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  1. I was clear enough. Piece things together and you'll understand it.
  2. And you think I haven't been doing exactly that? The exact post in reply to you had much advice to Tryhard, just because it wasn't aimed directly at him, doesn't mean I wasn't actually trying to help him. I was speaking of my experience. People deal with depression differently. In fact, the same med I use right now is known to have the opposite effect in other people. It's a very particular condition without a scripted, nor even definite, solution. The quality of the therapy itself is also an important factor. The therapist is a person, you must get along with them and you must believe in their proposed treatment. If trust is broken, the treatment can progress no further. I went down a rocky path but now I'm confident I'm back on track, so I'm just sharing what I've learned, as I find it may be of use to everyone. Leaving depression behind is as much the professional's effort as it is the patient's, but some patients are trickier than others. I'm one of the trickier ones. ;)
  3. If you really think people with depression can't get out of their rut because they "make excuses", then you have a really crappy view on the subject, sorry. Speaking from experience here. Actual one. As for my current situation, I assure you it's a lot better than it used to be, but it not only frustrates me to see people with the same opinion as you speaking about depression, it angers me.
  4. You just don't get the point. A depressed person DOES NOT have the energy to do ANYTHING. And poor eating habits may have a different cause from depression, it's just augmented by it because when a person is depressive they desperately seek means to overcome it and compulsion is one of them. I agree with making small steps, but for some people it's difficult to do even that. Which is why sometimes you have to put gasoline in the tank (i.e. take meds). It's a combination treatment, pick your choice of psychological therapy and the antidepressant that best suits you. The biggest thing that makes difference is asserting yourself before the professional you see. Last year I went down a wrong route with medication and had one of the worst crisis of my life. It was only with persistence, and firmly telling my psychiatrist that the old antidepressant was better, that I was able to go back to it. It also helped that I changed to another therapist better suited to my needs in the meantime, so it was actually a blessing in disguise.
  5. Thanks. Indeed, he has said before I'd probably need it for the rest of my life. That's not a problem as long as I can afford it and as long as I don't miss the right time.
  6. Damn, yesterday I took my meds a few hours after I was supposed to, and I had a depressive crisis... Horrible stuff. It kills your drive to do absolutely anything and makes you perennially sad. I'm not sure whether the effect was stronger because of abstinence or chemical imbalance in my brain, but I'm scared at the thought of needing these meds for the rest of my life. My mind basically works like the car in Top Gear 3000, when it runs out of energy it'll keep going, but slower and not able to accelerate, and a crash will slow it down to a crawl.
  7. Of course we're not. We'd be robots/zombies if we could be completely selfless.
  8. Watch some Tokyo Mew Mew while eating some ice cream. :D
  9. And to @Lord Raven: Both, in fact. Here it's worse because there's basically no center (center, here, is synonymous with absence of political platform and therefore corruption) and then there's no moderate left, which would correspond to social democracy, there's plain left which encompasses socialists as well. Anyway, speaking of left in America is indeed difficult because the Democratic party isn't exactly left, they try "lefty" things but they're tame, as during the Cold War there was a literal effort to eliminate the left from the country. America is, thus, pretty much its own thing, with the Republicans being right-wing "proper" and the Democrats more of a center party with very slight leftist connotations. But the leftist and far-leftist vote Democrat because the Democrats found it could get them some extra votes if they catered to these people, not unlike Trump massaging far-right extremists and all the filth that comes with them. Even the far-left in the US are not communists, because they love the goodies of capitalism. But they do behave much the same way Marxist groups all over the world do. Their brand of socialism is a result of people stuffing Marxism where it shouldn't have been. Class struggle is a concept of economics, then they apply to race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identification, you name it. The result is disastrous because Marx wasn't exactly a democrat, he was skeptical of democracy, otherwise he wouldn't have suggested revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat as means to erase capitalist mentality from society. I actually find Marx's economic theory very interesting, if outdated, and I don't like to see right-wingers blame him for misuse of his theory by people born more than 100 years after his death. And, if you can't generalize the left, you can't generalize the right either. I've seen it mentioned in this thread that the white supremacists are who won Trump the election. Honestly, I refuse to believe half of the US is white supremacist. You might argue they're all racists, but even racism comes in "grades".
