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  1. Hi do the project Fire Emblem Path of A new World is under working or is abandoned?

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late, my Internet connection had a problem)

  3. So, uh, sorry if I took too long to answer, but thanks for the replies! Anyways, Yes, you'll need a coin to use the cards, just like radiant dawn. Basically, the color change will only change the icon. Well, the animation does look good! The video in general has some awesome animations, it's a shame that you lost it, though... why don't you get a secretary
  4. Oh my, has it been one month already since I last posted? A very late Happy New Year for you all! Anyways, I'm sorry if I took this long to update things here, but I did finish the forge system in the meantime! It's actually a little different from awakening's forge, since you can forge things from the shop(which I called forge) or from your inventory (which I called reforge). Now it has the color control, and the background is much less broken, I suppose. Thunder! yay? Oh, I also made a card system! Drawing the cards was kind of fun, but it's kind of included in the list of why I took so long to post something here >_> the list also includes maplestory and pokemon The card system is also just as "rigged" as Radiant Dawn's xD Uh... 2nd method you listed? Differences in movement penalities does sounds good, though. What is this I don't even-
  5. Oh! Great idea! It also fixes the possibility of the player inputting a name that is bigger than the name space... Sword/lance phantoms? Sounds good for me. I think that javelins that magically comes back to you after you shoot them are much more implausible Uh... anyways, according to a little research I made, it is possible to do so, but yeah, it's pretty hard. Chances are that I won't add it, though. But I do have to find a way to differenciate them from nomad troopers. I'm not sure if their niche as bowkillers is enough?
  6. Whoa, lots of answers! Thanks for the cheers, haha. @deranger: Well, I'm using the Shop Window 'skeleton', so it wasn't too hard to implement it, but it needed quite a bit of coding too. @ShinyPichu: Adding a color changer is a good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I'll probably only add the color change to icons since it would be too much of a hassle, as explained by Thor. Changing the icon color was specially easy, though, RPG Maker has already a hue-changing function after all, haha. @Klok: Oh, the cards are also a good idea, I'll think on a way to put that. @Alfred Kamon: Hm... That's a good point on summoners. The problem about defending is that the summoner won't be able to move while defending, so if the enemy is 3 tiles away, you probably won't be able to hit it. Plus, he can't choose when to deactivate (unless you make the phantom attack something it shouldn't), even if it goes away after 3 turns. You also can't attack in the turn you start defending, since you will be using the command instead of other things. But I guess it may be a little broken, I'm not sure, but some decrease in speed would make sense... The summoner is stuck in the place after all, haha. Oh, and yeah, I'll be releasing it after I'm done! Anyways, how many colors do you think it's good enough? I've put 36 of them, including the original one, each of them with a little hue change, but I'm not sure if it's too much/enough? Related question: How many characters do you think it's good enough for renaming?
  7. ^Well, I liked the layered apparence too! But I guess I'll make options so whoever is editing fexp can choose? Anyways, I'm in the middle of the final exams 'week', so I haven't got much time to do FEXP things lately, but I did manage to put together a mockup of something I intend to do. (This is only a mockup so please ignore the broken background and the wrong vendor) So, any thoughts on that?
  8. ^I meant riding instead of ring, thanks for pointing out! Oh, I didn't know that halving stats were even a thing, haha. I mean, I did read the article on capturing on the wiki, but somehow that I didn't get that. I suppose I mistaked that with the rescue thing. But yes, it does halve all main stats during a capture! Lck don't get affected, though... and bonus effects don't get affected either, so some team support get really helpful in these cases. And yeah... I guess that removing for now it's the best to do... I made/edited a little animation to replace that, though. It isn't supposed to loop, but it loops quite well, haha
  9. Hm... I didn't think of that, but that's a good point! I'm sorry for that. However, I do think that "Whether or not he's going to make it public in FEXNA later" is relevant, since even if he doesn't let me use the sprites, by knowing if he'll make it public later(or not), I'd know that I'll be able to use the sprites later(or not). (And, just pointing it out, I didn't went though a video taking screens, it wouldn't be good enough, I took the screenshots from the FE7x demo, again, I know it's not yout point, just pointing it out).
