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  1. Guess I gotta take solace in that it's "Laslow's" most voted option. Pretty disappointed in the safe winners we got.
  2. https://streamable.com/phib1 I beat it on church, which I can guarantee is the hardest of all the routes to beat on maddening. The solution? Have Ferdinand be a sword master to abuse his high speed growth, make him my dancer for sword avoid +20 and a charm boost, and watch him dodge tank the whole game, Rhea couldn't land a hit on him. Gambits were low hit as well thanks to high charm. I used Edelgard as my tank while I had her, benched Hubert and Caspar, and had everyone else do their usual stuff. Petra doubling reliably and having high offenses gave Ferdie a run for his money though. EDIT: On a side note, I didn't even know about the cheaper mechanics, like Guard Adjutants, Stride and Retribution. I just dry dogged it. Not the most fun idea, I really recommend you looking into more tips like that. Ferdinand could snowball into soloing maps but the climb was still real steep.
  3. Source? I don't believe that's ever directly stated so much as heavily suggested, considering the story evidence and same voice actor.
  4. Based on all story dialogue she has, there's nothing to suggests she knows he's Thales. Just that he's connected to Those who Slither. HOWEVER When you defeat Edelgard on all church defense maps, she calls for the reserve troops and to "give my uncle the signal." However Arundel is nowhere to be scene in the cutscene, instead it's Thales who shows up and blasts you into 5 years of hybernation. But that's probably just a coincidence?
  5. I love Dimitri, he might be my favorite overall, but Dedue, Cyril, Seteth, Petra and Rhea getting lowish kinda sucks tbh. I've beaten the game several times, all routes, even maddening/classic, so I've grown on these more obscure characters a lot more than other players. I even like Alois a lot and feel he got done dirty. Though I totally agree with Judith and her pathetic 10 votes, waste of space and annoying character.
  6. Yep, most opposite sex A supports ends in romances, but platonic A supports have endings too, like Linhardt and Caspar
  7. Plenty of threads have covered this if you dug a bit. 1. No. Edelgard isn't the only one with a paired ending with Byleth, and nothing definitively ships you with her. 2. We definitely don't have a stalker character from what I've seen and read. Leonie has affection for Jeralt but hardly the same thing. 3. Paired endings are generally unique and well written. They aren't exclusve to the avatar, anyone with an A rank with someone gets an ending. Also that last part is a no... 4. Check #3
  8. Rhea is unplayable, and Flayn dies if you pick Edelgard. She lives in the other houses.
  9. After the time skip, and only on the black eagles, you can decide to leave the eagles and fight for the church. It's an option after the time skip so it's more of an alternate ending to the black eagle route.
  10. 4th route confirmed. Whether it's exclusive to Black Eagles remains to be seen however.
  11. Hi Miklan. Now we know Ruptured Sky is a special relic combat art only crest bearers can use
  12. Hmm... Looks like teachers won't change portraits post time skip
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