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  1. @Diovani Bressan Not one, but two groom Marths? I did't expect a four star to be holding up so well there. @BoaFeroxNeat clear, but I'm also a little bit surprised about those fire tiles. Wasn't the tile stuff introduced with Fcorrin and only for her? Anyway powercreep and damage reduction everywhere make me play a bit less then before, so I'm a bit behind on my Legendary hero battles. Team Orphan did manage to clear this round though. This time it was Raigh's turn to play MVP.
  2. I don't think Kagero needed another alt..at all, but i'm still rather positive about it. Despite her many alts, I found her alt track record to be amongst the worst in the game. You had a character who has a big chunk of her supports dedicating to a scary, incomprehensible art and...then you put that character in a maid outfit for halloween? After already gotten the fanservice treatment with a spring alt? Its still my least favourite alt in the game. A duo with Orochi on the other hand has the potential to be fun. As for the rest. I like Claude, but don't feel like he needs another Alt, Don't care much for Catria and Dagr looks neat. Might go for her.
  3. That list makes the entire duo hero mechanic feel so purposely limited. I like how the female characters gets decided. Everyone can be a duo with anyone (as long as its a fellow girl). A very minor character like Nina can be a star and there are plenty of unique duo's like Linde/Sarah or the before mentioned Nino/Kagero. Its a fitting mechanic for a crossover game and a fun one, but how the girls are treated is pretty much the only positive thing I can say about it. I don't like how every male character that isn't a lord is automatically disqualified from being a duo unit. Or how the lords barely get a duo and if they do they can't have a crossover duo. Instead they are limited to only talking to family. And I also don't like how males and females are only allowed to cross over when its family. Why not have a Raven/Constance Duo? or a Sain/Manuela or even a Titania/black knight for a very uneasy teamup. There are so many duo's, some perhaps even popular that just can't happen by default and I think thats a big shame.
  4. @Diovani Bressan Impressive to see that the Marths can still do their one shotting on 'damage reduction: the map". Is it because of far save that the mages attacked Christmas Marth, rather then the other Marths? I assumed they'd attack those and trigger far save instead. This map is no map for the orphans boys, but i've upgraded my Fates princes a bit so that worked out well. This map feels a bit more fair compared to Hinoka's map. @Landmaster @BoaFerox
  5. I don't think the slithers come across as very competent, but that is mostly because what they are up to in part 1 is either poorly explained or just without any rhyme or reason. They just do some evil stuff with very little purpose other then to draw attention to themselves. Solon just casually throws away a valuable disguise for a random experiment that never gets used again. I think they needed Flayn's blood to make crest beasts, but I also don't think they ever quite say that for certain. And the only thing that they accomplished by turning students into monsters was that they where discovered really easily and lost two of their commanders. They (probably) could have turned people into monsters everywhere else. Even the death of Geralt wasn't so much of a plan, but more Kronya throwing a temper tantrum.
  6. Bridal banners rank amongst my least favourite so I don't mind too much that I find this banner to be pretty boring. Still Robin already got his alts and Awakening itself did't give the avatarsexual group a lot so work with so I really don't care about them. I like Flavia though so I guess I might try my hand at her at 4 stars at least.
  7. @Landmaster Oh wow. I haven't seen a wolf tome in quite some time. nice for oneshotting goats though. Also is that Disgaea music? it sounds familair. @Diovani Bressan Ah shame the Marths did't sucseed, but with how bonkers the recent units are, thats sometimes unavoidable. The Claude squad did really well. All the self healing makes Legendary Claude surprisingly bulky. @BoaFerox I used some other teams in my recent clears, but now the araphen boys are back. This time with Lucius tagging along.
  8. @BoaFerox The latest Tana is pretty cool, but its the classics that impress. Summer tana getting the surprise kill on the mage was nice. @Landmaster Nice presentation on the video. And nice Elise's too...though i'm not sure why Hot spring Elise attacked without a counter.
  9. @Diovani Bressan A player phase nuke doesn't stand a chance against a good galeforce team. Nice clear. The far safe at the end caught me off guard. I was thinking about which team to use, but in the end I decided to play around with some mostly new faces. @BoaFerox @Landmaster
  10. Maybe IS felt really really bad about making Karla such a joke in FE7. I can't think of any other reason why she gets the super premium reason every other time. Fe7 is kinda limited in who gets to be a seasonal and its odd how Karla got to go twice. Even if she has a 'claim' to this banner. book 3 oc's don't really do it for me and Bernadetta isn't my favorite three houses character either. So its hopefully a easy Ashe pull and saving orbs afterwards.
  11. Its getting harder and harder for normal units to keep up with the premium units lately. Pretty much every one of them has so many stacked stuff on that the gap has never been as big as it is now. Still my finally complete fates princes managed to clear this. It'd be a waste of all that investment in Forrest if they could't. @Landmaster@Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFeroxAh there's the Tana team again. That was quite a bit of damage and the usually very bulky Legendary Robin. @Some Jerk Oh nice Robin bullying there. I approve considering how annoying he was. Also nice Nils.
  12. No Tormod still is a little 😞 Other then that a solid linup though. Lucia looks really bonkers, Elincia finally got a alt thats really great and Geofrey...is alright. I personally would have made Bastian a green dagger user with like sorcery blade or other magey skills to make him a bit more unique. He's just a little 'the demote' now. I also would have given Lucia long hair, but thats more of a taste thing.
  13. Well this map took a few tries..and a different team then I had planned. But now its Embla/Askr babysitting some bad boys and girl. I haven't gotten a chance to use the evil morgans or NYelm yet. @Landmaster Oh wow. Sticking to your team even in maps like this. Selise really did a good job at continiously tanking the old man. I'm surprised Formi went down a lot quicker. @Diovani Bressan@SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFerox
  14. Mostly I like this banner. Khadain is looking pretty nice and while I don't love anyone, I do like most of the characters on this banner. I'll be interested in seeing how Soren pulls the look off. But uh deserts, magic, movement based tomes? Would't that be a nice fit Tormod? Especially since he's still nowhere to be seen.
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