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  1. You can't and should't prevent it completely. Giving your old units ways to catch up is a good idea, but I also think its best to create better stuff, but not always create bigger numbers. I think Feh did a good job at that in the beginning. Ploys for example where much better then threatens as a way of debuffing, but there where still situations/units that could make use of those old skills. Swift sparrow is generally better then death blow/darting blow, but there might be one or two instances where you need that slight extra power/speed boost. The newer skills where generally better, but they did't replace the old ones 100% of the time. That only started happening with the tier 4 skills.
  2. This feels like a bit of a safe banner even if they stuck with a theme. Still there are worse options. My orb stash is very low after having to go after Pent and failing to get Louise. So I don't have the orbs to go after baby L'arachel. I might try to pick up baby Lyon though
  3. @Landmaster Summer Elise is more tanky then I gave her credit for. That firesweep archer hits kinda hard, but Elise took it without any trouble. OG Elise of course needed to help to massacre her side of the map. @BoaFerox Ah so thats Celica's japanese voice. A bit odd seeing warding blow nowadays, but it was a good help in ensuring Nino got revenge on her mom.
  4. Saizo is still as great as ever. Buffs doublers or not its still impressive how he even one rounds the high defence fridges....he's not wearing his black hat this time around though. NYAnna fodder finally made my Forrest complete. So he gets to accopmany the twins with their trip to grandma. @Maaka @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFerox
  5. This wasn't on my list of projects, but my hand seems to have slipped 10 times in a row. So here is best boy Morgan. He still needs the skills to match his merges.
  6. But that could be interesting too. Seeing someone like Sigurd look back on what happened after he fell and having some opinions on that. As for my candidates. Two likely ones would be Hardin and Eremiya. Both freed from Gharnef's controll and back to the persons they once where, but still knowing what happened in fe12. Fernand could work too since he denounced his views at the end and...uh its actually kinda hard finding suitable candidates. Ashunera?
  7. They certainly are minor so I normally would't have named them, but I don't believe any character is too minor after Dithorba got herself into the game. The list of possesed characters is also growing smaller so they might need to get creative. And now that you mention it, I don't believe they got a duo hero yet. That would be perfect for Berkut if he wasn't already a fallen hero.
  8. @Unknown Gamer11 Yeah Titania's stats are starting to show her age. She's still a good wall for blue mages, but even her weapon can't really save her from the more dangerous blue physicals. I'm waiting for her to get a good alt thats finally good. Speaking of good. I know you had a +10 Lugh, but he's still always impressive to see. I also quite like that l'arachel and Wolt. Seeing A Jagen is also a rare sight, but he does well. Even getting the final hit on Dagr.
  9. Personally I am kind of done with fallen heroes. They could still use some big players like crazy Dimitri and final boss Edelgard, but I don't know if they will go with that aprouch. So far fallen heroes seem more possesed then anything else. I'd prefer it if they turn the concept around and go with a 'redeemed' villains theme instead. Thats obviously not going to happen of course. So If I had to pick anyone it'd be falled Nyna. Its surprising that such a important shadow dragon character isn't in the game yet. Followed by one of Sonya's sisters for some warp mages and probably Sonya herself too.
  10. Well this isn't good. Louise, Pent and Erk on one banner. All my favourites from fe7 and my orb stash isn't high. Guess its time to hit my emergency chain challenge stash. Erk is bringing some good skills to the table for a demote, but him being red surprises me a little. I thought he'd be blue. Both because he joins with thunder and because was already got two red tome demotes pretty recently. I was also off on Pent's tome colour, but I like the tome. It makes sense that teacher Pent is giving all other mages some pointers on the battlefield. Loise got a cool weapon too. Even if its just coral bow with a new name I like it. Not the star of this banner, but i'll try to get her regardless.
  11. @Diovani Bressan Azelle packs quite the punch yeah. Him of all people one shotting a giant like Dagr is pretty funny too. And I can certainly recomend Roy. He's a great mixed tank with a nice auto double. Also cool clears. Leif really emptied his entire quiver on Dagr. Petrine was cool too. easily dealing with the fridge. I still need to build her up. @BoaFerox Minerva is pretty cool. No enough to me to merge, but she's pretty capable without merges too. I knew you had a +10 Tana, but I did't know/forgot you have a +10 summer tana too. Thats some dedication. Celica also did well one rounding a big tank like Dagr. @Maaka Roy is usually my tank button. He holds up really well for a gen 1. The bartre's did well as always. Surprised to see the burly dads take along frail Rafael for the ride. Still he did a good job supporting Fir. @Landmaster I'm glad Azelle is a good investment too. I spend pretty much all my orbs on him so it'd be bad if he ended up dissapointing. Candy canes and Mystic boost. I like it. I did't expect a non elise to get the kill, but she did a good chunk of damage.
  12. Thats some effective damage reduction on Kagero Mia. I did't know it worked out that well, but she could pull her pp offense off for the entire map. It was cool to see. Celica of course was being Celica and destroyed everything, but Ophilia did a good job too. That armous is a annoying roadblock. I decided to take Azelle for a spin. Joining him are other best redheads Roy and Titania along with a new addition my collection. Dagr of course was a problem, but she was nothing compared to that annoying bow flier that liked to ruin Roy's day. @BoaFerox @Diovani Bressan @Maaka @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11
  13. Oh yeah. I completely forgot to upload this one. Its not the worlds most interesting GHB. So its mother and son vs best mom and her mothers boys. @Diovani Bressan : Oh nice. I knew you had a Abel, but I did't know you had a cain too. I mostly just see energy drink give other people wings of mercy. @BoaFerox: Cool to see the new Elincia in action. I wondered why she stuck with a old Brave sword, but that was because she'd just be too though with Amiti around. @Maaka: I had a feeling the Batre clan would have absolutely no problem with this map. Other then them maybe being too strong to properly galeforce with all those squishy mages on this map.
  14. @Landmaster This GHB wasn't nearly as easy as the last ones with all those reinforcements. OG Elise worked surprisingly well as wall with Miracle and Mirabelis could withstand quite the beating as well. Nice clear I've been meaning to use Saias for a while since his weapon is kinda neat. Kept forgetting it, but good genius vs evil genius seemed like a good theme. @Diovani Bressan: Ah yeah. Arvis was on my list too untill I realised I already had quite the selection of red mages. So Saias ended up as my fallback @Maaka: Nice job. You almost would't be able to tell that Solon was standing on a defense tile with that damage. They're all units I don't take along for the ride often either. But the archer boys worked well with debuff emblem.
  15. I thought to smite Solon with my new l'arachel, but the reinforcements made this map a bit more ticky then I thought. So its good genius vs bad genius. Saias delivered the debuffs so his less then intimidating archer buddies could bring the damage. @Diovani Bressan: I keep forgetting how strong Triandra is when she's not dancing. She did a good number on all the enemies. I was also surprised to see Mirabelis double so often in this map. She was pretty powerfull both on offense and defense @BoaFerox : Nice clear. Nowi's new teleport skill really is very different from what Takumi and Anna got. A big improvement how she can appear two spaces away from allies. Also cool to see best whitewing in action. @Landmaster @Maaka @SatsumaFSoysoy @Unknown Gamer11
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