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    If you want to know, the guy on my avatar is Pierre David de Colbert-Chabanais, a general who fought for France during the Napoleonic wars.

    Flamma's guide to Defensive Warfare:
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  1. I'll be honest. Give Melee Fox his Fair from 64. That would make both Fox and Falco more complete characters.
  2. Flamma


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcfffWoi1lw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kET6moy7Gc So what do you guys think of Leffen?
  3. lmao fuck mewtwo he sucks in melee
  4. get your scholarships in nigga. and dont say nigga
  5. Thats why the 19th century was superior. Trends would stick with the entire generation.
  6. Do you realise how cost inefficient that would be? Go on, keep insulting your target, when they get close enough to put bullets in your mouth you'll regret it. I'll write you a how to guide on how to explicitly form the BEST defense. Ready? Here goes: Defensive Warfare;stipulations and methods Generalissimo Flamma SFAF(Serenes Forest Armed Forces) 9 January 2016 Purpose: To make sure all soldiers know the order of battle when on the Defense, and have basic understanding of Defensive warfare. Scope: My principal aim here is to teach my favorite defensive method. Bar with me, but this will be quite long. Warfare can be complex and confusing, but with proper training, and reading this guide, You will be able to grasp mastery over Defensive warfare. Keep in mind this guide is meant for the commander in mind. Good Luck and learn well soldier. Part I Overview Defense is perhaps the part of war that makes or breaks it for one side. If a suitable defense cannot be made, the so called "Defender" is at the mercy of the enemy. Defensive tactics have been studied so long as the threat of war loomed over people's heads. So the importance of Defense in the aiding of the War effort rests in the People's support of the Armed Forces, and a sense of War Fever, which can be used to call up thousands to one's cause. You must understand the Psychological factors at play, as well as military factors, in order to make sure all pieces are in your favour. Other factors include Morale, Supplies, Fuel, and Manpower. Morale is typically higher on the defense, especially in defense of an important item to the Army, especially Ones homeland, loved ones, and honour. Supplies depend on the industrial capacity of the mother nation, and directly influence how good of a resistance your men can put up; combined with morale, this can be especially devastating, even to the most highly trained and experienced forces. Fuel is important for Artillery and Armoured divisions. Simply put, fuel puts the Blitz, in Blitzkrieg. Manpower is perhaps the most important aspect of the Defense. Without manpower, a commander does not have an army, and without an army, there is no defense; Manpower can be generated through effective propaganda and fear mongering among the ignorant masses, a Revanchist populace will ease the effort. All four of these factors combined allow you to field an effective fighting force, and allow you to make suitable defense of the Mother/Fatherland. I will now explain the specifics of my preferred defense tactics. Part II Tactics First thing to do, is find suitable high ground. Immediately. Gaining the high ground in any battle gives you an enormous advantage against any attack. Here's a good example to show. Imagine defenses set up at the top of the hill while your men march up to try to take it. Enter the Machine gun, and expect your entire company to be decimated by a few rounds of the Maxim. So, naturally, you being on the defensive, have one choice. Fortify. Order your men to dig around the high ground. The dugouts must be at least 7 feet deep, and about 6 feet wide. The next thing to do, is to dig a second layer behind the first Trench for reinforcements. Once this is done, special Trenches must be made for Officers, and Communications. Communications is important because that is how you get information across from the front lines, to the home front. I also recommend placing Artillery behind lines, for maximum protection. Next you must place your machine guns. The perfect locations are up front, close to the trenches. The amount of Machine Guns you bring into the fray are extremely important, and can force off any attack. One other thing you need is Barbed Wire. Place the stuff around the front of your trenches, and around No Man's Land ( Land between trenches ) and you should be fine. Another thing you should use are Reconnaissance planes, for information on enemy movements and patterns. This is what your trenches should look like about now, only on a hill. But they still are formidable on flat ground. Here is how trenches will make attackers have an extremely hard time even getting close. Part III Afterword Now that I have explained to you, the basics of Trench Warfare you should be in good straits for fending off attacks. I suppose better Aircraft mixed in with Tanks would be a problem, but enough AT's and Anti-Aircraft units would downplay that issue. Making sure the enemy cannot advance is a surefire way to win the war by exhausting the enemy's four critical resources, while taking minimal casualties. One other tactic that can prove extremely effective, is Chemical Warfare(Huh? What Geneva Conventions?). Chlorine and Mustard Gas are ideal. Now, with this guide now complete, the rest is up to you, good soldier! Do your nation proud! -Generalissimo Flamma SFAF Glad it helped. EDIT: Formatting messes up idk how to fix it.
  7. Instead of gun control being debated over, I think we need to take this little armed uprising, and use it to re-evaluate the United States' traditional values. By the way, I heard they're being call "YallQaeda", and it's being said they're waging "Yeehawd" on the Wildlife preserve.
  8. Need good, INDUSTRIOUS, EFFICIENT, Music? I GOTCHU Der Hohenfriedberger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18zeKU7wz_8 Or if you want the longer better known version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMZDEuiq8nQ Here's Prussia's Glory. Makes you want to build fortifications in beaches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_6AQA4uzD0 And here's this for the Glorious Kaiser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O93lImrRTu4 Here's one just in case your going to Poland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRU1AJsXN1g And here's on just because https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLBWx_2y4R4 sich amusieren
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