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  1. @Landmaster That looked like a very painless clear. Not a single problem for the Elise squad. Good to finally see a god shattering star Big numbers where my goal with this one so good to see that part worked out @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn clear. Normally i'd say those banes on your fliers looked kinda bad, but the -atk did help Caeda not one shot that axe guy. I was looking for another drive user to combo with Marth and Fmorgan. So it was good to see Seteth arive just when I needed him to. I also thought the golden horns worked well with Sanaki's new look @SatsumaFSoysoy That is one prenium Brunya. All plussed up and with some pretty valuable skills. Nemesis wasn't much in comparison. I could't resist giving Seteth that hat. Marth was a tempting merge project, but i'm all filled up on my +10 swords units already.
  2. Defeating Nemesis with his own move. I like it. Does Spring Batre only have one special quote or was LEAPING SMASH X3 a coincedence? ------ This wasn't the hardest Ghb which makes it a good place to test Seteth. Although the true stars where nukegirls with Seteth and Marth babysitting them with drive boosts. The stage could be a bit less boring though. Where is the god shattering star? @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 @SatsumaFSoysoy
  3. Guess i'm done with the halloween banner. A pity rate of 5% broken by a -atk laegjarn. And here I was thinking I couldn't be more negative about the gen 2 oc's. I'm glad Seteth is the demote since my orbs stash is empty after the Dhegninsea hunt. At least I got a 4 star xane and a extra for hexblade fodder.
  4. Well this wasn't a banner I expected to see...or actually I wasn't aware a banner was coming at all. Seeing people like Catherine and Shamir in before some of the more popular students. Still its a good banner and i'm glad Seteth has his prf instead of being the generic lance flier. Perhaps he'll be my first blue +10 Also big props to Flayn for being a healer who isn't completely boring. She'll be my non Seteth pull. I'd have expected Cyril on a servant banner, but I can see how he was left at home seeing how he isn't the most popular.
  5. @Diovani Bressan Thats no abel!. Cool one turn clear. Eirika did a good job at one rounding that annoying Raven tome jerk and the 4 star Est put on a lot of damage. Did't know she could be so effective. @Maaka : Spring Bartre keeps impressing me. My pretty fast Sieg had trouble doubling that Manakete and Bartre just wrecked it. I also did't know ny Azura had pretty good power behind her. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Oh hey. Celica is reunited with her prf. I did't know it was so good either. Self healing every combat and helping her out with galeforcing. Kagero was a one rounding machine too. @Landmaster: The Elise's took quite a bit of damage in this map, but luckily they where very good in dishing it out too. I was wondering what you'd do against the instant special proc, but Desperation doesn't care how ready that special is. @Unknown Gamer11: +10 Jagen. Now those are a combination of words you don't hear often. Still he seemed tailor made to play around in this map. Lots of reds and mages to res tank...or Green dragons appearantly. Baby Marth and Ewan did a fine job as well. Both could't have been the easiest units to +10 ------- As for my own clear I managed to do a Abyssal clear with the new second gen prince squad. Siegbert and Gordin handled the offense, Shiro the defense and Forrest filled in the gaps and played support with the palm staff. The biggest problem was that blue mage jerk hard countering the entire team Meanwhile team Sharena had fun playing in the difficulty below that. Sharena dealing with lewd fairy on turn 1 made the rest a lot more smoothly
  6. Pity broken a few too many times?😅 Siegbert was nice enough to share the spotlight since he had many Abyssal runs already. I can see how this would be tricky for a one turn clear. Hope you did't end up having to fodder of a distant counter just for this clear? Though you did a good job of still clearing this map. Distance or no distance.
  7. @Diovani Bressan: Nice one turn clear. The weapon triangle did't seem to bother you very much this run. But man Veronica is though. I know units are getting crazy nowadays, but she made short work of Lethe. @Landmaster Nice showing of summer Elise. Wolf tomes aren't used a lot, but that tome in combination of vantage worked pretty well against all the cavs/cats. Meanwhile I brought a pink troubadour of my own. Second gen princes (And yes thats totally Kiragi) Vs cats @Diovani Bressan: Nice one turn clear. The weapon triangle did't seem to bother you very much this run. But man Veronica is though. I know units are getting crazy nowadays, but she made short work of Lethe. @Landmaster Nice showing of summer Elise. Wolf tomes aren't used a lot, but that tome in combination of vantage worked pretty well against all the cavs/cats. This wasn't the hardest GHB so I used it as a test run for my own pink Troubadour. Just imagine Gordin is Kiragi and all the second gen princes are there.