  10. I'm sure they know that, but the escalating radicalism has made it less difficult for cults to prosper in elections. This is a problem my country also has. When the left acts like a bunch of angry Marxists, they scare the undecided away instead of swaying those who wouldn't consider being in the same company as white supremacists. The GOP didn't really want Trump as a candidate, but none of the others had the same cult following from the voting base as Trump, because Trump is not really a politician, he's a celebrity, so he ended up being their candidate. Going against the voters would've meant losing the third consecutive election, which would've been a disaster anyway.
  11. And the GOP should get punished for DOING ITS JOB??? During Bush administration he thought it was a great idea to invade Iraq, and he did get a lot of praise and support from his fellow Republicans, but the Democrat campaign against him, which was supported by worldwide disapproval of America's policy towards the Middle East, was at an all-time high. Then Obama won the election and naturally the power shifted, so the Republicans began doing what the Democrats were doing before, BECAUSE IT WORKED, as McCain, a Vietnam War veteran, thus representing what Bush had stood for, lost to Obama, who was the voice of those critical of the GOP's warmongering. That's politics for you. If that's what it comes down to (the GOP being the ultimate evil that should be eliminated for the greater good of the country), then just give Obama a lifetime term and be done with it. Unfortunately, there are people who disagree, which is why there are two parties in the US, which is IMO still not enough, there should be more, 5 would be nice. @Mortarion: The GOP is locked right now because they know Trump hurts them long term but it's not a politically intelligent move to literally remove from office a president who, for better or worse, was elected under their own banner. It would make a Pence administration unmanageable, even if they find Pence replacing Trump to be the best case scenario. They wouldn't gain much from it politically speaking, because, from what I read and hear, Trump's support among the voting base is much bigger than among the GOP's head figures, and the leftists who'd approve of Trump being impeached don't vote Republican anyway. It'd help externally more than internally, but people in Europe and in other places don't have any voting rights in America.
  12. To everyone wishing for impeachment, I hope you realize the impeachment is supposed to be the exception of the exception in the presidential system. Yes, in my country it happened as recently as last year, and it was perfectly legal, but it was only possible because the norms detailing the cases for impeachment are broader than desirable in such a system. If you want to remove your head of government at will, perhaps it's time to change to a parliamentary system like every healthy democracy in the world. Either that, or push for laws implementing recall of an executive term. Otherwise, forcing the existence of a reason to impeach a president legitimately elected by popular vote (until evidence to the contrary, that is) is not a very ethical thing to do. The rules apply to everyone, like it or not, and they are not subject to change whenever we lose the election. The US were the perfect country for someone like Trump to emerge victorious in an election. Two-party system, single-round election, increasing political radicalism. Americans take pride in their system but it simply isn't able to prevent extremists from reaching positions of power the way European systems can. Just look at what happened in France (which employs a mixed presidential and parliamentary system), MLP went to the second round and, once there, she got crushed, because everyone else voted against her and for the other candidate. With her platform, I could bet serious cash in the possibility she'll never be elected, ever. With Trump's election, the flaws in the American political system became evident to the whole world. Insisting the system is immaculate despite its obvious shortcomings is not only an act of ignorance, but also of arrogance.
  13. Well, of course you felt bad, you drank a milk shake after eating a damn pizza, you simply overdid it on dairy, as the pizza contains cheese of course.
  14. You should listen to the Dio era tracks. IMO they're even better than Ozzy's! :D What can I say? Even though I've already posted on this thread, it's always worth mentioning I like pretty much everything Rob Halford and RJD have ever sung, except for Judas Priest's first album which was horribly derivative, but that wasn't Halford's fault anyway. On the thrash side, Slayer is my favorite act by far.
  15. I don't think it's liberal propaganda. The bad things about Trump are obvious to anyone with a brain, and they go far beyond any massaging of racist groups or politically incorrect tweets. To give you an example, I would not trust any person with an entrepeneurial background like Trump's, as he's far more likely to treat running the country as an enterprise rather than a state. When it comes to my rights as a citizen, I'd rather not let my country be run by someone whose first consideration when evaluating anything will be its cost to the state. His complete political ineptitude is just the icing on the cake. But, like I said countless times in this thread, what made Trump rise to glory was the increasing radicalism in American politics as well as the fact Hillary Clinton was a horribly weak candidate. The former is not only the white supremacist and neonazi groups' fault... The brand of leftist radicalism that scores major points in NY and LA has the complete opposite effect in other parts of the country, and the Democrats made the fatal mistake of underestimating this rebound effect. In fact, they still do, which makes me doubt they'll be able to capitalize on Trump's endless blunders, as the Republicans might not let Trump run for president again anyway.
