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  1. I dunno, WL!Ashe is plenty useful, him and Cyril are appreciated as bow users who make sense as fliers and Ashe has Deadeye. I can see people bringing up his strength, but that range alongside some strength boosting classes can make him more than capable. Ingrid has been busted for me in like three runs, though outside BL I had her after she'd gotten that class. She is a pretty decent soldier by my experience actually (never had any trouble with her, but she's got some people who can tank better around too) and when you get her to pegasus she starts rolling onward to being busted. Even going Paladin after 20 didn't stop her (She got Falcoknight afterwards of course). Ingrid is to me a great unit, I forced myself not to recruit her in SS. Calling Setsuna bad is easy. Realising she's still better than half of the retainers and a bunch of other allies and actually capable of being a speedy bow that can out speed Takumi should be more widespread. I will still use Rebecca because she's early and at least isn't poor Wil. Halvan's considered bad now, I don't get it. Sure he's no Osian, but he's still good. Lena's a bad combat unit?
  2. Hi I'm Daysi. So look, I could have used them if I decided to grind them off the Izuka map. I could actually test that right now if I wanted to put hours in. Somehow, I do not. Plus I had a godly Boyd and bows weren't that important in that first run. Also to be fair, I think of the nobles only Caineghis and Tibarn fought Dheginsea. You know what, I'll give you some 3H gimmies (Happens to be a spoiler in the second image, so yeah). (This is handheld, but still. The first is me just taking advantage of monastery horses having noclip and the other is an example of the model going a bit haywire. Considering Koei Tecmo look to have done that stuff I can pin it on them.) The twist will be he doesn't have the ability to deal with anything else. I mean, Derrick could go ".... ... ......" and then Adel could go CHARGE KAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ...................... That is cryptic. You can put blame on yourself, but why would Krishna not leave the way he came? Also, I need no reminders of how my postgrad went. I have not been able to convince myself to write code since. Which is a shame because I've been having some idea towards actually working on a pipe dream. Don't say that, Axel's now in danger. Well fuck, thief on a horse sounded impractical and neat. Come to think of it, is this where Krishna's clone went to, only to have a family and her descendant shared her name? Come on then, you pansy. This update in two images. RIP Nima, I have to respect his moxie and how he held you up. Honestly? You seem like you'd prefer luck. #Justberwickthings
  3. Healbot has been there for longer than most, right? Good job. He's not Canopus, but at least we can be glad he healed. So my finding poor Andoras to be squid-like could have been building up to this? Awkward I forgot him too! Well, good for them. 1000 years is pretty impressive. It held for multiple thousands. So more impressive. Good job Valeria, you lasted many multiples longer than Valyria. And with I presume way less slavery, incest and sacrifice.
  4. The bond skill banner has units I'd rather pull for other fodder. 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 3* Mordecai (Shoo kitty. +Spd/-Res) Meanwhile, Mila. 3 Red, 2 Blue (0/10) 4* Stahl (I have never been so relieved to see him at 4*. Neutral)
  5. Dangit best lancer's banner. See if you can get Marcia to work, I feel like the one person who always got bad levels from her.
  6. His death results in you not having Lugh, which makes early game BB harder, and Raigh, which means you end up with Hugh still having his tome and not using it, which causes Niime to be unavailable as she chases him, forcing you to use Sophia. I got Ike to fight his friends.
  7. A weekly revival where I've only gotten one of the units. It's still a bit snooze. 3 Red, 1 each Green, Colourless 3* Python (I've seen worse. +HP/-Atk) Meanwhile, Mila's Turnwheel doesn't work for summoning sadly. 3 Green, 1 each Blue, Colourless (Way more like it. I wish I'd gotten this many greens in the fallen banner.) 3* Norne (Nice. +Res/-HP, Norne +3.), 4* Echidna (Is Heroes.... giving me what I want? Weird, but I ain't complaining so that's good. +HP/-Def), 4* Echidna (AAAAAAA That's 2 more for my project! +Def/-Spd), 3* Cherche (If I wanted to make a +10 this wouldn't be a problem. +Spd/-Atk) 9%, but hey two Echidnas is always welcome.
