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  1. I'm fairly indifferent to an avatar being in the game, but I'd rather not have children in this game. I would, however, be happy to see children and inheritance in a hypothetical sequel, using Tellius style data transfers. That would allow them to tell a focused narrative in each game, while still allowing people to play matchmaker, if that's what they're into.
  2. Winter Arden, dressed as Father Christmas, and Sigurd, Alec and Noish as reindeer. As for summer, I'm not so fussed, but Haar, Largo and Rolf with dingy's (Haar's is a wyvern dingy) could be fun...
  3. FE7 Isn't a particularly hard game, especially on normal mode, so just chill and enjoy the ride. Just use who you like, and who get's good levels/works for you. That said, you've picked out a good deal of this games best units. I'd add Priscilla (early mounted heals), Raven, Canas and Lowen (Depending on early levels) to your squad, since most maps offer a fair amount of deployment slots. Pent, Marcus and Hawkeye can all pull double shift, so you don't need to worry too much about the rest of the squad.
  4. Hey all, I was playing FE4 for the first time recently, but had some problems, and have had to restart, so I decided I may as well stream it, and have everyone tell me how bad I'm doing. However, now it's not exactly a blind run for most of the game, I thought I'd make it an Ironman, to keep things interesting. First stream will be going up around 8pm GMT (1hr 40m from this post), and will be stopping at some undetermined point afterwards. Come hang out, watch me suffer and guide me through the nightmare to come. Heres the link (also in the sig.): https://www.twitch.tv/dwarfishh
  5. Had some problems, and had to reset, so I'll be streaming the new file on twitch (Link in my sig.). First stream should be going live around 8pm GMT (around 2 hours from this post) I'll be consulting chat regularly for help, as I'm bad at games, and this game has some serious downtime. Also, It'll be an ironman, to make things even more interesting. Not planning on it currently, but I'll save the vods, and maybe get around to it later.
  6. Should probably update this, since I'm in second gen (Just started chapter 8) now... Final pairs are as follows: Ayra/Lex: Twins are OP, at least for the moment. Lack decent 1-2 range, but will kill anything they're pointed at. Aideen/Midir: Lester is pretty good, Lana is a cleric. Not much else to say. Lachesis/Claud: Thought I'd try it, and I regret it. Nanna is decent, and is a great staff user. Dermott is pretty meh, but will probably be decent if I can get him enough gold for the pursuit band. Sylvia/Alec: Lene is a dancer. That is it... Fury/Azel: Wanted to give Ced a decent magic growth. Haven't met him yet, but Fee is decent with the bolt sword. Briggid/Jamke: Wish I'd given some holy blood to increase Patty's sword rank, but haven't met the archer yet, so maybe he makes up for it. Tiltyu/Lewyn: Arthur is op. Ch.6 Holsety is disgusting. Tinny is fine. This makes up for everything. As an aside, I'm really enjoying my time with this game. If you cut out the busywork/downtime created by the map size, it might actually be my favourite. I now see why everyone loves this game so much.
  7. Title says it all. Will be using the names from the translation patch I'm playing, with 1 or 2 exceptions. Apologies for any confusion. I have no clue what I'm doing, with regards to FE4, beyond understanding that pursuit is OP. This is my first playthrough. How poorly did I do? Ayra-Lex (Brave sword) Aideen-Midir (Lazy+plot) Lachesis-Claud (Leftover hold blood?) Sylvia-Alec (Waifus) Fury-Dew (Sol, I guess?) Briggid-Jamke (Archer babies. Archers are great... Right?) Tiltyu-Lewyn (Mages???)
  8. I used to do a lot musical blues/jazz improv... I guess that's kinda similar. Still do when I can, but have moved on to new styles. Actually, I used to do a fair bit of drama, and with that a bit of improv, when I was in primary/secondary school, but stopped when I started getting more serious with music.
  9. Working on a VGC team right now, and it's got a Landorus-T called Billy D. Someone else probably has one with that name too, but I'm still proud.
  10. I like the depth and it adds, and how it rewards planning ahead. That said, I prefer it when the children aren't from the future, because time travel is rarely well implemented as a plot device, and can border on 'deus ex machina' at points... (Not so much in awakening, but it has the potential to be used as such)
  11. My connection lagged out and I only caught the end. Saw SMTxFE though, and I'm not okay with what they've done to Cain and Chrom...
  12. I assume you mean valkyrie profile: covenant of the Plume (The DS game). Valkyria chronicles is a different game(PS3/PC), although definitely worth a go. Tempted by golden sun and the world ends with you myself, but have yet to pick them up, due to my students budget...
  13. In all fairness, the Legend of Zelda franchise does have several features characteristic of RPGs, most notably the acquisition of new gear/items, as well as the quest/mission structure. The main RPG trope not present is the lack of leveling and statistics (Admittedly, one of the biggest features of the genre). That said, I personally wouldn't class it as an RPG, but I can certainly see why one would.
  14. It does make some sort of sense, being that the Nohr game is the more 'hardcore' experience, and is likely aimed at the more die hard fans as a result, most of which are in the know, and don't really need the game to be pushed much for them to buy it, or are planning on buying both games regardless. Conversely, the Hoshido side seems to be a more 'casual' experience, aimed at people who aren't as well acquainted with the series, and may have never even played a fire emblem game before. Many of these people need the game to recieve a fair push for it to stick in thier memory, and for them to buy it. As a result, the Hoshido side is pushed more, as a sort of gateway to the series in a similar vain to awakening.
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