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  1. @Diovani Bressan Ah. I thought this map would be a nightmare for one turn clearers. With all that followup denial and Askr being a beefy cow. I forgot that all the brokenness only started in the EP. But nice clear. I was surprised the barbecue queen did't end up taking on Askr. ----- At any rate I thought i'd show off my +10 Lex and my not +10 Azelle...but all of Askr's Bull made that a unamoosing experience. So instead its the newest Roy and the orphans taking on the map. Lugh got to the main damage dealer of the 3 for a change. @BoaFerox @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @MagicCanonBalls
  2. True she is a Echoes character and yeah she is every right to be on a echoes banner, but I still would have prefered it if there wasn't pretty much always a whitewing that takes the top SOV spot. Especially when the other Premium spot also tends to go to a OC. Even one of their only two harmonic heroes went to a whitewing. Like I get that they are fully fledged Echoes characters, but to me they are Archenea characters first. So I personally would rather not see them in Echoes banners and especially not echoes seasonals. Don't get me wrong. I get the reasoning behind it and I don't disagree about it either. The whitewhings are popular units and they appeared as playable units, so it would be weird to leave them out. Especially so when the remaining character selection is a barren wasteland. Still I don't like seeing whitewhings four times in Echoes related banners. Especially not since a lot of main echoes characters haven't really gotten much attention after their debut.
  3. My interest in SOV banners have really fallen off a cliff recently. They seem to have so little faith in the cast that there always must be a Archenean tourist and or OC to accompany the banner. So thats two spots that I don't really associate with SOV. Resplendent Celica really wasn't needed either. I'm mean with how little resplendents mean they could have picked literally anyone else, but they decided to play it really safe. Which leaves the two actually new SOV characters with the table scraps. Well more orbs saved for the pirate banner I guess.
  4. Better Dimitri I know insane hobo dimitri has his charms, but I actually did't like him all that much. Him going 'rargh everyone is a monster' was a bit annoying and while him foaming at the mouth wasn't uninteresting it also kinda limited his ability to actually take part in the plot. That part of the Edelgard Vs Dimitri conflict just wasn't interesting to me because it was based on nothing. Edelgard had to do nothing, but say 'lol no I did't' because every single thing Dimitri said just did't need any other response. Because it was total crazytalk that did't add up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny. While the actual questions kinda went unanswered. So Dimitri still being haunted and vengeful, but actually able to function was a nice change. He stands against Edelgard because he genuinely has points to make in doing so while still being ruthless and wanting revenge for those that destroyed his like. Keeping with the blue lions i'm also going to say Felix. The idea of his character was always solid, but he occasionally still came across as more of a asshole then the game probably intended. Here he's still a edgy jerk, but his concern for the rest of team blue lions is a lot more on his sleeve. He doesn't lash out even when nothing is going on at least. Mercedes I can't say I cared much for Mercedes in Three houses, but here I found her supports a lot more charming. No big reasons on this one. Worse Cyril/Haneman/Giblert: Yeah. They weren't even trying with these three Alois: Mostly he's a victim of his lack of supports. Joining Gerals isn't out of character, but he just doesn't really get a chance to talk with his collegues about it...or for that matter mention whether he abandoned his wife and kids in doing so. Manuella She potentially has a grand number of two supports. Three if you play your cards right. Her being locked to the Beagles is also something I find odd. She was more flexable in Three houses and its not like the golden deer could't have used another character.
  5. Eirika looks really nice this time around and Nifl does look pretty hilarious. Lyon looks about how you'd expect a summer alt for him. Though I can't help, but think that they've retreated a little bit too much into safety this year around. Last year we had some unusual picks like Ogma and the year before we had like Selena and Lute. Now it just like they opened up a can of main characters for both summer banners.
  6. I hope its not Nifl because if she is, then i'm in for a real dissapointing summer Banner. Because if she's there she might bring boring Hdrid along...or even worse she might bring along Fjorm. But the little ice thingy makes me think its gonna be Nifl. So I hope the non OC part is just real good this time around.
  7. Yeah. I was surprised by just how much damage was reduced, but perhaps it was more fitting for Siegbert to do the job. Nice clear with you too. Freya did really good. You could even say she was the GOAT Thats some nice Karma. All 3 Elise got a moment to get a good amck in. And yeah. The most annoying thing about the clerics where that they prevented the crew from using their special lines. This was a pretty easy map when compared to the others so I did't have to try too much for this one. The most surprising one was Xander cheating. Nice going with just cleanly dealing with Xander in a single round though. Either SClaude hits like a truck or Xander was less tanky then I thought.
  8. I've been a bit tardy with my reply game lately thanks to a nice vacation. Actually laying heroes too actually since I did't complete Limstella's map even without recording. Either way Xander got nothing on Siegbert. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @BoaFerox @SatsumaFSoysoy
  9. I can see why you'd time lock certain supports, but I don't think they did a good job with which supports they lock and which one they don't. Like Felix/Anette's support is locked all the way till chapter 12 and its just your usual Anette singing support. Which made me wonder why it was locked in the first place.
  10. So far i'm liking the Blions route. Dimitri still having issue's, but being actually sane helps avoid the whole nonestop 'everyone is a monster' phase of the game. Shez is a nice Avatar and you get to see/hear about some other Faerghus area's. Still am I the only one who finds the Ai in this game to be especially stupid? In other warriors game I tend to be able to just let them do their thing, but here allies just seem to refuse to move on their own. And even when ordered they don't always move to the npc's I ask them to move to.
  11. I know. Which is why I named 3 different monster archetypes XD. I have heard the name Ritual beast Tamer, but I don't think I ever played against them in master duel. I'm going out on a limb here and say its a ritual based archetype.
  12. I remember not liking Micaiah all that much initially, but I turned around on her later. She has a different story then many other lords, cute relationship with Pelleas/Rafeal and she even gets a interesting conversation out of Illyana of all people. I wasn't fond of RD Sothe and his obsessive guard dogging either. But mostly after replaying I found out that I did't dislike Micaiah or Sothe...I just disliked Micaiah AND Sothe. Because the whole: Sothe: Don't do this Micaiah Micaiah: I'm sorry Sothe but 😞 Sothe: Alright, BUT MUST PROTEC Was really boring, repetetive and it just ended up looking to me like those two never agreed with each other and had nothing in common. But after replaying RD I liked Micaiah for the above mentioned reasons and Sothe is pretty good when he talkes to the POR cast or like with Nolan. Just anyone not named Micaiah and Pelleas mostly.
  13. Well that is a exceptionally boring banner. Last years picks where more adventurous then this. Like I like the three houses lords and Micky, but i'm not a fan of seeing them all dumped on this banner together. Also seeing Edelgard having a harmonic with someone other then Celica is another dissapointment for me.
  14. Whoops did't see that. But Dream Mirror? Amazement or Duel Avatar?
  15. Fire emblem maker. A Mario maker for Fire Emblem. Using the gba graphics so maps and characters are easy to make. It will never happen because Fire Emblem isn't Mario big and because making maps is probably a bigger pain then I think it is.
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