  10. @Mercenary Lord: Well, if you want to make sprites, you can make... people (assassin, ranger) with crossbows, I guess? @bwdYeti: Uh... but can I use it? I mean, you'll later make it public for FEXNA... won't you? @klok: oh, uh, I'm... sorry >_> But anyways, here we are with the (kind of) NCFC Friday Update! This time, I'll cover... Command Skills! First of all, here is one skill from Sacred Stones, summoning! Excuse me for using a druid instead of an actual summoner. But anyways, you can set a different summon for diffrent characters or classes, but each one will be able to summon only once until the summon get killed. I still have to get the skill effect, though. Phantoms fly so they have some quite great range. Even if they can't summon after they have already a summon, summoners can also do more things if they already have summoned something! Specifically, they can defend! Defending will increase 10 def and 5 res, but will make the druid immobile unless 3 turns pass or if the summon get killed. (Does the color look better now?) You'll have to remember that if the phantom get killed, you'll lose the bonus, which could get you in nasty situations. ------------------------------ Now, the next skill I'll talk about is... the Rally skill! Rally skills, just as in Awakening, will give stats to all allied units in 3 tiles nearby for one turn. In this case, Bravesa used Rally Power, so the Phantom got +4 power. (The +2 in movement is due to the fact they fly) The skills don't stack with themselves, so two Rally defenses won't increase +8 def, but if you get something like Rally Spectrum, the defense bonus will stack! ------------------------------ Next... I'll talk about shoving! don't shove me, though Shove works like in Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance, pushing a unit one tile, although I didn't find the sound effect >_> Right now, you can only shove allied units. Shoving will push a unit if the con is lower, allowing you to make some tactics. It also will make the shoved unit wake up faster of a sleeping, but that's fairly obscure. There is also Smite, which will push 2 tiles instead, but there is also a option in the editor that allows you to change that to more, in this case, you'll be pushed up to a tile you can be pushed. ------------------------------ Finally... The last skills I'll be talking about... ... Remember when I said that making a Capture skill would be difficult? GUESS WHAT I DID ^-^ For those who don't know about the skill (I mean, it's from a game that didn't even got launched outside of Japan!(I think?)), if you use that command and defeat the enemy, you will capture that enemy! The command is "skill-based", but there is a flag that makes everyone have that. You can use it only if your con is greater than the one you are trying to capture. But if you are riding a horse/pegasus/wyvern this rule won't apply and you'll be able to capture anyways. A captured unit won't be able to do anything, and if you drop him/her/it, the captured unit will die! However, while someone is holding a captured unit, the captor will be able to raid the captured inventory! (I still have to work on that generic face, though) Be weary, though! In addition to the normal rescue effects, this is it, losing half of your skl and spd, if you are capturing a unit, you will also lose half of your defense and resistence! ... And that concludes the NCFC special week! Thanks for viewing, though! edit: forgot putting information about shoving
  11. ^Well, warriors have 29 cap Str and snipers have 25, which is already more str than the heaviest of the crossbows, but str helping to mitigate a weapon's weight seems like a good idea! I'll try to add modes on the way to calcuate AS. The skill/str thing is more a balance thing than anything else, but I guess that it takes strentgh to aim that thing and it needs skill to hit somewhere important? Hm... adding crossbow to more classes would be nice, but I'd need lots of sprites and I'm lazy about that xD About the rangers, I made rangers more like awakening's bow knight, as they are faster than paladins (but slower than Nomad Troopers), and they are also good archer killers since they get Bowbreaker, so they a little more than alternative troopers... Anticipation, as in that skill that lets N. Troopers change weapons as they get attacked? I don't think a have it now, but yeah, it may make short bows less useful, but other classes can still use those! But augh, sorry, but my internet stopped working right before I was going to post the update >_> So, behold, the... Thursday Update? Today's update will cover... Dancers! Even if it may not fit everyone's styles, it does fit mine, so I felt that it a big hole in FEXP, so I added it! As it should, dancers do refresh units, allowing them to move again... but they also have some added bonus! Though the game, you may find some "rings", when in a character inventory, those rings increase a little of a character's stat! Depending of the kind of the ring, if increase different stats: Enki's Might: +Str/Mag Sinann's Exert: +Skl Enlil's Storm: +Spd Freya's Litany: +Lck Nils' Ballad: +Def Ninian's Grace: +Res There's also a seventh ring! Inari's Soothe, which recovers 10 HP at the start of each turn. ... But you may ask: what those have to do with dancers? Those rings improve the dancer's performace, this is it, if the dancer(or a bard?) dances to an unit while having one of those rings, the effect will be transferred for one turn! (albeirt a little weakened) So if you manage to get all rings and give to your dancer, you may get something like this after a dance! Oh, the bonus won't stack with the rings effect, so if you try to give the ring after giving the effect, it won't be much of a difference. And that's not all the dancers can do! After a certain level, the dancer will be able to peform a special dance! Those dances are different from 'normal' dances and have a separated command for them. Special Dances don't carry off effects from rings, but they do give some extra stats by themselves! Kinda like Awakening's special dances, they'll give you +3 Str/Mag, +3 Def and +3 Res! Plus, the special dance effects do stack with rings, so you can go with +6 on those stats in this way.
