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  1. @Maaka : Thanks. Cool clear on your end as well. OG Bartre showed Osian who's the boss in CHOP. @Diovani Bressan I can see it being Boey's least favourite team and his most favourite team And Nice clear. I always forgot what a massive goat Kitsune Freya is. That 132 damage was also cool @BoaFerox I haven't played Thracia, but Osian does seem like the kind of guy who might shout his one liner a second time. Its always fun to see dancers go on the offensive. did't expect og azura to be a galeforcer. Tana did a good job with one roading Osian too. weapon triangle or no. Freya did good too despite having her weakest weapon on. I would't have noticed it if you did't type it. @Landmaster : Always fun to see a close call and surviving with one hp. That was the only thing that seemed to be a threat on this map though. They one rounded everything and not by a little either. Its a good thing tanking Boey's Ignis is hard because he doesn't hit all that hard otherwise.
  2. This is a odd banner for a month like January, but the female side I really like this banner. Katarina and Tharja have some good art on them and I'll never say no to another Dorothea. Is this the first time the duo hero consits of two normal characters rather then two main characters? The male side is less impressive. Rapheal is cool, but armours are never on my wish list. Mkris is Mkris so he's also not on my wish list. Mostly going to save my orbs, but mind spend some to go after Dorothea.
  3. Its one bickering couple vs another bickering couple. After I got Winter Hilda I thought she and my old Serra would also do nicely on team Boey. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Thats one super though Duessel. Having no problems with Osian and 3ven taking 0 damage from a iceburg special. They really went all out with that unit. @Maaka @Landmaster @BoaFerox @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11
  4. @BoaFerox I can see repo staffs being both very handy, but I can also imagine situations where you just want to heal and not the repo. But its mostly a cool new staff. Thats a nice tribute. Its probably the only time i've seen a not+ brave lance being used Also a very nice Tana. Not a unit thats very easy to +10 and she's carrying some pretty neat skills too. The ninja weapon looks a lot better for one turning then her normal prf. @SatsumaFSoysoy I did really luck out on the Thracia banner and I certainly won't complain...but I wish I had this amount off luck with banners where I actually really want a unit instead. I forgot you had a fully merged Brunya. Her tanky built is pretty cool. Llilina also had a chance to shine, one shotting everyone except one annoying Cleric.
  5. @Maaka : Ow wow. This wasn't stage for one turning, but bunny Fir really brought her team to every corner of the map. Cool to see those wings of mercy/repo combo's. @Diovani Bressan : Now Hawkeye is a unit you don't see every day. A +10 one is even rarer, but he did just as well as Nowi and Marth on one turning this. I wonder why the ai decided not to move in the fairy clear. I thought the Ai was programmed to break stuff as well. Either way I did't expect to see Peony go on the offense like that. @Landmaster Good job on the elise squad. This isn't their favourite map with all those trenches and gravity going around. This time it was summer Elise who was the superstar. She held up pretty well with her bladetome/desperation combo. The beasts did a good job as well. The dads did't have to reunity with their daughters. just taking out the right and left side on their own while the girls took the main area. @Flying Shogi : Its been a while since I saw the bird royal team in action like that. the galeforce/double dance combo always make for great player phases. ------- I tried to go for a team Boey, but this map is a bit too mage filled for that. So I decided to go and Liberate Thracia instead. I don't take Leif along that often and I got some new units to try out. @SatsumaFSoysoy @Unknown Gamer11
  6. This Banner has been pretty nice to me. In 12 pulls I got Ronan (+def/-res), Asbel (also +def/-res) and Sara (+hp/res) If only things went as smoothly with my favourites.
  7. Oh nice. Raigh surviving with 1 hp is pretty cool while he slayed the big dragon. The Nino's also put in a lot of work, killing the rest of the map without much trouble.
  8. This wasn't the banner I was expecting today. I was thinking either Fe4 or SOV, but its also been a while since we have a Thracia banner. Good on Sara for bringing a flashy new staff assist to the pool. She's probably the star of the banner otherwise too. Good art, good skills and a neat staff. Asbel looks to be your fast wind mage. I'm lacking a bit in those and I have the orbs to spend. My red mage needs are already filled, but I like that we get some more demote-able red mages and easily accesable tomes into the summoning pool. The rest of the kit could use some work though I never got to the point of the game where I recruited Mirana, but she looks cool. I'm most interested about 'Manfroy's rock' though. Stone magic is colourless in this game so could he be a free colourless mage? That is however the only interesting thing I can say about Veld. Only complaint in this banner is that Lifis is sitting this one out.
