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  1. Man, you better use Priscilla. She's a boss healer and is unkillable once she's promoted. I sent her into the middle of Night of Farewells and her level 2 Valkyrie self kicked ass with a Fire tome. Yeah, you better use her or she'll murder you with Elfire in your sleep
  2. For me, Florina is the best Pegasus Knight hands down. You really have to try to level her up once you get her, but every time I play her attack, luck, and speed all max out. Sure her defense and resistance leave a bit to be desired, but she's such an amazing unit overall.
  3. Huh, it seems pretty spread out. I don't know, I really just prefer the layout of Jerme's map because of those two spots near the bottom where you spawn. I can just funnel out the mounted units with Hector off to the right and my Beserker Dart can handle every single Wyvern Rider who comes from the top right corner with ease. Yes it's a long stage, but there are a ton of promoted units that can be taken out without too much trouble, and you can go at whatever speed you want.
  4. Okay, so I was wondering whether you guys prefer Kenneth's map or Jerme's map for Pale Flower of Darkness. I'm currently on my third playthrough (Eliwoods Hard Mode) and I'm almost done with the stage. Two of my three playthroughs I've gotten Jerme's map and I honestly prefer it. It may be a bit tougher than Kenneths, but you don't have to deal with all three kinds of long-distance magic constantly. Also, the Bolting is easier to get if you actually want/ use it. I suppose that is helped out quite a lot by the fact that I like Dorcas until he's level ten, and will use Raven through the end as compared to the magic users of whom I will only use Priscilla and Canas (though Canas doesn't count). I also think that it's a lot easier to get Harken in Jerme's map, and I always promote him just so I can steal his Brave Sword :D . Anyway, the other reason that I love Jerme's map is because you can take your time. There are tons of enemies, many of them promoted, but there's a spot where you can funnel them out, normally with Hector or Oswin due to their high defense stats. In fact, that's exactly what I do. I promote Hector and put him in that 2x1 area right near where you start and let all of the enemies come towards him with Canas, Florina, or Heath waiting behind him for some easier distance kills. The sheer number of enemies also makes it so that I can fill in gaps in my leveling, and get majority of my units (not Lyn because I dont have the second Heaven Seal) promoted. It is just a long stage, but fairly easy even in Hard Mode and it is earns my favor because there's no long range magic and there are tons of enemies for you to level up against.
  5. My vote has to go for Eliwoods critical (non Durandal). I just think that it's really, really cool.
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