  12. Ohhh, that victory scene looks neat! But I think the dragon's tail looks... weird? And sometimes I mistake the "S" letter as part of the dragon :x
  13. ^Haha, I got those in the old-fashioned way xp, I mean, like printing the screen and hoping to get a new frame? Um... Is that a problem? And oh, that that bonds thing makes sense, but now I'm using it like Radiant Dawn bonds >_> @fuzz94: Oh, I didn't see that project before, nice to know other FEXP games @klokinator(?): Uh... wasn't the save system there already(even if it had only 1 save)? But I'll work on those things. Anyways, to the late Wednesday update! Wednesday Update! So, today's update will cover... Bows/Archers! Archers are odd thing, since they can't attack at close range, so here's what I did. First of all, I put the option to add the bows to the weapon triangle! Well, kinda. Just like in yeti's game, this option gives bows weapon advantage when attacking from afar, but they get weapon disadvantage if they are attacking from close-range! Note that I said that I put the option. I'm saying that because even though there is the option, I'm not sure if I should use it. (but yeah, the player can't touch this option) In addition to that, I basically split bows in some types. There are Normal Bows, Short Bows, Long Bows and Crossbows! - Normal bows: They are the average thing with range 2 only, so they aren't that interesting, right? Well, not quite! Even though they do have a somewhat limited range, there are a greater variety of effects when comparing to the other types. one example of that is the Slack Bow shown in the image above. It may have lower mgt than the Iron Bow, but its true force lies in its special effect. When using the Slack Bow, if you don't move before attacking, the damage will increase in 6! - Short Bows: Bows with generally with low mgt, above average crit, average weight and hit rates... And 1~2 range! It will however lose hit if you are attacking at close range. They are, however, really rare (there's like... Two of them?). Before I put the bows-in-weapon-triangle option, the hit lose was of 30, turning a trusty 90% hit into a solid-but-RNG-may-screw-you 60% hit rate, but... I'm not sure about that either. - Long Bows: Bows with a 2~3 Range, more... Legendary bows may have range 2~4. They have average mgt, low hit, a little heavy and mostly without crit bonuses. There is some variety on Long Bows. - Crossbows: "Bows" with Range 1~2, they have a high might, they are really really heavy, a great hit rate, don't lose anything when at close-range, but they have modified damage and hit rate formulas: - The damage, instead of (Mgt + Str), will be (Mgt + [skl/2]) - The hit rate, instead of (Skl*2), will be (Skl + Str) Only Snipers and Warriors use crossbows, so they are a odd case when Snipers hit harder but warriors are faster with it >_> They is also some variety in crossbow. I'm using Radiant Dawn's crossbows, but I added effects to a couple of them (Taksh is kinda like the killer crossbow ) Noting that: Mgt = Might, the base damage of the weapon. Str = Strength, the strenght stat of the user. Skl = The skill stat, but this one is more obvious, but anyways... Finally, I had the idea of limitating each type to some classes (everyone can use normal bows): Archers: Short, Long bows Nomad: Short, Long bows Sniper: Short, Long, Cross bows Nomad Trooper: Short, Long bows Assassin: Long bows Warrior: Crossbows Ranger: Short bows (And maybe crossbows?) Again, I'm not entirely sure about that, so... What do you think about that? That aside, here's another video! This time, I'm showing some things from tuesday... and some other things.
