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  1. *swings beer bottle around* wheres ur h0re of a mum sorry guys gonna stop here getting a little too personal!! >w<
  2. I have an elite team composed of three mh experts, we need one more to enter the fold because monster hunter generation's release is approaching. Pm if you are an expert and not a nerd.
  3. Guys i want to know your opinons because your opinions are important to me who is the superior boy based on looks and personality Tomato or Pineapple Butt or Thighs
  4. id be surprised if you did that tbh pink inigo is top tier
  5. im a fujoshi who wants to feel less solitary
  6. everybody is a little gay, if u think about it
  7. Post your top 10 most attractive fire emblem boys because this is important my personal list is: 1. fe fates/sm4sh marth 2. pink inigo 3. sothe's midriff 4. ephraim 5. leo 6. takumi 7. chrom 8. sm4sh robin 9. gaius 10. klein honorable mentions are pent, leonardo, merric, lyon with a haircut, stahl, and promoted fe9 ike constructive criticism is welcome
  8. [spoiler=To Pimp A Butterfly] https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIen3IPVo_U30dpwJd2RDrPxYVXTplcq7 best album of 2015
  9. [spoiler=Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon] Hiatus Kaiyote made their name as a neo-soul quartet, but on Choose Your Weapon they incorporate elements of jazz and latin music as well, and I've really been digging it lately.
  10. Marusu


    With the exception of the swimsuits, the characters accessories will be reflected in battle and event scenes. - Serenes Forest explain
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