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  1. Not a very exiting GHB with the enemy split up and there being no reinforcement. My Morgan is finally complete though so he got to destroy everyone for a bit. @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @BoaFerox
  2. Vyland hype? The Wolfguard is finally in (except Sedgar), but they are missing a non evil Hardin sadly. Probablt going to be a skip for me though. Wolf and Malice are cool, but not pull cool and i've soured a little on Fjorm. Roshea is a nice demote though. 'New' lance, brings and brings two not that common skills in the game. Poor Nyna though. I was so sure she'd finally be on the next Archenea banner.
  3. I thought about getting the expansion for a while. Its been a while since i've played the old paper mario and sin and punishment looked like a cool game to try out once. At this price point i'm not going to be buying it any time soon though. I already have 3 of the n64 games on my 3ds and I don't have animal crossing. More then doubling my costs for online for such limited value is just not a good deal for me.
  4. I was getting more of a ladybug vibe, but her being a watermelon is pretty funny. Anyway the alt itself is fine, but I would have liked it a lot more if they really went with a 'nightmare fairy' look on Kagero. Kagero's artwork being hellish or nightmarish is a theme in her supports and I think that would make for a very well fitting resplendent. A more Triandra-ish look would do wonders on her. Still I like it well enough and at least its better then her Halloween alt. A alt that was so much wasted potential that I find it the worst alt in the game. They could have given her a freaky cool outfit, but instead they gave her a 'ninja in fanservice' outfit. A alt gimmick she already had in her spring banner so the alt was both boring and a repeat. I also agree that Saizo should have gotten something already. He might actually be perfect for Halloween too with his distaste for sweets and his grumpy attitude.
  5. Kinda late with my own replies, but here goes @SatsumaFSoysoy Its been so long since i've seen Llyn that I forgot her animation is kinda cool. Also Arden sure was Strong and though this map. Taking care of Otr easily and near saving everyone. @BoaFerox: Deflect magic wasn't too much of a threat, though without the res debuff from Chad, he actually would be able to tank it. But Prof Byleth is a good fit with the team. Her good stats at +10 and triangle adept made short work of Otr. @Diovani Bressan Its my favourite resplendent. Actually a bit surprised people are mixed on it. But cool clears. For a gen 1 unit Nowi is still a amazing omni tank. The highlight was 'for the hope of al' vs 'for Fafnir' though
  6. How does the hat taste? I think Sora is a pretty good character to end things on. He's not everyone's cup of tea and he really did't need to bring yet another counter, but Sora is still one of the bigger gaming icons thats also popular with the smash crowd. The trailer itself could have been more flashy though, but all in all i'm happy with the reveal.
  7. I don't think so many three houses banners are ideal, but I can't blame their logic. Its still the big new game and there are still gaps that need filling . My main problem is that unlike the other three houses banners this one is playing things very safe. They are all important characters that have already been on one banner or another. Also for the tt reward. Maybe there's one unit that I haven't seen talked about
  8. @Landmaster: Good choice in music track and it was funny to see OG Elise bully Otr with gravity. And your right this wasn't too tricky to figure out. Needed a way for Roy to survive the speedy brave cav and that was the only thing I needed to think about. Otr bringing in deflect magic did't matter much since a bro tag team of Chad and Raigh still send him crying to Fafnir. @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFerox @Unknown Gamer11
  9. I think fates in general, but Nohr in particular really suffered from this point. I always got the impression that Xander, Leo and Camilla really weren't allowed to have a opinion on Hoshido/Nohr conflict. Because if they offered even the slightest support of invasion, they'd be less likeable/date-able. If you take away Garon and their concern for Corrin, then I don't believe they have anything to say. Which is a shame since in theory I believe the Nohr siblings could have both different and interesting motivations. Someone as pragmatic as Leo might not enjoy war, but he might want the recources since Nohr is dirt poor. Xander could be struggling to balance his ideals and his duty. Elise and Camilla too could have ways to connect them to all thats going on. I think 3 houses did adress this complaint pretty well though. You can agree or disagree with Edelgard, but they weren't afraid to scare people away from her. Only Claude felt like he was playing it too safe.
  10. @Diovani Bressan: Gatekeeper won by doing absolutely nothing XD. Cool to see OG dimitri. He's been a bit overshadowed by all the OP samy lance infantry @BoaFerox: Is STana using Leo's...summer tome? The one that gives +1 to all stats or is there another tomato tome I forgot? But cool clear and a even cooler youtube profile pick. I was going to say I put just as much effort as IS in this map by just throwing Roy at it. But I almost one turned it so I went the extra mile and did my first one turn clear. Its against absolute garbage, but still. @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy
  11. I realised I kinda want those 20 toilet papers so I decided to give these limited hero battles a go for a change. @Landmaster Weird to see no Elise's, but luckily best girl Duessel is there to give the team its cute vibe. Lots of zero's and tinking sounds on him and the Myth brigade. Did't expect halloween myrh to do so well against the blue dagger. @Diovani Bressan Oh wow. I heard Lephraim had been a winner in his weapon refine, but I did't realise he became this good. Self sustain and auto doubling along with being a good galeforcer. I was surprised just how empty my own Sacred Stones barracks where when looking it over. Ross was on chearleading duty until it was time for him to remind everyone that he is still a warrior.
  12. I was pleasantly surprised by Otr this chapter. He's not very likeable or...sane, but thats what makes him interesting. Most oc villains are a bit boring, but Otr really delivered. But man Reginn being a princess must have been the most obvious 'twist' i've seen in a long long while. Kind of robs it of any impact. Though how She and 'otr' where family was a lot less boring.
  13. At this point i'm starting to miss the gimmick tomes. I mean this is the third time they introduced this tome into the grail pool. I wasn't expecting a plegian weapon or a Amiti booms, but surely there must have been some seasonal weapon they could put in. How about those million unique free to play axes or the Yuno/Lute tome. Those could make for a neat red tome.
  14. All of the units on this banner are pretty cool. Balthus aside everyone seems to be bringing something unique to the table and I thought Constance bringing a parasol along to guard against the sun was pretty funny. Though this banner did feel kind of predictable. When I saw Yuri I already knew what the entire banner was going to be. I just hope Aelfric isn't yet another red ghb mage. Red infantry mages get a lot of stuff, but its usually kinda lame ghb's with little to offer. Reserve the infantry red tome spot for a demote seasonal with a good inheriteable tome or something. Considering he mostly used fire magic I have a feeling i'm going to be dissapointed with this one.
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