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  1. That's exactly the kind of insight I'm looking for! Although Murray is definitely one of those shared names with origins in both countries, Boyd and Boey certainly lean towards the Scottish side of the spectrum.
  2. Well, when you put it like that, it makes you wonder how I even got it wrong in the first place. Regardless, thanks for sorting it all out!
  3. Apologies! I've never posted anything before, so I had a sneaking suspicion I'd get it wrong...
  4. That's a very valid point! It was probably a little generous of me to assume that they named a character after the Irish version specifically. Just out of curiosity, do you know where the name of our own Aran Islands originates? Maybe from the same source as the Scottish ones?
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm not really sure if this belongs in the "Written Works" section, but this is something I've been doing in my spare time for the past while. Essentially, I'm just documenting all the characters throughout the Fire Emblem series whose names are of (often vaguely) Irish origin! This "project" is purely for fun, and my main reason for posting it here is to get some input! Is there a character missing from this list whose name is of Irish origin? Or, just as importantly, is there a character present on this list whose name is definitely not of Irish origin? If you have any information to share, or even if you don't, feel free to share your thoughts! :) CHARACTERS Shadow Dragon Ogma (Merecnary in the service of Talys) Catria (Pegasus Knight of Macedon) Dall (Thief, and the leader of a gang) Gaiden Boey (Mage) (Reason: Either of Scottish origin or much more commonly associated with Scotland.) New Mystery of the Emblem Ryan (A freshly recruited Altean Archer) Genealogy of the Holy War Naoise (“Cain” type Cavalier, adept with swords) Arden (A slow but well-meaning Sword Armor) Quan (Duke Knight of Leonster, and the wielder of the Gáe Bolg) Ethlyn (Troubadour, and Quan’s wife) Finn (A Lance Knight of Leonster) Midir (Arch Knight who holds a candle for Edain) Edain (Priest and noblewoman from Jungby) Deirdre (Light Priestess) Chulainn (Myrmidon) Tailtiu (Thunder Mage) Ethnia (Daughter of Duke Reptor, and Tailtiu’s younger sister) Brigid (Sniper/Swordmaster; a pirate queen) Grahnye Mananan (The king of Isaach) Mariccle (Mananan’s heir and Arya’s older brother) Cimbaeth (Warrior) Donovan (General) Fotla (Wind Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Eriu (Thunder Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Banba (Fire Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Muirne (Priest, Deimne’s sister) Larcei (Myrmidon, Ulster’s sister) Creidne (Myrmidon, and promotes to the first female Hero in series history. Larcei’s substitute) Ulster (Myrmidon) Oifey (Paladin) Diarmuid (Free Knight, son of the legendary Beowolf) Deimne (Arch Knight, Muirne’s brother) Amid (Wind Mage) Iuchar (Axe Knight, Iucharba’s brother) Iucharba (Axe Fighter, Iuchar’s brother) Shannan (The only male Swordmaster in his game) Tine (Mage) Febail (Bow Fighter, son of Brigid) Coirpre (Priest) Danann (Tyrannical Baron) Brian (Master Knight, Danann’s son and brother to Iuchar and Iucharba) Morigan (Dark Bishop) Thracia 776 Orsin (Axe Fighter, member of the Fiana Freeblades) Dagdar (Warrior, leader of the Fiana Freeblades) Ronan (Bow Fighter, member of the Fiana Freeblades) Fergus (Free Knight, possibly the bastard son of the legendary Beowolf) Alva (A Lance Knight of Leonster) Shannam (Swordmaster) The Binding Blade Lugh (Mage, Nino’s orphaned son) Fir (Myrmidon) Cath (Thief with a vendetta against nobles) Murdock (General, and the loyal bodyguard of Zephiel) The Blazing Blade Brendan (Warrior, founder and leader of the Black Fang) Desmond (The king of Bern, and the father of Zephiel) The Sacred Stones Colm (Thief) Caellach (Hero, one of the Six Imperial Generals) O’Neill (Fighter in Grado’s army) Murray (Cavalier in Grado’s army) Dara (Matron of Caer Pelyn) Fomortiis (The Demon King of old) Path of Radiance Boyd (Fighter in Greil’s Mercenaries) (Reason: Either of Scottish origin or much more commonly associated with Scotland.) Oscar (Lance Knight in Greil’s Mercenaries) Kieran (Axe Knight of Crimea) Ena (Red Dragon) Radiant Dawn Nolan (Fighter, leader of the Dawn Brigade) Aran (Soldier of Daein) Roark (Halberdier in Begnion’s army) Awakening Donnel (Villager; Village Hero) Brady (Priest, Mariebelle’s son) Ardri (A Grimleal Sorcerer) Fates Dwyer (Troubadour, Jakob’s son) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCATIONS Genealogy of the Holy War The Manster District Manster (A province in the Manster District) Leonster (A province in the Manster District) Alster (A province in the Manster District) Conote (A province in the Manster District) Tirnanog (A small town in northern Isaach) Yied Desert (An inhospitable desert region, possibly named after "Aed", god of the Underworld(?) Mease Castle (A castle in Thracia?) Three Houses Fódlan (The continent) Brigid (A cluster of independent islands to the southwest?) Sreng (A country to the north, separated by a mountain range) Brionac Plateau (A stretch of land in the Adrestian Empire) Airmid (Location in the Adrestian Empire) Enbarr (A location in the Adrestian Empire. Near the southern coast) Oghma (Location in the Adrestian Empire. Possibly some mountains) Holy Kingdom of Faerghus Conand (Location in Faerghus) Fhirdiad (Location in Faerghus, near Conand) Tailtean Plains (Location in Faerghus) Aileill (A location in the Leicester Alliance. Borders Faerghus) Derdriu (A location in the Leicester Alliance. Near Aileill) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEAPONS Gáe Bolg (The divine lance of Njorun the Crusader) Caladbolg (One of Daein's national treasures) Lughnasadh (Another of Daein's national treasures) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (To quickly clear up a few things: I haven't written up a summary as to the actual history of any of the names, mainly because this isn't something I thought I'd be sharing up until just now! Also, for my own sake, bosses have been marked in bold and background/purely plot characters in italics. Oh, and I thought I'd also include a few locations and a whopping three weapons that seem to be of Irish origin, too. Enjoy!)
  6. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I have Panda Protection installed on my laptop, and whenever I try to run the executable it steps in and "neutralizes the virus". Is there some aspect of this file that would be picked up by anti-virus software? If so, any help would be greatly appreciated! This randomizer looks like great fun!
  7. I know it's a tad early, but let's get broken together this Christmas.

  8. I know it's a tad early, but let's get broken together this Christmas.

  9. HI Panda! Are you still alive?

  10. Let's see if the Imp can get lucky again. Though, if the books are anything to judge by, I'd say it's not very likely.
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