  8. I see we have a prequel fan here to start. Now, I'm going to be honest and as someone who was growing up during the prequels, I have not had an epiphany that they're actually amazing. Hell, I would argue they have the opposite problem of being overplanned by one person and having no conflicting voices in planning whereas the sequels had no intermovie planning and the movies straight up contradicting each other. Also not seen Rouge one (I do want to see it and Mandalorian though.) and my experience with the non-movie material is like some of Clone Wars, the PS1 Phantom Menace game, a few rounds of OG Battlefront 2 and a bunch of magazines going into great detail about the legacy stuff that sounded cool even as young as I was. Mara Jade absolutely should have been considered too. I: 3 (It's kinda empty honestly alongside the usual criticisms. Duel of Fates is probably 1 point on its own though.) II: 2.5 (Darth Jar Jar might have been actually interesting and if Lucas pulled out we'll never know. I hated this thing at the time and I still stand firmly that this is the worst written script. The slapstick got too out of hand, the movie would have benefited from from rewrites in pretty much all of Anakin's parts and the CIS are a void in terms of opposition.) III: 5 (The fact it actually paid off some of the stuff from the other two is why it's actually legit decent. Having to try to keep the prequels above water should probably be sufficient for a higher grade honestly but it still ain't perfect and I couldn't let myself rest if I ranked it higher than all the sequels. Definitely a saviour of the PT.) Solo: 6.5 (If it didn't feel a teensy bit contradictory at points and handled the friend so that it didn't feel like sequel bait I'd probably like this a bit more. Also not enough scoundrel Han.) IV: 8 (It may be a bit pulpy, but it still handles itself really well and gets to set the direction of the others.) V: 8.5 (What can I say, by far the most solid of the lot. No real bum notes, JEJ gives a classic reveal and it does feel intergalactic.) VI: 7.5 (It's not that bad, really! Bit goofy, but with the others I feel we should appreciate that. The characters feel right, the sense that there's a chance of snatching defeat makes the climax all the more tense and the Ewoks weren't awful.) VII: 6 (I feel this will be considered the most generic in the long run. Jakku was a poor choice of starting point for Rey. Also Han's straight up wasted and I wish some of the elements here were better used (TR-8R getting bodied. Poor form.)) VIII: 5.5 (Honestly in hindsight a lot of interesting ideas but oh man some of the execution is just disappointing (See: Rose and Finn's arcs (Especially the end), Poe's was close to on point but crashed and the reasoning for Luke's trauma needed to be clearer. I stand by Rey and Kylo here though). Good thing the next thing I saw from Rian was Knives Out (Easily > 9/10)) IX: 4.5 (If I didn't like some of the moments this would be likely lower. Seriously the use of Palpatine was a giant cop-out that prevents an actual better movie from VIII's ending and its actual ending.... It is clear just how unplanned it all was and I saw this the day of release and got great buzz discussing the issues I had. Rather telling that I feel as a movie it could be worse but as a sequel it is a travesty how much mishandling happened with the ST and it all comes to a crescendo here.) @Dark Holy ElfI will say watch it, even as an understanding of why Disney should have gone for planning the thing as a whole rather than whatever they were thinking originally.
  9. The Mother wants to assert dominance with her T-Pose. What is your response? Normal and Hard cleared with low HM units, Lunatic cleared with L!Alm, B!Alm and Celicalm with Danckut support. Infernal I ended up following PheonixMaster's general solution with Altina but it was slightly different due to the skill list I had.
  10. Askrtrio and Fjorm did a good job, while the armours were Hector alts (Not legendary) and Chrilia All cleared first try, telling how easy this was.
