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  1. Removing the gender-locks sounds amazing. I don't mind barring certain units from certain classes for diversification purposes, but gender is not one of the metrics they should be using going forward. Fates pre-DLC has the best re-class system I've seen in the FE series thus far (the DLC goes back to being somewhat regressive, with the excuse being your unit's gender needs to match the amiibo being scanned, but meh...).
  2. Mostly just bugged that I miss capturing a castle like that. I'm also not sure what effect it has on the start-of-Chapter 'paychecks'.
  3. Oof. Welp, if that's the case I'll just re-do that map when I get to it. Makes me wish the game had two Warp staves...and two units at the start able to use them, lol...
  4. Ganeshire -> (one of Sophara or Isaac) -> Rivough is the basic outline, obviously, but when it comes to the Sophara vs. Isaac part... Let's say you recruit Johan, thus making Isaac the allied castle and Sophara the enemy castle. However, the battalion from Rivough sweeps in and re-captures Isaac, oftentimes without any input on your part, so now they're both enemy castles. Julia gets a Tome from talking to Seliph after one of these castles is taken, that's also well-known, and the Tome attached to Isaac is far and away the one you want (Nosferatu). My issue's determining what happens if you decide to go ahead and capture -both- Sophara and Isaac before going to Rivough. Does she always get the Tome from the first castle Seliph takes of the two no matter the order, or does she get the one from the castle he's most recently taken? What order should this all be done in for efficiency's sake, assuming Johan's the one who gets recruited (surprisingly Sophara's not particularly vulnerable to re-capture the way Isaac is, and Johan is on horseback so he wins the brother comparison pretty much automatically for recruitment's sake)? For example, if it's always the first of the two castles taken no matter what, that means Seliph has to backtrack all the way to Sophara from Isaac to capture it if Julia's to get Nosferatu, but if it's simply the most recent of the two then you can take Sophara normally (after Isaac's been turned into an enemy castle), refrain from speaking to Julia until you've gotten down to Isaac and captured it second, then have the conversation with her. I'm just curious what the most efficient action plan is for the following goals: recruit Johan, get the Nosferatu tome (which requires the enemy re-capturing Johan's castle, Isaac), capture both Sophara and Isaac from the enemy. I normally completely ignore Sophara, and I don't have a convenient save for determining how all of this works. Thanks for any insight in advance.
  5. I'm not sure why the charge limit on basic attack magic is so restrictive. Siege tomes and staff effects, that I get, but not just blasty stuff.
  6. I recently found a peculiarity post-character editing that I find aggravating: for some reason FE4 re-initializes everyone's Leadership stat (amongst other things) whenever a new Chapter begins, including your own units (it might occur when your units get their 'castle salary' money increases). Thus, in spite of setting Sigurd's Leadership score to 3 in his character data (and in the Prologue, the game correctly loads this edited score), it always reverts to 2 at the start of each Chapter (after the Prologue, which is why I suspect re-initialization of said stat at some point). I may just try to trace this later if I get particularly irritated (not a fan of having a code on all the time), but I was hoping that someone might've already developed a FE4 battle event module for Nightmare. Even if it's a rudimentary one; the main issue preventing me from just digging through the ROM for it with a hex editor is that battle event data in likely stored in massive blocks with few if any discernible patterns, making it impractical to go searching for the data that way.
  7. I think the main thing I'd want to see is advanced combat forecasting. Due to how the game handles enemy formations and the presence of Battle Canto, not being able to easily check threat ranges (you CAN check them, obviously, but it's quite time-consuming and easy to forget due to not being able to keep range indicators locked after moving the cursor away from a given enemy unit) or target priority/enemy action order (I really appreciated this in 3H, as I'm not really a fan of trying to remember all of a given FE game's AI idiosyncrasies) can make efficiently moving your units around a harrowing proposition (and while I like being able to Save at the start of each turn, actually feeling forced to do so gets a bit cumbersome). Some other random things... I'd like to see the Inventory system relaxed, somewhat. Exchanging money between characters is overly restrictive in the original, IMO; you should be able to distribute funds in increments, and that functionality shouldn't be restricted to just Thieves and couples. I DO like the idea of each unit having an individual purse with a cap of 50000 Gold, however, and you'd still need to be adjacent to a unit to trade funds (and it'd still fully end your turn), so I'm not advocating just having a massive war chest like other Fire Emblems. Then, with regard to Thieves and couples, have their new perqs be the ability to actually exchange Inventory items while adjacent to one another out in the field, without having to go through the Pawn Shop (doing this would end the trade initiator's turn without Canto, obviously, just as if they''d initiated a Talk command). The Steal ability might even allow Dew/Patty to poach certain items (most likely Rings and items normally coded to be dropped anyway) from targets they strike in addition to pilfering from the target's purse. I would re-do the Pursuit skill so that it merely upgrades follow-up attack ability, rather than it being outright necessary for them. For example, have the base follow-up check be the attacker having 5 or more effective Spd than the target. If neither has Pursuit, that's all that's checked. If one has Pursuit and the other doesn't, the one with Pursuit is not only immune to the other's follow-up attacks, they're guaranteed to make their own follow-up (provided they can counter in the case of the defender), kind-of like the Quick Riposte ability from 3H. If both have Pursuit, the skills cancel each other out and you go back to the basic formula. I'd try to do away with a lot of the back-tracking and 'guide dang it'/'gotcha' moments that do not add any sort of meaningful difficulty and/or just pad the game out with moving units around (chapter 2 in particular is notoriously bad about this). The easiest way to do this is to divide each Chapter into sub-chapters that officially begin and end whenever a new castle's seized, and to force-relocate your units into that castle whenever that happens (so you'd have them re-Sortie each time, afterwards). This wouldn't change the actual map layout or anything, just prevent some fairly ludicrous shenanigans that punish the player for not spoilering themselves on Chapter events in advance (like the drawbridge, or the Hero Axe/Pursuit Band). Some re-balancing of the classes to not favor mounts so heavily would be nice. However, stats/combat ability is not where those balances need to be applied; in fact the foot units are very strong in actual combat compared to the mounted ones. The problem's that they never see that combat, and they can't Canto away afterwards. Putting in terrain and alternate routes on maps that specifically inhibit mounted units (including fliers) while still gating objectives requiring swift intervention would enable foot units to see some more action. There's some terrain in the original, but it's never used as a gate like that; it's always a non-issue to just ride your horse around it, to the point mounts still get to the other side faster than foot units attempting to traverse through it. Another much simpler solution is to just give everyone a horse, but that's a bit...boring?