  16. I don't remember what I used against it last time I played, but I didn't have as hard a time against Clair's Kingdra as I did against Cynthia's Garchomp. Then again, that playthrough was fun, I played on Desmume so I used Pokégen to evolve my trade evo Pokémon and had a Kingdra of my own. Then I went against Lance with a Kingdra packing Draco Meteor and a Mamoswine. :D
  17. Skynstein vs Cynthia: Skynstein sent out Gyarados (with Ice Fang)! Gyarados' Intimidate lowers Garchomp's Attack! Garchomp used Dragon Rush! A critical hit! Gyarados fainted! Skynstein sent out Staraptor! Staraptor used Brave Bird! 45% damage! Staraptor took recoil! Garchomp used Flamethrower! 75% damage! Staraptor used Brave Bird! A critical hit! Garchomp fainted! Well, this was the second time I battled Cynthia. I was so pissed off when she one-shotted my Gyarados that I just picked Staraptor and said to myself "BRAVE BIRD THIS B****** UNTIL HE DIES!!!", which luckily went in my favor. It should be illegal to use a Garchomp this cheap. Garchomp will destroy every Ice-type in the game BTW, he's faster than all of them (probably not Froslass/Weavile, but still) and should OHKO with Flamethrower. I'm also pretty sure I did try a Weavile and he either didn't OHKO or was slower anyway, but it was in my first playthrough. There's a good chance it was slower because Cynthia's Pokémon have 31 IVs across all stats, so it's dumb to use Smogon logic here and pick Weavile/Froslass just because their base Speed is higher than Garchomp's. It's the single most annoying Pokémon to deal with in all the games, and it doesn't help that it's the signature Pokémon of the biggest Mary Sue in the series. Really, Ghetsis' Hydreigon can at least be T-Waved.
  18. Because this is Square Enix we're talking about and they sold themselves to Sony as of when the N64 was still in development because CDs were cheaper to manufacture and carts couldn't store their TOTALLY COOL FMVs and Redbook CD audio everyone was obsessed with back in the day. Nintendo got salty and the two companies haven't been exactly on good terms ever since. There have been Square RPGs for Nintendo platforms but the "meat" is kept to Playstation and sometimes Xbox (by that I mean FF, of course). This was a very s****y move on Square Enix's part, IMO, but whatever. I mean, what is there in this game that's so difficult to replicate on the Switch? The PS4 isn't exactly very powerful either. And they're even bothering with a PS Vita release, lol.
  19. The reason depression is stigmatized is because people think it's all our fault when we can't do things. Newsflash: it's not our fault. Imagine tying 100 lb weights to each of your limbs as well as remaining in a perennial state of melancholy, indifference and sometimes even desperation. Your mind is working against you, all the time. Food loses its taste. Former pastimes stop being fun. Sexual arousal is non-existent. You question yourself why you're even leaving the bed in the first place. No one will "succeed" at life in such a scenario. That's why psychological help is invaluable. Once you start treatment, you'll realize you do need to put in some effort, but the treatment is like applying a defibrillator to a dying heart, it gives you the conditions and the tools without which you'll not be able to heal yourself.
  20. Well it seems Trump is doing his best to dig his own grave here, which shows his severe lack of political ability. My stance on modern leftism in the US is well-known. I believe their radicalism is very dangerous to the debate. But extreme right-wingers manage to be even more dangerous. Leftists are (slightly) smarter because they tend to focus their radicalism on the destruction of property, be it public or private. Since right-wingers these days focus more on people than property, they end up being more dangerous because killing people is not only a bigger crime than damaging property, it also creates more ruckus. As someone who believes order is paramount to civilization, I find those acts simply abhorrent. In this situation, one side killed people from the other. It's easy to see who's in the wrong here. Everything else is speculation because I wasn't there so I don't know what happened. If you say both sides were to blame, you're essentially giving a free pass to murder. That's not something a president should do.
  21. It just doesn't work. Excalibur is Anti-Fortress and powerful enough to raze most stuff in its path. In an FE game that'd be beyond broken. :D It's not the best way to take an army down, but it's powerful enough to kill people, too.
  22. I dread to think how an FE party would be able to counter an Excaliblast without some miracle of their own. :D
  23. Oh I normally call "it" a he, haha. It's just people have called me out before for referring to him using person-specific pronouns. :D But yeah, normally whenever I refer to him I just use he since it's how it is in my language as well.
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