hoo boy, not a good start... >Narrator sounds bored as hell describing the regions Still calling them Red Place, Blue Place and Yellow Place. >Just spells out the prologue for you Jeez, cribbed right off of the Tellius games. A member of your father's mercenary band, seriously? >Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Academy and Final Fantasy 8's depraved bastard child Man...teacher/student relationships are a bad idea, so either that's not in there (which is going to royally piss off the waifu community...actually I like that part, hope it goes this way), or things are going to get really creepy. Also wondering if they'll set chapter requirements on the supports so that they can actually be relevant (or is it going to seriously consist of your units telling each other how great the food is at the cafeteria...). >Actual teasers start less than 20 seconds before the video ends OK, so...are the three sides at war or not? There's just no tension here---whoa whoa WHOA, who's the Validar knock-off? The Plague Doctor chucking fireballs? The guy with the laser sword and the nasty shit leaking out of what is probably the game's Fire Emblem, or Billy pulling the Robin routine twice in a row---...never mind, it's over. So we spent about five minutes going over the stupid, yawn-inducing school premise, and then all of a sudden just dump all the interesting stuff right at the end? Why do they even have Billy leaving his dad's mercenary band? Just go full PoR with this shit. (Also get rid of the manakete, but that's a given).
  5. 1) Yes. For what you're already paying, you simply can't get too much post-game content. 2) All of the above, plus Apotheosis-type challenges and a Map Maker with online functionality. Minimum. Obviously not going to get all of that, of course.
  6. Not 'Mila's Turnwheel' specifically, no. A general rewind function, though? Absolutely, particularly if taking certain courses of action changes the number of mooks in a unit's squad in such a way that you didn't realize it was going to happen until after confirming said action.
  7. You know, the sheer hilarity of watching hundreds of flying mooks clipping into each other and basically spazzing out while their squad leaders attempt to conduct a duel might actually be worth the musou-cribbing. So I guess I hope there's Sky Knights and Wyvern Riders.
  8. 1. Classic + Casual + Phoenix. There's a sizable 'coffee break' demographic who won't want to mess with permadeath or even end-of-Chapter delay. 2. I don't give a damn, as it's a terrible idea. You'll probably replenish them on fortress tiles and/or after each Chapter? 3. Fates style + Heroes functionality (since that's where the money is). 4. C-S with Children. Billy's also probably going to be able to bone the kiddies. 5. Echoes style or Bethesda style, I don't anticipate a regression on the level of voice acting present.
  9. Spring or Summer of 2020. Any earlier and it's going to have serious issues.
  10. 1. How has the promotional material/footage (trailers, clips, gameplay, previews, press-releases, etc.) for the game released so far affected your expectations? Soured them. The whole thing was very derivative, and the elements being derived from were generally the ones I'd rather see disappear (mature-looking woman who's going to be martyred, evil Santa Claus, too-important-looking tactician Avatar, generic-looking Lord characters who are probably just as marginalized in their own stories as Chrom/Xander/Ryoma, LOLI FUCKING MANAKETE, dragons are probably the bad guys again, etc.). 2. Would you be okay with a potential delay for the game? Don't particularly care, since I'm not hyped for the game anymore. 3. What are your current thoughts on the four characters so far? (Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude) Pokemon GO meets generic shonen anime. Also the first two names are a miss (I'm just going to end up calling them Billy and Edgelord). 4. What are your current thoughts on the gameplay mechanics revealed thus far? (Troop support, skills, combat arts, free roaming, etc.) The soldier swarms really turned me off. They're an eyesore and a distraction, making random ineffective movements in the background while all having exactly the same face and body type for a given leader (I think I joked at one point that the mooks were actually Naruto extras using Kagebunshin no Jutsu). Skills/combat arts/free roaming are perfectly fine, but even together they're not enough to outweigh the failed attempt at mimicking Dynasty Warriors. 5. Do you like what is currently known about the story/world/lore of "Three Houses" so far? It feels safe, like they threw Fates and Awakening into a blender and made plot salad out of it. IntSys knows the formula now and it works, so they're going to continue using it until it stops working.
  11. The problem for me is there's generally no narrative justification for having only one. Fates did the best job of it by a mile, due to explicitly calling it out as a magical effect fueled by a dragonstone and a blood pact with the Vallite royal family, so Azura really is 'it' as far as Dancing goes (she doesn't allow Shigure to do it due to the risks/pain it causes), but like... FE12 (and I'm assuming, by extension, FE3). Feena literally says she's just from 'a troupe'. Um, maybe we should go find the rest of these time-distorting foot wizards before heading off to Khadein? And no-one else seems to have these tactical juggernauts available for deployment? Why doesn't Hardin have a harem of them dressed up like Nina just giving him a bunch of 'extra turns' all day? The only reason's 'unit balance', and that doesn't sit well with me.
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