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  1. Ah I did't backspace enough I think. Tried to delete that sentence so the post did't get to long. I wanted to say that the bravely second demo also had a lot of character interaction from the cast. You had a better idea about Yew, Magnolia and the caveliers. In this demo only Elvis really made a impression.
  2. Qada, Einheria, Spoiler and Ominas is a fight that has a good idea behind it, but its execution is much less fun. I can appreciate that they put some thought into the magic team with a pretty advances strategy. It becomes much less neat when they can one shot your entire party in one turn.
  3. So far I really like the game itself. Everything looks very nice and they seem to be streamlining some jobs when I look at the new vanguard class. I'll have to get used to defaulting not being instant, but i'll get used to it. On the other hand I did't care much for the demo itself. Perhaps its not entirely fair to compare it to the bravely second demo, but i'm going ahead to do so anyway. The second demo was a neat stand alone story with a surprisingly long running time. This demo was one dungeon that had its runtime extended by the enemies just being really though. The cast The thief boss fight was cool though. I beat him in my first attempt, but only barely. He was fast, strong and he did't seem to use the same patern over and over. A good challenge, but not a unfair one.
  4. I do. Best fates kid and if any 5 star exclusive becomes my 10+ project it will probably be him....that being said +5 merges was a bit of a accident. I tried fixing his attack bane, but the game just kept throwing more atk banes at me. That was in the time where merges did't delete your bane. Also cool clear. Those trenches did't seem to get in the way much of your all cavalry team. I wanted to say odd music choice for a video, but it turns out you only used the preperation theme for..well preperation. The wolf tome worked really well on Dimitri. Did you give it to Elise specifically for this clear? Thanks. Its odd. Usually Clerics are the biggest pain on the map, but this one was nice and friendly.
  5. Order of heroes Raigh, Matthew and Wrys: A purely selfish pick that would make my Sharena team complete. It would also make sense to give Matthew and Raigh a Order outfit. According to Sharena those two heroes where there before even Virion/Takumi was summoned. Any sort of Rebecca costume: Those eyes....they really need to fix those. Its even worse then Eliwood. Muspel Hinata and Nifl Oboro: Oboro's art is a little meh and Hinata's art is bad. Both could use a bit of a upgrade.
  6. Oh thats a neat reference that completely escaped me. Also nice music on your video. Three houses doesn't really show that track enough. Your saizo seemed to have a easy time taking down this map. Only needing to take his time with the green armour. ---- This time I went with a team of proper princes and proffesional ladies. The biggest problem on this map was dimitri. Even the lvl 30 version completely shredded my normal Titania build. With some skill tinkering she managed to do a good job though. @Zeo @Landmaster
  7. If I put more effort in my presentation that would have definately been my thumbnail. That and if I recalled the villager heroes manga😅 Also neat Saizo clear. Its not a unit you see around often. That hat also looks cool on him. Haha it shows that you should never count Tobin out. I haven't gotten any Sothis' yet, but your clear showed why she was strong enough to be in the finals in the last voting gauntlet. Nice clear. Also again nice hat on the dagger unit. Nice best house clear even if IS doesn't seem to share that opinion. Also hoping For Ashe/Ingrid/Sylvain.....I'm fairly certain no hope can get Dedue in though. Being a big guy lowers your chance by a lot. Kinda wishing I had the orbs to spare for Anette now that I see her in action. Its good to bring out Kliff once again. That speed bane annoys me, but he could safely chip from behind Tobin.
  8. Congratulations. You just finished up a monster. I have a feeling she'll terrorise many GhB's/LHB's to come. Also glad that it did't swallow up all your orbs. 5 stars are a pain to +10, but perhaps my Siegbert will eventually get there. He's already halfway there at least.
  9. The Flame emperor was no match for my army of country bumbkins. I would like to say that Tobin's refine really carried him here, but they slapped a hp requirement on it so I did't bother with it. So he could just use his barrier blade and block the enemy while Donnel has his own little duel at the end. @Landmaster @Zeo
  10. Sasori

    LHB: Chrom

    Neat run. I'm also saying my future project Tethys. Tanking Bluelia is no mean feat. With extra help or without it. @Zeo Thanks. I do like using my underdog units. Ross is one of those units I probably should go around to finishing one of these days. Either by completing his Slaying axe build or giving him a defensive rearguard build. But he did a good job as he was in the current run. Still your Ross did seem to blow mine out of the water. He even tanked Abyssal Chrom with little problem.
  11. I'm not the biggest fan of Tobin's refine. He has a good amount of hp so the effect makes sense, but hp conditions are a big pain in PVE. The inflated hp means that the effect will have a hard time triggering on full health enemies. The other one's are alright, but probably not 200 divine dew fine for me.
  12. No suprises in seeing Bernadetta and Lysithea on the banner. They are also the least exiting part of the banner for me though seeing how I don't like Bernie and how I find Lysithea just alright. Its great to see Ferdinand von Aigir in the game, but that kit looks like a very very big auto demote. Even the lance had already been on another auto demote. Anette is great though so its all in on her. Bit dissapointed they did't use her timeskip design, but this will do. I can see why they'd add the flame emperor, but personally i'd have gone with another student. All all a bit lukewarmm about this banner. It'd be nice if the next banner gives the blue lions/golden deer a bit more attention too. The beagles already got their two spots twice now.
  13. Sasori

    LHB: Chrom

    Oh thats one tanky Nowi. Even my gem refine Titania had trouble taking hits from Choms absurd attacks, but she managed to take that and several red units on 4 hp after that with ease. The rest of the loli's did a good job just killing everyone from range. Hahah thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. The team worked surprisingly well for this run. Lugh could soak in hits, Ross could flail at Chrom and Rolf could do some desperation sniping. @Unknown Gamer11 Congrats on your first Abyssal clear. Lots of familair faces on that team. It actually helped me out a bit on my own Abyssal clear. Speaking of my own clear This Abyssal was a bit more work then I at first thought. The blue mage could nuke plenty of my mainstays, Healers are as annoying as always and Chrom can dish out a crazy amount of damage. But I did it with two horse powerhouses, Miracle Seliph and a flying dancer
  14. Sasori

    LHB: Chrom

    Chrom is a pretty big pain to check. Not future vision makes it hard to check his range. That and the annoying blue mage causes Abyssal to still need a bit of puzzling. So in the meantime I just did a small infernal run. @Landmaster
  15. The first thing that comes to mind is the subreddit 'real bees with fake top hats."
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