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  1. Lmao. I thought that I accidentally fucked over town by not saying my results/NA's. Though tbh, I was actually afraid of something conflicting between me and Athena both having our NA's fudged in N2. I was like, "IDK IF I SHOULD CLAIM THAT I GOT BLOCKED THIS LATE IN THE DAY PHASE. >_>" given no NK that night. Also legit forgot to post stuff in the following day phase. Kinda slipped my mind that I'd probs be shot the night after I tracked someone into a guilty. GJ though town for figuring shizz out, and wp all around. EDIT: I'm also a little glad that I'm not the only one who half-legit thought that Shinori was crumbing self-watcher lol. I thought in the end I was just bad with handling crumbed roles/things in general. x_x
  2. Finding myself flipped after I get off a shit day at work. GL town.
  3. 5/5 I might've scored a lucky shot the last night phase, but I felt a great disparity in accuracy in my actual scum reads this game. That and I got majorly tripped up over Refa/Shinori, which almost caused me to get counter-wagoned vs. Bart last day phase. :/ I'm at least glad my SB suspect was warranted, and I followed through with peeping after him last night phase. On a side note though: Am I missing something here wrt Refa's JB slot read? Lol Oh well. This is the last of my posts for this day phase. Have a good night guys. :D
  4. Post 4/5 Orihime - There is so much going back and forth with KTS that I feel slightly inclined to bypass it all for now. @[email protected] - This.... feels like an odd reason to not support the Bart wagon? But on the same token, would a scum member be so loud as to openly disagree with a wagon that was likely to occur? (If so, was this banking on my wagon going off instead or someone else's?) I also feel like these posts including the first one above seem to support part of their logic/basis on numbers in the game to not scum read Bart? Also a good chunk of the posts thereafter on the Bart Wagon comment are regarding counter wagons, not counterwagons, but not a whole lot of actual scum hunting, it feels? Or reads in general? Sheeping Conqueror's case on SB for an SB vote? "I don't think this slot (Bart) will flip scum..." "What a nice flip!" TL;dR: Those reactions though. You don't seem conflicted or affected at all that someone you seemed fairly sure wasn't going to flip scum flipped scum? *I get that it's cool and all for townside, since we really needed to hit scum at some point, but something just felt off about that reactionary posting. KTS back and forth in the ISO just cluttered the hell out of Orihime's thing and I could not for the life of me be sucked into pulling it all apart right now with limited time. I'm slightly bothered that a lot of the posts were based around speculating scum numbers, what is/isn't a counter wagon, etc. but I do not know if this is part of a differing game mentality/gameplay style or not (since I am personally not familiar with Orihime as far as I can remember). However, outside of sheeping Conq's case on SB, I feel like I didn't actually garner much from this slot? [I know that she subbed in late, so that could've played some part in it.] Also I know I had issues with the prior player Elemina's gameplay, so I'm not really feeling like things were rectified much thereafter? OKAY, I have one post left after this. So without further ado, I will need to ask you all: @Shinori @athena_57 @Conqueror @Jaybee @Baldrick @Orihime @Refa @Killthestory What would you think if I told you that SB was the one who RB'd JB, or affected his NA in whatever way he did? Who is scum in that instance? And are we willing to consider SB as a scum-sided RB'er/antagonistic role or not? Also consider the fact that, after surfing SB's ISO, I really see no actual casing/real thoughts either direction on JB from SB. Likely to think of him as a protective role and targeted him out of good intentions, or is this just scum disruption NA? @SB. If you find this untrue, or if you have a reason as to have blockaded JB, what would it be? And if you're not the scum force that's blocking/redirecting/doing something to nullify townsided NA's, then who do you believe would be the source? As a result, my vote is currently residing on SB's slot until further notice. I will be back later today, I just wanted to let you guys know since my thoughts are now out.
