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  1. Thank you. I've been trying to beat this chapter without exceeding the exp and keeping everyone alive. Needless to say I have been failing.
  2. I'm about to test this myself. I just so happen to have a file at Chapter 23. Here's what I am going to do. I am going to collect 600 exp while making sure that I would've gained 700 in normal mode. If I go on to chapter 23x than I suppose we can assume this is correct. I'll get back to y'all shortly. Edit-Could Merlinus leveling up possibly count? Edit 2-This is going to take a bit >_>
  3. I think this happens from hard mode cutting into your exp gain. It probably calculates the chapter requirements with normal mode exp equations instead of the hard mode ones. So it's not based on the exp gained but the assumed exp gained.
  4. oh snap. that's interesting. now i want to check, but i don't have anything to check with so yea... pointless comment. carry on.
  5. I think you should just go for it. The advice given here is good. Honestly the game is not too hard and you can always find ways to get around problems that may arise. I don't think you should be looking to trivialise the game, because then you aren't testing yourself or getting better at the game, you are just copying easy to play strategies. Play as if you were playing any other mode except use less units. Using too many units is the easiest way to get stuck in the game (or by only using archers and clerics or getting royally rng screwed). If you do want to trivialise the game than just listen to the experts. Don't be afraid to fail or restart though, it's just a game.
  6. Lol. I never noticed that the Hero sprite looks like he's blocking when he dodges. Interesting team as well. Will keep watching.
  7. I like this. Also, find a LTC and add +2/3/5 turns to it and demand that you reach it or beat it (kind of like a score in golf). Also try to A rank at least and yes.
  8. I personally only complain about axe hit rates because yeah. I actually don't "complain", I just happen to think they are low. This is kind of mitigated, because FE6 axe users tend to have high HP and DEF or high SKL. This only hurts LTC I suppose and Gonzo.
  9. Damn they should have made him use lances straight up.
  10. Run and bike up and down hills. Your legs and ass with thank you. Do pull ups, push-ups and other chest and abs workouts that don't require lifting (planks and others). If you do enough pull ups and planking and do it well, you will see rapid definition.
  11. Screw Smash Bros. More thwomp. I like btw.
  12. Cave Story is fun but short. It's really great though.
  13. nice strat. as always. so dope. i wish there were more fire emblem games just so that i could see people ltc them.
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