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  1. Just some ending things in here. Travelling Round Sacae: They did confirm he has some voice in it didn't they?
  2. Hold on, so he's still got the site. It's talking about VS while also having these detailed posts about BS and TRS. And we're not 1000% certain this is Kaga because? (Also apparently he thinks Star Wars The Clone Wars is a great watch for war stories and is pro-dub for this at least) The new age begins.
  3. Seems elaborate for an archer's bracer, but if you look at the larger image this is cropped from (And you can kinda see the left arm of in this image) it looks like it's a bracer that's part of the forearm glove. Edit: In that pic, it looks like she has a cyborg forrearm
  4. It was on a since dead website which was Kaga's blog?, archive link to the post here. I'm curious if someone's gone through the full site yet? Some interesting stuff including ideas for a TRS sequel.
  5. Alright, let's get the full body artworks. Linking to the image pages on the non-fandom wiki for if the images don't load for people. Just giving brief thoughts, pointing these out. I'll admit, I'm writing these late and I'm not used to doing this, so some of what I'm saying could be comparable to excrement. That' certainly one way to do it. Maybe so, but that doesn't help those who happen to be working under the constant overworker. I still can't believe Monolith Soft came out of a country stereotyped as overworkers to the point of harming themselves. (Also I had a whole Rant in my unit description for Mintz at you, go back there!) It's very FE like. Kaga (the series creator) was also behind this, Berwick and Vestaria Saga. Terring is definitely the closest to FE of those though.
  6. Zoran still the Fates GOAT. So, with the game done, thought I'd give some unit comments and talk about the official artwork because why not? Well, just the stats in this post, so long as is. Triumph Requires Soldiers: So the event's as useless as Ruka is. Good to know I'm missing nothing. I mean, the balance definitely sounds like it's a bit okay with stretching those working on the titles and going too far on that is a risky play that can make the game worse for the very people who are supposed to then play the finished title. Could be an issue of him being in the director's chair for such a long time that those considerations have been blurred for him, which is unfortunate. Oh hey, that's good. Completely unrelated to FE. The GB games were FF Adventure (the first game in the Mana series (Secret and Trials)) and FF Legend (the SaGa games as you mentioned). Bit late there, sorry. This gave Leo further shock She just falls with style back onto her Negasus
  7. Somebody should make an extended video with all the versions and parodies strung together. Terror Rising Soon
  8. Heavily Armoured General Man: AHAHAHHHA, FOOLS! Watch as your pitiful weapons slide off my impenetrable armour! No man can best me! Some kid with a book: Minimised with a Spd pair, but yeah I get it. I tend to try to avoid him being in that guy's range if I'm using him for that. Hopefully he still goes for Xander but if not it's not the end of the world.
  9. Truly, Runan Smiles I mean, with that guy I'd still have to reconsider Xander there.
  10. I'd make use of probably 75% in that move specifically, but that's particularly with Being split across both would probably require more DV users and I can't give First Blood to generics because IS hates me. When I'm going for Yukimura I'd like to be out in 2-3 turns including the dust so that's not much of an issue. It does mean I don't kill Subaki. Of course I knew it was a thing, hence why I mentioned it. Wait, temporary airports? There's also weighing the chances of luck being on your side and an unfavourable combat could work out in you favour (especially if you're Nell), or how it makes any enemy phase one where you have to mindful of where they could come out of in FoW. It encourages more offence, alongside considering how to use your resources more without it being like "Don't lose your 30K train!" Personal weapon with despoil gem drops? @Imperator Squilla What. That's pretty out there.
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