  14. Tuesday Update! Today's update will focus on some little differences from the original FEXP engine. As you may know, the game is made using FEXP, but there are some differences to the original one from Yeti! First of all, the preparation screen. While incomplete in FEXP (it had only the screen image itself...?), the system was mostly completed, and slightly modified. Now you can see 'base conversations', which means more character development and items! You also can buy items before the match even starts, which is good, unless you don't have gold like I didn't. xD Also, the interface was slightly updated. Now there is space for one more skill! Having space only for 4 skills was annoying me >_> There are also many new skills to work with. Ephraim is there mostly to exemplify this. Now there's actually space for more that one bond! Also, the effect is shown below the screen. When a character by something that decreases a stat, the effect is shown! (Does that even happen in the original games?) There is also three saves to work with! Not only that, but also you can use Map Saves, so there's a total of 6 saves to use! (although I may increase that...?) Finally, here's a teaser! It's also a showcase of one of the most epic healing ever, lol
  15. Monday Update! So it starts. Our NCFC 2013 Booth is now underway! Our first update introduces you to the main Wayfarers characters. Please take a seat and say hello. They won’t bite! I... hope. [spoiler=Characters]Wayfarers Alex Is the youngest of the three orphans, yet tecnically the leader of the Wayfarers. Sees the world differently from most, which increases his skills both as a painter and as a leader. Decided to learn the ways of magic, he studied for years. It is unknown how, but he managed to fuse his skills as a painter with his skills as a mage, creating unique and powerful magics. A really kind person, dislikes violence and discord of any degree, and because of that, some people sees him as a coward, but he shows courage when needed. Disapproves Gahst thivery and Bravesa pleasure of fighting. Gahst Very swift and skilled thief, he is a natural tactican and strategist beacause of his observation skills. Started taking advantage of his nimble hands and mind at a young age, stealing food and money to survive in his little town, where he used to live only with his brothers Bravesa and Alex. Their parents died when they were kids. Pays attention to details which most don't see, and likes to point errors from the other, but because of that is seen as grumpy, even though he has the intention of helping. Gave up of thievery years ago, when Mikhail saved his town (and consequently, his brothers). Bravesa Lived as a mercenary to help his brothers since twelve, when his parents died. Learned the way of the axe-fighting with his father. Extremely strong warrior, really enjoys fighting. He isn't exactly dumb, but he doen't think though things too well. Stopped his life as a mercenary and was turned into an actual soldier when Mikhail saved he and his brothers from a bandit raid. Is the best friend and rival of Eddy. Constantly discusses with Angelina due to his "dumb muscle" demeanor. Eddy (Eduardo) Used to live in a village with his childhood bestfriend, Lenna, in Algard. When she got sick, he started to work for the army to get some money for medicine. Fought against Trames until he met Mikhail. That encounter changed his mind and brought him to the side of Trames. Has very strong ideals, willing to die and go back from hell for them Is very competitive, especially when it comes to Bravesa, with whom he has a friendly rivalry. Denas Joined Mikhail's army due to what he describes as a "moral debt", even though he says nothing more. It is rumored that he is the lost son of a noble house of Salfare, the Country of Shifting Dunes. A master swordsman, extremely skillful with the blade, but enigmatic and sarcastic. Has a unique (and sometimes horrible) sense of humor. Seeks to be the greatest swordsmith ever to have lived. A good friend of Eusine, somewhat of a friend to Gahst. Eusine A quircky archer who'd rather be called "eccentric", but of unmatched skill with the bow. He lived in a treehouse in the middle of a forest, and after being helped by Mikhail to save Dino, his pet, from enemies who had kidnapped it, he joined his army. Wants do find de recipe of the Tapioca with Cheese, which seems to be truly lost as no one knows what that is. A good friend of Alex and Denas. Angelina A gifted cleric that likes to complain, and because of that was branded as "annoying" within the Wayfarers, even if it is only a in-joke. Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside. Has deep sorrow of never having true friends while young. Is a good friend of Alex, discusses a lot with Bravesa, due to his "dumb muscle" manneirisms.
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