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  1. I’m also a big Falcom fan, although of the Trails series instead. Ys is closing in on the top of my backlog, though, Ys 1 & 2 is probably my next big RPG commit after I finish Dragon Quest XI.
  2. I finally got together with a friend of mine and we managed to make this portrait. My friend Fusionoftheaces did the heavy lifting on this one, with input from me. I like how it came out. I'm not sure if I need to upload it as a certain file format or anything, just let me know if this doesn't work. Fusion doesn't have a SF account that I know of, but big thanks to him for this!
  3. Like I said before, I’m open to my character being the Jeigan! He is a Mage Knight after all. And since he mainly targets our Risen/monster analogue, it makes more sense for him if that’s mostly when they’re fought.
  4. Glad to hear you’re still around and kicking! Just work when you feel like it, no obligations here
  5. Oh hey, I made a little Notepad doc about my character for the other, so you can go ahead and have that attached here. I do have to say that art is something I have no talent for at all, so if I must make my own character portrait it may take me awhile. Unless my current pfp is useable. As for things the attachment doesn't address... Protagonist, clearly. While I was intended to be a sort of Pent archetype who appears as a Green NPC in early maps before joining in mid-game, I see you have no Jagen. I would also accept that, would just need to tweak him a bit. Other than that, either role is fine with me. For growths, I imagined him as a glass cannon, having Mag and Speed as his best stats, and Def and Res as his worst. Although if he's our Jagen, you don't want your crutch to be glassy, and evenly balanced growths might be preferred. Recruitment if he's a Pent, he would be in mid-game as I said above, probably just by talking to Sire or Von. I don't think I'm terribly familiar with anyone else here. If he's the Jagen, obviously he's a Starter right off. (One crazy idea which I don't know if it's possible or reasonable, is if we go with my original plan, he could have the "Cath recruitment" where talking to him repeatedly as a Green NPC eventually convinces him to join. But that's only if you really want to go far out, that literally just hit me while writing this post.) Let me know if I missed anything. Most other stuff like personality, support material, etc should be in the Notepad. Serenes Emblem character.txt
  6. Oh boy, well, congratulations from a fellow dumbass spicy aficionado who has also eaten one! And yeah, it really gets you with how slowly it hits you. As if daring you to chomp it down in one bite, which activates it's trap card, lol.
  7. Ho boy, it's been a while since I could actually check in (internet issues + work), but I've been keeping an eye on the topic. I'll join the Discord in a hot minute, but to quickly address a couple of things I might need to chime in on: Portrait/Sprite: I'm no artist, so I'll have to leave this to those people, but basing Ronald largely off my pfp is fine. Teal hair (since teal is my favorite color) decent-sized 'stache (me IRL) and a (typically brown or black) cowboy hat are the main fixtures. Hair and clothes are probably messy/worn as he isn't very neat. The hair can be dark brown if we're not going technicolor hair, but I assume we are as FE usually does. Stats: I'm not a numbers guy, and I don't recall if I mentioned this already, but I imagine Ronald would be a glass cannon: High Mag/Spd (+Str if we have hybrid classes, he is a Mage Knight after all, otherwise doesn't matter), low Def/Res, and middling HP/Skill/Luck is the general idea, though feel free to fiddle with it some if needed for balancing. Story/Personality: I haven't come up with a backstory or anything yet (I'll get on that), but like I said before, I imagine Ronald would be a L'arachel-esque independent before joining in the midgame. If there are monsters/Terrors or the like in this game (fandom toxicity?), they would be his primary targets, and he may show up as a NPC unit pre-recruitment in battles against them. If not, he's just someone who drifts about helping the good people of Serenia with their troubles, clearing out bandits (troll users?) or mediating disputes. I have quite a bit of details worked out for his personality, which I'll save for the Discord so this post isn't too long-winded (unless you'd like me to put it in this thread, let me know). But for the TL;DR, he's a compassionate drifter who does his work based on his personal code of integrity. He knows he's doing good service and thus can talk himself up at times, and he can be obstinate about asking others for help when he needs it, but he is genuinely motivated by his morals and doing "the right thing".
  8. I'm a huge Pelleas fan, and this analysis was very well done! I will share one other thing I feel might have been worth mentioning: he has a boss quote not only with Lekain, but with Sephiran as well. I don't recall the exact exchange, but Sephiran basically confirms what Pelleas already basically knows at this point after fighting Izuka: that Pelleas is nobody too special, just a beorc with particularly strong magic. He does, however, say that Pelleas served an essential role in spreading war across the entire continent as per Sephiran's plan to awaken Ashera, and thanks him for this. This causes Pelleas to react with great anger, and much like with Lekain, he shows his backbone in confronting Sephiran and being determined to make him pay for using him as a pawn. Although, he does get so worked up that he actually ends up vomiting in front of Sephiran, probably having to do with pent-up stress and anger from his realizations over the course of Part 4. And honestly, as... TMI as that might seem, it shows a side of him that probably didn't exist before Part 4 and makes for a great moment.
  9. Sorry about not posting in a bit, that maintenance was crazy. It’s the Thracia Curse, I tell you! But at least I was able to do the gameplay poll without logging in. Anyway, I’m not super sold on child systems, but I’m not particularly opposed either. The main concern is whether the children would replace their parents (FE4) or simply join them (others). I assume we can agree a long time skip like FE4 is better than any handwave like time travel/pocket dimensions, but the parents can still be around. It looks like we’re posting character details now we have the cast solidified? I’ll post again when I get a chance for mine. And if we do decide to have two generations, I can certainly come up with a child character or two for him. Heck, maybe he can even be married already, since he’s a bit older than the typical FE fare (late 20s/early 30s). But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, I suppose.
  10. Well, I personally always felt the single Tome rank of the DS games gave Mages less individuality than what the GBA games had. But that's more of a subjective preference rather than a technical analysis; I don't have any sense for design/balance and can only give my opinion. Same goes for a Str/Mag split. I'm a big fan of spellswords or the like and something like a Mage Knight with Lances appeals to me, but I don't know if having one would make balance harder or make the game more interesting per se.
  11. This seems like a good way to organize it. And on that note, I’ll sign up myself! Username: MegaTheGamer Game Name: Ronald Desired Class: Mage Knight (As per Von’s magic classes above, if unpromoted, I’d prefer Dark Mage) It seems like we’re not at the stage of designating roles yet, but I imagine I’d be an independent/rogue element at first before joining. Like L’arachel or RD!Tormod. But that isn’t necessary if we’re still hammering out details.
  12. Do you have to have a big following to volunteer? Because I’d be down to record a demo for someone. My Twitch community is pretty small, but we’re all into FE.
  13. Oh hey, thanks for the heads-up. I don’t think was another response but to laugh it off, lol. No point getting angry about a glitch, especially one so minor. As long as they don’t corrupt my saves or something, I just find them funny.
  14. You have done the Lord's work, good sir. I'll admit I probably like Shadow Dragon a fair bit more than most, but having all it's inane flaws fixed up is going to be great. I'll definitely be showing this off to my (very small) Twitch audience! Thanks for all the work you've been putting into this, and congratulations on finally finishing all of it! EDIT: Found a minor graphical bug while streaming it where Cain's critical animation made the game freak out. This was done on Version 1.1 on Brutal/Hard 2 difficulty, in DeSmuME 0.9.8. This is using the patch that includes the graphical updates but not the Sync Patch (FE11FCPWithGraphics). See the glitch in action below: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/281670448
  15. Hey now, this looks promising! Thanks for giving your all to such a tough project.
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