  11. So, I hope the goddess doesn't leave me too many Reds and Blues. 3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue (Where's that Green?) 4* Legault (It's something. Not Kronya though. +Spd/-Def), 4* Virion (The Bizarro of archers. +Res/-HP, especially with that statline.), 4* Norne (Another one for the merge! +Def/-Res) 8.5%
  12. Yarne charges in and crits you. I gave Makalov the armoury money and left him go and deal with the order.
  13. Okay so it wasn't an oversight. I would have found it hilarious if it was, but hey it makes sense. Minas: actually a minotaur broken out of Knossos? I had forgotten there was that many. Because again, Neph Neph mothafucka. I didn't even have the transfer bonus, this was all from RD itself. Also Boyd, Nailah and Ike I guess, it's not like others weren't helpful, just I know those were on the stairs in particular. That sucks to hear, I swear I didn't expect her to work out so well twice but she did and I stand by her being more than useable. And as for Dheginsea, I went with the royals as it was my first time and it would be easier to use what I knew would work, because Dheginsea is fucking wild and I didn't know how much so before going in. I don't know who else you used, but the unit who did the most damage in one hit for me was Ilyana at 20. Maybe do what the big brain people do and get a wyrmslayer blessed. I obviously don't think he's 1:1 for a second. I mean that I could see somebody taking some of the negative traits while thinking about a character. Then taking that prototype and tinkering further........ And then proceeding to not give Makalov a single positive trait. I will walk back the idea that it was halfway direct, but I could see someone's character planning linking one to the other. And I think if 8-4 didn't do the localisation we might have been doomed to a worse writing of him for SD that leaned him closer to the worst character not named Anankos. I was just clarifying the fact that for some reason we drink more tea per capita. As for potatoes, it depends personally. I'm not exactly a man for the boiled spud and as it turns out some types of spud are not my thing. So it's half an unused portrait. It made me think of this Arnold: He's wearing black armour, so I thought of a different Black Knight. No, it's not FE at all. But if you get it it'll make sense. Hopefully up to a certain point. I mean, is he wrong? Reese needs aloe vera after that. Similar to myself after yesterday, only I didn't get burned by the guy Roswick calls disappointment. I mean, he didn't say he wouldn't make Marcel one of his knights. Very specific wording I suppose. Again, please delete. He had his title stripped as punishments so Reese had to regive it. And you complained about 3H clipping. /s Perfect. Exactly what I want to see. So much misery in one place! We have our smiling Runan and it's somehow worse. What about anybody who'd been with Vanmillion and died before Reese's ponces arrived? Even if I don't use it...... Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Japan, you got problems. I mean, she really didn't look like mid teens. That being said, I couldn't put it past him and that's bad. This is why we must protec wamen. There's condescending and then there's that. I'm out. Reese you imbecile, what have you done? TIANNA THREE YEARS IS NOT THE TERRIFYING PART HE CAUGHT SYLVIS'S ARROW IN MID AIR. Maybe she was supposed to only be hireable from here at some point, then they realised they needed another way to cripple enemies so changed their mind and had her be available after the first chapter. He could have just come back to tell him the amount he got now. 100,000 denarii is huge and I doubt your army will have that much. I know that's not the actual reason, but sometimes you might as well make a hypothesis.
  14. I really want to hope that I have a good session. Two circles at most for now? 3 Red, 1 each Blue, Colourless 4* Kagero (Ugh, newer units please. +Spd/-Atk), 3* Cain (It's a WoM. +HP/-Def), 3* Tiki (Bah(nfire). +Def/-Spd), 4* Athena (Moonbowow. +Atk/-HP) 3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Green 3* Bartre (*sigh. +Def/-Atk), 5* Lif (RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- ONLY WANT ONE FUTURE ONLY WANT ONE WORLD ONE NEED ONE MYTHIC COULD THIS BE IT- Okay, there's a bunch I'd like but yes this is one. +Atk/-HP, I am happy about that), 4* Saizo (Just no. +Atk/-HP), 3* Rebecca (*sigh. +HP/-Spd), 3* Rebecca (Tanya pls. +HP/-Def) That's not a bad start. I can technically ignore Red too which is nice.
  15. True, true, I'd forgotten he technically counted too.
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