  8. Just starting playing it; this is looking amazing, so far, thank you for putting all of this effort into it and letting the community enjoy it.
  9. Are Horseslayers super-effective against Great Knights? Not able to check at the moment; I can't remember if they're only considered Armored units in 3H or if they're still hybrid like the rest of the series.
  10. Not really. I greatly dislike that I'm not able to control who gets which spells, and that heavily favors the ones who get normally rare utility spells (lookin' at you, Warp) and siege spells for free every map. I want to go back to Tomes and Staves with charges.
  11. Three Houses didn't need an avatar, honestly. All the units are fully customizable with the game's Monastery/Instruction system for classes. Byleth should've been a fully VA'd static protag.
  12. Name: Tiber Rangeld (Hapi's nickname: "Tiger") Gender: Male Age: 19 (Born Lone Moon 2 (March 2nd)) Crest: Commoner/Major Indech Proficiencies: Axe/Bow/Brawling/Authority/Heavy Armor Boon, Reason/Faith Bane, Flying BT (Darting Blow) [Initial Goals: Brawling and Authority] Recruitment: Chapter 1 (All)/No requirements (added to the active roster automatically upon selecting a House) (Also present for DLC chapters) Starting Class/Level: Fighter/Lv. 1 (Commoner is already pre-mastered on him) Starting Inventory: Training Axe, Training Bow, Iron Gauntlets (E), Vulnerary Initially Set Abilities: HP +5, Rally Speed, Axe Prowess Lv.2, Bow Prowess Lv.2, Brawling Prowess Lv.2 Initially Set Combat Arts: Smash, Curved Shot, Fading Blow Support List: Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Ashe, Hilda, Bernadetta, Petra, Felix, Sylvain, Lysithea, Leonie, Hanneman, Manuela, Seteth, Alois, Shamir, Yuri, Constance, Balthus, Hapi (+Mt Link Partners: Byleth, Leonie, Alois) DLC Class Set: Brigand, Archer, Grappler (Start), Sniper Description: Alois's son, currently attending Academy classes through his father's connections via the Knights. He somehow manifested a major Crest seemingly out of nowhere; both of his parents and younger sister find this reality very worrisome, and would not-so-secretly feel better if Tiber didn't have it (he agrees with them, but accepts the situation for what it is). Upon learning of its presence, Rhea personally insisted that Alois bring his child to the Monastery for proper instruction (and protection). Because of Alois's recommendation to make the protagonist a teacher, he also ensures that Tiber ends up being one of their students, regardless of which House they end up choosing to lead. He's a bit further along than most of the students training-wise when Byleth arrives at the Monastery, but there's still lots of room for growth. Personality: Appearance-wise, it's clear Tiber is Alois's son, the only real differences being that Tiber looks younger (no beard/mustache), starts off dressed in an Academy uniform, and has short-cropped, completely white hair (similar to Dedue's, minus the pony-tail in the back). In combat they are likewise similar, staunch and composed allies with a strong physical presence (though Tiber clearly demonstrates more talent with the Bow than his father). Their behavioral habits off the battlefield, on the other hand, are almost night-and-day. Tiber is a very gentle, soft-spoken young man who possesses almost supernatural wisdom and foresight (probably a side-effect of his Crest). He prefers quiet places and finds solitude energizing, though unlike Bernadetta he doesn't mind social interactions and is not a recluse. In fact, Tiber tends not to mind much of anything at all, going with the flow and generally taking setbacks/irritations in stride. However, he can have a very acerbic wit (almost Azama-tier), to the point that some characters find his perceived insouciance maddeningly infuriating (Constance's theoretical C-Support would be her immediately losing her shit with him, while he remains unperturbed with her outburst). He loves his family dearly, and does not like being away from his mother and sister for such a prolonged period of time, but he acknowledges the value of the education he's receiving. His hobbies include meditating, cooking exotic dishes, playing various games of strategy with others, gardening, and metalworking. His only real pet peeves are terrible puns (three guesses why) and sweet foods (his entire family is comprised of people with a sweet tooth, to the point he's gotten sick of eating anything sweet).
  13. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/skill-levels/ Missed a spot, Claude has a Riding Boon.
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