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  1. Awwww Thanks, Rey. When I get to that point in the game, I'll send in a screenshot. If I did it right.
  2. Well here's my rebuttal. Awakening ceased to be a tactical game in my eyes when I picked up on a few things: there are certain combinations of skills that will be unbeatable, andcompletely Random (IE Lunatic+- Prologue Vantage+ Luna+ mage) in which case you can not win, and therefore must hit the slot machine again for better RNG. The point is not to move as a unit and heal the critically wounded after every turn like the rest of the series as much as being more about search and destroy before you kill the boss, ESPECIALLY IN LATER CHAPTERS! In Fact, later in the game you don't really need healers anymore except for warping because most people have Sol, LifeTaker, etc. and healers are rendered obsolete! There is a class that is Clearly outright SUPERIOR to others. Sorc has: access to magic (OP in this game) access to DARK magic (Aversa's night, the tome that's a brave spell... I forgot it.) Access to the only long distance attack in the game (Mire). and has unreal defensive stats. Literaly making them outright SUPERIOR to every other Mage mage class in the game, and outclassing some tank units. Low HP units can literally blip out of exisence by having the Pairup partner switch with them. Sorry... I just got off there.
  3. We all remember pairing up and it being... lame. But I also thought the dual strike was cool. So why not add in the Dual Strike for people standing next to eachother. Just a thought. O yeah bring back Shove. Awakening felt off without shove.
  4. Being that the Wii is (So I understand) farily easy to mod, Can someone change Volke's Class Title from "Assassin" to "Extinguisher"? (I know he's the Fireman, but translated it's closer to the Extinguisher)
  5. Name the features across the entire series that, when put together, would make the optimal non-min/max FE game. (I wasted far too much of my life determining which skill I should pass down to kids etc.) My favorites... off the top of my head. Shove Weapon triangle daggers customizable character. (just the one.) PoR/RD style skill capacity system. Awakening's 5 OF ANY SKILL! system was bad... PoR/RD style skill ACQUIREMENT system. Going through class after Class in Awakening wasn't nice... I prefer scrolls. Tactician being an actual character... Think more of Mark than Robin, but if it's more Mark-esque, give him a more important role. Captivating story involving a small love interest, and a clear rival. Different types of matches (as you might've been able to tell... PoR was my favorite) And those are all that are coming to me.
  6. In every Game but Awakening... in which you practically HAVE to run in and kill everyone, I try to make horizontal Lines that allow every tank to handle two guys at once, and have the ranged units behind them to have 3 possible targets. this also allows healers a chance to be between two tanks prone to taking massive amounts of damage.
  7. So... I'm crazy bored. I'm curious to see what everyone thinks Blue's best team of six out of every time you fight him. My compiled team Arcanine-physical Blastoise-Special or Cloyster-Physical Tyranitar-bulky physical Venusaur-Special/ Tanky Alakazam-Special Scyther-Physical Some backups were Jolteon-Special Machamp-Bulky Physical Rhyperior-Tanky Physical
  8. I did it with Falco, then Roy. Mewtwo always killed himself, though. Mewtwo: IMA GONNA SHADOW BALL! *throws shadow ball and falls of map from recoil.* Always took ganondorf last.
  9. Okay, Destiny knot and bracer question. If i have a destiny knot in one dad's hand's hand, and a Power bracer in mom's hand, who's attack IV does baby receive?
  10. I am looking for a perfect iv Tyrogue/ hitmonchan Nature can be any, he can have as many useless skills as he wants, but he should really have bullet punch. Name your price, but I have an abundance of rotom. I have a legion of Rotom.
  11. That... looks fantastic. Thank you. That leaves with the issue of crunch.
  12. Well as it stands, I'm just going with physical attacks, making Jolly or Adamant optimal. Justified is hard to find, and I can't depend on people using dark type moves... so I'll take what I can get. Bullet punch gets double stab, so it's optimal over extremespeed I... don't know why you didn't put down sword dance... it's what I haven't wavered on this whole time Finally, I chose crunch because it is a physical move that can break ghosts and psychic.
  13. Fine fine.... I might try nabbing a jolly nature, but I'm trying to have some individuality here.
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