  9. @Unknown Gamer11 Thanks glad you enjoyed it and yeah Chad had to keep living XD. New green tomes would be pretty cool. I believe the last easily available green mage was like Boey. since then its mostly been prefs or 5 star exclusives that get green tomes. But also very cool clear. Thats one though Guinivere. Destroying all those mages on turn one gives a lot of space. Lugh also dished out a lot of damage. I can see him doing well with a fox tome should it get in the game. @SatsumaFSoysoy : No one can drop Chad anymore with the full healing kit. Though he wasn't the only one having fun with the mystic boost seal. Celica got a lot of use out of it. With the speed and healing little on the map could stop her and her bonfires. @Maaka: Thanks. I had to tinker a bit with drives and Rinea to ensure Raigh surved the blow, but with Lilina and her insta charge special it became a lot easier to soak up hits. I actually thought Lugh would get the seal to make his healing more consistent, but....well its hard to say no to two mystic boosts and 5 hp per hit. And oof. Those squishy mages stood no chance again the sheer power of the Bartre and daughter squad. The armors did't do any better with all the armour smashing weapons. Hope you did't have to inherit the armoursmasher just for the clear. @Landmaster Chad actually had a bit of a problem surviving on this map. Until he got noontime for just that little bit of extra healing. Raigh got by fairly comfy. all those res boosts made those healer jerks not much of a threat to him. Also really nice clear of the elise squad. Nowi did a impressive job of blocking that entire left side of the map on her own. Sephiran's flashy new c skill was pretty nifty too. Seeing it in action makes me consider giving it to my Forrest. @LoneStar Those are units you don't see all day. Catherine and Anette made for a great team. The extra move and one turn gale force was cool to see
  10. @Diovani Bressan: Ooh Caeda was a good fit for this map. She's not yet fully invested, but she had no problems doing her job of anti caving/generaling. I was also surprised to see you trigger Tiki's duo skill. I thought the turn automatically ended after all units moved and that you could't trigger the duo attack if that was the last unit that moved. @Flying Shogi: That another great Caeda. Destroying all cavs/armours in her way while staying out of the danger zone in ep. I'm also impressed with how Nino dealt with the red dragon. That was my biggest roadblock, but Nino put in big chunks of damage even with wtd. ------ I was planning to go with the fates royals again this run, but the Araphen boys got some new tools to play with so they got another Abyssal clear. Raigh got some nice winter Altina fodder and Mythic boost stacking with mythic boost works wonders for Chad. Rinea got to be the sitter this run for the support...and because I thought she would be a good fit for such a fire heavy map. The video quality seems to be a bit more blurry then usual. @Landmaster @Maaka @Unknown Gamer11 @SatsumaFSoysoy
  11. @Landmaster Rescue seems like a real cool tool in Elise's kit. It works wonders in both healing and getting people out of range. Other then that they where the same offensive powerhouses as ever. The fairy squid did great too. I believe this is the first time i've ever seen you use a dance skill. Or at least first in a long time. @Maaka Oh first time I noticed odd tempest isn't a skill thats locked to Dimitri. I can see how the extra reach makes one turning a good deal easier. Cool to see that red mage getting one shotted too. He was the biggest headache during my runs.
  12. Christmas banners are a usual skip for me. The designs aren't my thing and they are a bit too armour filled for my liking. Still there are a lot of neat things about this banner. Along with some less neat thing. Being a popular male in three houses is though. First Ferdinand, then Sylvain and now Felix. Being free is good of course, but its strange how you can be the third most popular male in CYL, wielder of a legendary weapons and be one of the most powerful characters in your game....and still be the free reward unit thats very often made to be the most unimpressive unit of the bunch. Hopefully he'll be getting some good skills instead of another wave skill. Personally i'd have replaced him with Ashe since at least Ashe has that demote feel going on. Sephiran: Its good to see Sephiran into the game and that C skill does look very intering. If I had to name a downside its that I thought the figure with the braid was Titania and as good as Sephiran is he isn't Titania. Bernadatta: Attack animation is great, another green bow cav less so. Hilda: Hilda, Hilda! I don't care much for armours, but perhaps i'll make a exception for Hilda. Her art looks great and Hilda is one of my deer favourites. Duo hero: A interesting pick. I'm sure Sanaki will have a interesting conversation with Altina.
  13. Well that was a surprise. I can't say I am a fan of the character, but this trailer did look cool. Who knows he might finally be able to live up to the hype i've always heard about.
  14. Oh. Nice shiny new units. Shamir's sheer offensive power in particular impressed me. I was a bit confused how Cealach did't one shot any longer, but that guard status effect explained it. @Diovani Bressan: Nice to see you getting some good use out of Nowi's refine. She was really not threatened at all at all those units that attacked her. The other clear was neat too. Odd choice in life or death for Veronica. Is that for wings of mercy shenenigans? ----- I had a bit more trouble with this one. Tobin could't take very well in this map and Fiora's 41 speed wasn't really cutting it in this map. My mercs and Tobin team did eventually take this one though. I believe this is the first time I brought Ewan along for a clear. @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @Maaka
  15. I did't expect we'd be getting mechs today, but I guess this is more unique then dwarves. The horse with guns looks neat. I like the new sacred stones Banner. Duessel looks real cool, Selena's art looks great and we are having a great villain as our bhb. Its also good seeing Knoll after dark mage Eirika stole his thunder. He's not going to be the best, but having a easily available red fox tome is nice. Natasha is another healer demote with a launch game kit and one fodder worthy C skill. Ouch. At least her art is nice.
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