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  1. After sadly finishing the anime, I've been giving this a lot of thought, because locating others with this ability will most likely be a huge part of he second season. I'm really interested in what other people are speculating. I would have done a poll, but some of the choices would have been out-of-this-world epic (Titan Mikasa=GOD) or rather silly (Titan Armin *snickers*). But anything is possible since we know nothing as of yet!
  2. Favorite Typing/Pokémon to Least Favorite Typing/Pokémon 1.Dragon( Dragonite) 2.Fairy( Sylveon) 3.Fire(Blaziken) 4.Water(Samurott) 5.Psychic(Espeon) 6.Ice(Glaceon) 7.Flying(Togekiss) 8.Grass(Meganium) 9.Fighting(Lucario) 10.Dark( Zoroark) 11.Normal(Eevee) 12.Electric(Jolteon) 13.Steel(Metagross) 14.Ground(Garchomp) 15.Rock(Aurorus) 16.Ghost(Gengar) 17.Poison(Dregalge) 18.Bug(Heracross)
  3. For those who have beaten the game or those currently collecting the gym badges, which gym leader have you been enamored by? My vote is with Valerie, the Fairy Type Gym Leader. I love her design as well as her gym. She is just so adorable!
  4. ...Mega Launcher doesn't effect moves like Hydro Pump/Cannon, Flash Cannon, or Focus Blast D:? Dear God, don't say no!
  5. Sorry about that, all though I knew someone would bring him up ;)! His wet-puppy-in-the-rain-scene is kinda to die for!
  6. The fact that your playing on Classic mode automatically makes you a beast, so I say Lunatic/Lunatic + is nothing you can't handle ;)!
  7. What do you plan for little Morgan? Whatever class you want her to be should reflect on what assets/flaws you decide for yourself. What your planning to use are good fallbacks if you can't decide! I also think your pairings are a nice twist from the usual ones and Vaike x Marribelle will make a fine War Monk Brady! You've done nicely with this set in my opinion :D!
  8. I can't decide what I want to do with my female avatar, so I'd love to see what everyone else has done or is doing! What are the classes she has/she'll go through, the skills she has/she'll use, and what of her Asset and Flaw?
  9. Tactician-> GrandMaster->Hero->Swordmaster->Warrior->Dread Fighter is the set for M!MyUnit (+MAG/-RES). Finally finished him last week, thank the Glourd for Paragon + Veteran! His sweetheart is Lucina and he will pass on Counter to his daughter.Still thinking about what to do for FeM!MyUnit.
  10. Right? Trickster just becomes Anna! She's a mischievous woman, talented with a blade who may come to your aid if she so chooses. I honestly couldn't picture her in any other class.
  11. The shock of their awesomeness being defeated just takes them by surprise! I know when I see them criticaled to death, I am thoroughly shocked.
  12. I say Vaike, because he appears the most strength oriented, his personality actually kinda resonates with Owain's, and blondes always have more fun!
  13. The whole coming from different dimensions makes M!MyUnit x Lucina all the more romantic. So many conflictions, story-wise with this pairing, but so lovable all the same! TGFFF!
  14. Who do you guys think? Feel free to mention those not mentioned in the poll. Gavin get's both of my votes. That perm...just ruined!
  15. iHeartLibra

    X or Y?

    I think both so you can have access to a trading partner in case your friends are busy, plus you can play two different stories. I always get both copies the PokeMon games!
  16. I really love the stories you can develop with Silver plus, next to Gary/Blue he is actually a true rival and not a good friend whom you battle with from time to time.
  17. It was PokeMon Emerald in the Safari Zone when a shiny Girafrig galloped before me in all it's blue-horned glory! I nearly dropped my GBA in my excitement, but did break it when I threw a Safari Ball and it ran...D:
  18. I agree, but what about letting him have the best of both worlds with Dread Fighter? He'll get magic/resistance growths from Marribelle and strength growths from Vaike, so he'll probably be highly effective with tomes and axes. Or if you want to stick with the story (he is a healer after all, no matter how deadly he looks!) I would at least get him aggressor so when he is beating baddies with an axe he'll hit harder, kinda canceling out those middling growths that War Monks are so accustomed to.
  19. Kinda like how a lot of people use Umbreon over Espeon because they like his design or look more.
  20. I'm a Pokémon Trainer for life!!!
  21. Nearly fell out of my seat when I saw him! The glasses are a reeeealy nice touch!
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