  5. Post 3/5 *Technially SB/Baldrick/Orihime, since the last one was also mentioned in a couple of posts this day phase. Baldrick Vote on SB wrt SB Athena case ED1. Votes Randa with a fairly valid early case. Posts like this (and a couple prior) in terms of food-for-thought questions/prompting reads and interactions actually felt ok to me? Within the early phases of Day 1, Baldrick was prompting people a lot to give thoughts, considerations, etc., which drops more townie vibes than not. Posts like these though make me slightly iffy wrt some of the reads Baldrick offers- in these two cases, regarding Refa. A lot of prior posts, and including these two, seem to harbor points against Refa (in terms of barebone reads and minimalistic posts) but not really fault him or think it could have scum intent within them? (Wording is hard, sorry.) I am uncertain if it was a means of not really solid reading his slot, but it seems very much like wall-sitting on a slot that's performing questionably? One of the few people who seemed to be OK with Evan's slot (to some extent), but yet didn't seem to overly push for RAD over Evan D1 lynch? This sort of goes along with the notion of people being pretty passive if/when one of the two lynch candidates are being read in a better light, but still watch it slide through without much objection. :/ (However, you aren't the only one who's done this, and this in itself may not be fully alignment indicative, but something that personally pings me.) Seems to be poking at JB for some info, but also starting to press Refa more. More Refa casing. and vote. Sheeping Athena's case on Bart. Seems to be counterpointing Orihime's arguments wrt Refa. Counterpointing against Refa Post of SB/Refa/Bartozio scum team Gut is not sure if this post against SB is mildly OMGUS/reactionary? But some of the points are fair, tbh. IDK what to make of the NA decision making/who got what in what night phases. I am confused. :( I think it was fair for him to claim though earlier than not, if it helps us sort out wtf has been going on during the night phases. I'm sad about not getting that promised vig shot tho. D: TL;DR: I'm torn on this slot tbh. I did not have issues with him D1, and the main issue early on was him seeming forgiving wrt Refa's slot read. Being passive regarding Evan's wagon (which multiple people currently alive are guilty of) does rub me slight off the wrong way, but if that's considered scummy in itself, then once again that applies to everyone who did so. Bart's consolidation seemed fairly easy, which is slightly sus given not much mentioning of him before then? (The timing of the posts with the content seemed to case the Trio scum team including Bart only after agreeing/sheeping Athena's case on him, which is something to keep in mind.) 0000 SB - I know I've posted massive walls wrt SB the other day phase, and I'm really trying not to emulate it. Currently, I'm just searching up "Bart" and seeing what comes up.- Mentions Bart as plausibly coasting/not really doing much, but doesn't make any hard reads/offer anything on him? Considers me and Bart as being OK lynch candidates (with only really the above being the main statement he's made thus far in his ISO wrt Bart?) Bart vote post that I legit really can't read 'cause drunken posts are drunken. Someone halp. I am assuming the notions wrt Bart here were meant to further support the vote post/case on Bart? I cannot be fully sure though. Starting to at least get a minorly better idea of why he wanted to put Bart in his priorities? Post is mostly on me tho lmao. Kinda moves off of my wagon in favor of Bart's. Being sick and ear infections suck. :( IDK what you meant by "the read is too messy I don't buy into it" coming from Bart, but at least you seem more confident/okay with Bart lynch/case here. TL;dr: I still don't care for his interactions wrt Refa, as it doesn't rely on purely Refa and SB both being scum. (Especially since SB defending Refa [if Refa flipped as town] would look better than if SB defended someone like Bart who flipped scum.) So still slightly skewed on this slot based on interactions prior. Specifically wrt Bart, Idk. I feel like his original post was meant to explain the vote, but my brain keeps scattering the misspelled words/post to where I literally cannot understand it? (Unless I literally took the time to retype out every word and then read it lmao.) I think initially (within the first couple of links) he was kinda on the wall about him but then (outside of me), he did seem to push him semi-legit? I'm not sure if this was a result of scum SUPER BUSSING another person who was probably not going to escape the noose though, in which case it would've been 100% safer to bus them as opposed to fighting the lynch. However, in the consideration of SB being scum, one could consider his push on me an attempt to start up a counterwagon against Bart. I SEE TWO NEW REPLIES, SO SENDING THIS POST IN AND THEN TYPING UP ONE ON ORIHIME. JUST DON'T WANT TO LOSE POST PROGRESS.
  6. Post 2/5 Okay, so there are a few things going on wrt Night actions that don't pair up. > My N1 action went off (I was not told that I failed or anything of the sort), so I know I was not blocked/interfered with. If Baldrick failed to do what he claimed to have done (and had I actually gotten the vig shot, I guarantee it would've went off by now), then it would've required him to have been blocked or tampered with. Or he's lying. On a side note @Baldrick, why did you consider giving the dayvig to me? Idr if you actually were decently town reading me or not, so I'm wondering what you considered when handing out a vig shot. (The times I wished I could've been a vig. :( ) > Someone claimed something happening with their NA and I have a means of explaining it somewhat, to some extent. But I am unaware of what sort of read that would imply, or if the intent behind the player was scum driven or not. I am not sure how much we should be divulging at this point. (It does pertain to at least one of the mentioned people so far today though, so that's why I'm considering saying something.) > With as many failed actions though that are happening- multiple in one night, it's probable that there's either 2 RB roles floating around (one townsided, one scum), or an unclaimed ascetic/nexus/something that fucks with NA's passively floating around- or a commuter that'll just avoid everything. (or something that enabled that for a night phase, but I'm not sure if those exist?) I have about 2 hours til my ride gets here for my doc appointment. Reading through Baldrick/SB wrt Bart.
