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  1. No context WIP to a dead thread on a mostly dead forum
  2. So it's only been two years, this thread isn't dead yet right? 2 WIPs and a splice competition I never posted
  3. They kinda ended at 160 because no one entered... I think I made an entry but never submitted it. If there's any interest I might start it back up. It is, in my opinion, the most accessible spriting contest.
  4. Still missing #7, #13, #29, #38, #149, and #151. Updated to #159
  5. Still missing #7, #13, #29, #38, #149, and #151. Updated to #159
  6. A little heft before the point might add a little more weight (because all his other movements seem to show the sword being pretty heavy), but otherwise it looks pretty solid. The toss is downright beautiful. And just BTW, the base sprite is really nice: a lot of detail but still easily readable.
  7. Second what Capibaira said: The face and hair look good. Maybe needs a touch of shading by the right (her left) eye. I assume the neck and shoulders are mostly wip but a few suggestions: -Move the collarbones in slightly -Define the shoulders better -Shade the far side significantly darker -Overall use more of the third skin shade I'd recommend you look at Eleanora and Sonia from Fe7 as neck references. Personally I really like the palette you have, somewhere between 7 & 8 but do be careful with the skin contrast. Finally, I'd use one of the dark eye tones in the blouse instead of the darkest skin tone
  8. Probably could be happier but I'm done fiddling with that mouth.
  9. The Brawler. Potential Barbarian variation. Forgoes weapons in favor of raw strength which makes him unaffected by the weapon triangle.
  10. *waves hello at an old soldier long since thought fallen*

  11. I think that addresses everything you mentioned
  12. Still alive. Two new Customs And a "Splice".
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