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  1. And that's World 1, cleared Perfect. Rabbid Kong took 8 turns due to bad crit luck I'd argue, only managed to 1-turn the first phase of him once the bananas were down. That besides, map was fun, if a bit annoying with the wave pushback the boss gets.
  2. Shit that escalated quickly. Let's hope things improve. For the guilt though, if it was spreading and they were concerned enough to bring you in in America, then they're worried too. Don't let that get to you. She really could tell huh? 😛 Haven't made much of a try yet, want to ask does the map just respawn enemies every time I kill one or will it add more over time? Asking because that'll determine if I just leave the early ziggies be to focus on the goal.
  3. It's starting to look like a brick wall because my party is in pain. I don't want to restart the chapter just to have more HP. Edit: got over it, now for Rabbid Kong, which is amazing that they just let.... exist.
  4. Why does Mario + Rabbids have ambush spawns? Why are Smashers allowed to ambush you?
  5. Well he had the class unlocked in 3H, don't ask me why. Luigi gets up to three shots for it, I want them already. I'd cross that out myself, but hey I'm seeing all the antics that they put in the world map so things are going on in it. You say that now...... *Evil Rabbid cackles in the distance Did they expressly say that that was a response to people complaining about the weapon nigh anarchism of 3H? One of 3H's best points, wasted!
  6. I mean, game good. Getting a burn to force an enemy into another shot is satisfying, being able to slide and then team jump looks like it should be very useful (shame you can't do it the other way around, could really break things with that as an option). Still early on myself, but I can see the appeal already. It's just a shame that when the Rabbids are the focus it ends up being lolrandum in the worst kinds of ways. And because they're the catalyst for the whole game they're integral to the whole thing. The other negative I'm getting brought down so far by is the very backtracky layout of the world maps, I can already see this being a major slog on the game. I know they had Grant Kirkhope for music but did they get map designers from Yooka-Leelee involved?
  7. First I thought Hero Sight was increased accuracy on enemies. I was wrong and the results have been beautiful.
  8. He has that class unlocked when you join him in 3H, he has Lances as one of his boons, wyvern rider isn't unlocked immediately in 3C, it probably allows him to wield the Lance of Chihol unlike Wyvern (which I'm betting is axe locked though I could be wrong, I haven't played near that far (or can I bet because I didn't purchase the game at this stage)). Also trying Mario+Rabbids on game trial. The Rabbids are the biggest negative so far.
  9. Hope you recover, this seems to be having a significant effect on you as it stands. The eczema isn't a good sign regardless as it could be related, or it's from some other problem. But yeah, I feel ya with lotions. Having to amputate would be a big escalation, but then again you won't know for sure until you have to go I suppose. I get why the sedate approach is happening if it's like that so far. I'd expect that would all help at least. I suspected, just wanted to confirm.
  10. >Calling stops Well that's a shame. Does it just always do that, even after resetting?
  11. I see the old method for games of the solution to a problem being in the manual has found a successor. Wouldn't be surprised I'd heard of something like this before.
  12. This is the kind of argument people could have been making, but all the arguments I got was for the edge 😛 How so?
  13. TLP spoilers: Right after you do this, you see Arianrhod burn. Coincidence?
  14. Okay, so it wasn't just 10 minutes long. Imagine someone took the idea of those games where you have a time limit to finish and instead made it so that it was a game about someone's last hour and how they spent that time impacted the ending they got.
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