  7. Post 1/5 I apologize for the fact that I was not around for phase end. I fell asleep at the computer and thought I'd at least wake up early enough to actually post again. Didn't set an alarm though and slept clean past end phase. o_e Technically yes, though mine occurred on N1. Also if your action was listed as failing (As far as I know from last night phase results), it can apparently imply you getting blocked or something preventing the read from going through. I asked Marth about it, but as far as I know it's not explicitly told to us which event actually happened. *So either you got blocked, or something kept the role from doing whatever it is you did. I hate the fact that I've been stuck on non-scum slots so far this game. My reads are apparently really bad, and I will be re-reading the slots in a bit. Need to go get some foods first tho 'cause I'm hungry af.
  8. When someone ASKED you to bring forth what you meant by finding Randa tonally town, you LITERALLY posted that you were too LAZY to bother pulling up said posts. Someone asked for your justification of your thoughts/reads on someone being contested by a lot of town, and you shrugged your shoulders and couldn't be bothered to do so. You voting a counterwagon doesn't do shit when you don't provide the support on the reads. You gave no incentive to bolster your more townish tonal read on Randa, when you were one of the only ones who thought so. Basically watched him flailing at the edge of a cliff hanging by a thread and watched it snap thinking, "Hmmm, I could throw him this sturdy rope to save/help him... but I can't be bothered to stand up and walk over there to give it to him. That requires #efforting, and I'm feeling too lazy atm." That's why I stated that you didn't do enough, and why it can be/look hella scummy.
  9. Not really random. Read from my post on you near the end.
  10. Bolded is not even why I'm scumreading him the fuck? LMAO. Try re-reading the actual case, or hell, read the damned TLDR in my post on him: In addition to the above points, he comments on Evan being a poor wagon, gathering too much speed and that it looked highly suspect. But did not move or say/do anything against it. That reads as scum intent and bystander to me. > You are also guilty of this, especially wrt Randa and you being too lazy to bother with pulling items up if you believed he was being tonally town. If you want more points, then actually read my posts before misrepping them to "LOL SHE SCUM READ BASED ON CRUMB/NOT CRUMBED LULS" when that is factually untrue. Good attempt tho, brownie points awarded.
  11. I'm bringing it back up with Refa because according to him, Shinori said nothing and me pointing it out and questioning it makes ME scummy. THAT is scummy in its own right.
  12. He didn't? Okay, so I guess we all have the ability to see people who visit/target us in Mafia games without having a Watcher-esque role attached to us. Or that people casually say something like this in-thread and mean nothing by it: Because I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that he was a POPULAR WAGON or a POPULAR VOTE CANDIDATE last night/day phase. But I could be wrong!
  13. By spewing, do you mean throw out reads to distract or otherwise create chaos in the instance his lynch is followed through? If so, I do believe he was recasting the Athena vote, waffling on about random Tailoring (and casting suspect as to "WHO WOULD WANT TO DO SO"), etc. in response to your reaction test, so to me that qualifies as spewing? Not to mention the active use of his role and then throwing out "such an obvious townie role" to justify the ENTIRE tailoring situation. Also the FIRST BOLDED is also what I have an issue with: YOU NEVER TRADED 1v1. You purposely hosted the entire situation to where a lynch never occurred ON your claimed guilty, therefore no death/flip/1v1 trade ever happened Everyone who's like, "IT WOULDN'T BE WORTH IT GUYS FOR SCUM TO DO THAT" fails to realize that, in the way you did it to AVOID people piling on Refa and such, THERE WAS NO RISK? At the greatest height of risks, you pull out a cop who counterclaims. But guess what? That situation benefits scum 10x over than town does, because then someone steps forward with more information/role info. This is partially why I wonder if Via was janitored and had rolled cop. Because then there's no risk of pulling gambits of a fake guilty because there's no risk of someone else calling you out for it with a CC. Also being vague about the entire guilty call also entails/leaves the door open for more wiggle room of what could be considered a guilty read or not. @Refa Sorry, but what? Shading him for a claim he hasn't openly made yet? Okay, but crumbs exist for a reason? If you want to fault me for shading a crumbing/claim, then either tell him not to crumb/claim or otherwise justify to me why town!nori would want to crumb that role (along with the hoot-hoot flavor from what I could see)? And it's cool. It's never been my goal in life to be read positively in-thread by scum, so it's all good. :) Just be gentle if you end up shooting me next night phase in spite. Anyways, working on my next post comin' up. Spilled some drink around my keyboard but luckily it appears to be out of harm's way! :D
  14. Sorry for lapse in posting. Was assisting Shinori in cooking foods 'cause he has to be up tomorrow morning early for work, so foods needed to get done. Will get my other posts up in a bit after eating.
  15. ...Have you read ANYTHING that I posted so far today/tonight? I don't... even... what????
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