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  1. Gotta love how BBM has trouble quitting mafia even after actually quitting mafia.
  2. Vhaltz

    No Effort Mafia - Day 5

    Hey guys I don't remember how to play mafia so I guess this is perfect /in roll random preferences idk
  3. Sorry I was just putting it out there for a later date, I had 3 exams today to prepare for :V I can play at some point tomorrow evening/night if you're around for it, I should be home sometime between 6 and 7pm
  4. Hey there guys, recently got a Wii U so I can finally play decent smash without being confined to 3DS If anybody in the Europe area wants to add me and play some games sometime, my NNID is just Vhaltz
  5. Just here to draw attention to Mitsuki's amazing signature
  6. /in as a hydra with Kaoz and Mitsuki, but Kaoz won't post and I will probably not even read the game. Feel free to deny the request if you don't want any hydras in the game, though.
  7. Yes, but... the context was everything in this case. With flavor as stupid as we made up for this game and how odd some of the flipped roles were (Jack of all functional vanillas), one vanilla town specifically called "Batvanilla townie" in flavor is wacky enough to seem believable.
  8. So in order to not let Baldrick ruin the game for everybody else for no reason, we decided that the best way to keep the game relatively unscathed is to consider Baldrick's flip as the D5 lynch. His role is as copy/pasted above. It is now night 5. Send in your actions in the next 24 hours! Expect day phases to get shorter from now on by the way, probably 48 hours unless a significant amount of players complain that they want 72 hour phases instead.
  9. Baldrick is also banned from playing any future games I host. You should honestly not play mafia if you're going to be a jerk to literally everybody as soon as something that you don't like comes up or things aren't handled the way you would want to. It's our game and we run it however we want to, take your salty complaints over trivial matters elsewhere.
  10. Fixed an error in night action results. Sorry about that.
  11. You all wake up to a gruesome scene. The BATKID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is DEAD!!!!! Rip. I'm sure if Proto were still alive he would be flaking right around now. It is now Day 4. There are 72 hours till phase end. With 10 alive it takes 6 to lynch.
  12. So you guys decided to lynch Diego for Batman's wedding! ...woah, that's kind of messed up Not like anybody cared about Batman's wedding anyways, happy thanksgiving! It is now Night 1. Send in your actions within the next 23 hours!
  13. Sniper Knight replaces in for The3rdCorinthian
  14. So only 3 people left to confirm: Splodge, Sniper Knight and Flamesrule We've contacted some other players just in case somebody doesn't have the time to play anymore or they just outright don't appear. The game should be starting soon one way or the other.
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