  8. My least favourite (non slitherer) character probably ended up being Sothis. It has less to do with Sothis herself though. Her character isn't unlikeable, but she just has so little room to do things. Two problems really end up holding her back. 1. She can only talk to Byleth. Sothis is mostly just stuck giving Byleth a nudge or discussing things that have already been said. Few characters are interesting when talking to Byleth, but they can at least talk to other people. 2. Sothis isn't around when Sothis becomes important. Sothis vanishes after the last Solon chapter. Which is understandable given the reason, but all reveals regarding Sothis happen after that moment. It'd be interesting to see how she'd react to that all, but she can't comment on any of it. So Sothis can't be very interesting when she's around and when she is interesting, she isn't around. Raphael probably takes second place. His food gimmick could have been just a tad less dominant.
  9. This map is alright difficulty-wise. Petrine is really strong, but nothing too special otherwise. I think I prefer reinforcement over small maps like this one. @Diovani Bressan: Oh wow. I believe this is the first time i've seen Abel in anything. I did't expect a launch unit like him to be one rounding Petrine. Donnel is less surprising, but I also don't see him used a lot. Not at all surprised to see Saizo completely wipe the floor with this map though. @Maaka: now that you menton it, I do believe this is the first I hear special quotes in your clears rather then galeforce procs. Cool to see sword Batre tear through that kinda tanky dragon. @Flying Shogi: Few merges or not Flino did a good job at taking care of Petrine. Winter Nino has some good bulk too with tanking that gronblade mage. @Landmaster Petrine brought the wrong weapon for fighting the Elise squad. That was one weak attack on OG elise. Not the most exiting ghb so I brought my last team along. Only this time its Leif accompanying the Orphans. He keeps being drowned out by the loads of other red swords I have in my Barracks.
  10. After all these years its finally happened. I've been Luke'd on. A dissapointing end to my hunt for more Siegberts Not saying no to that Celica I got though.
  11. @Unknown Gamer11 Thanks. Chad was worth the investment which surprised me since he did't make the best first impression on me. As for my Raigh. I have thought on +10ing him at one point, but I think he'll remain where he is for now. He's mostly glued to my Sharena team and everyone having the same speed helps the team out a lot. Nice clear too. Thats one invested Thea there. +10/10 and every skill is super rare. She hold her weight really well there. Mini Merric passively healing everyone all the time really saved the team on multiple occasions too. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Alfonse/Sharena is a new face. A fun unit to use, but I usually don't take units along that are so...good. But on Abyssal the extra firepower is much appreciated. @Landmaster @Flying Shogi I do usually leave Miracle at home, but this time it was needed to make sure that dagger jerk did't kill anyone. It helped that Raigh mostly attacked cavalry this run so his special slot was free. @Landmaster Sharena might get +speed, but only if i'm bothered to do the math to ensure Raigh and Matthew reach her speed again too. Melon float is a fun little toy too. I like how it works on both phases. Its why I swapped the serpent tome with it.
  12. Its very nice to see our last remaining lord finally get his alt. He and Deirdre also really fit well on a more classy banner like this. Lachesis got one much appreciated art upgrade so thats good too. Ethelyn looks great as well with her alt. I think Quan is the only unit whose art i'm not that big of a fan of. Along with me not being a big fan of Eldigan in general. But all in all this is a really solid banner. My only nitpick would be that its all familair faces this time around. I would't have minded seeing Azelle on this banner instead.
  13. I don't remember any funny experiences about being Rng- Screwed in battles themselves. I do remember my Edelgard being outsped by speedsters like Hanneman though. I think she had like 14 or 15 speed in endgame, but i'm not entirely sure about the number. I am certain she got doubled by everything and that it made her very frail.
  14. @Maaka Thanks. I was surprised how hard they hit. Even with weapon triangle advantage it was a nice one round. I also managed to do my Abyssal run. This time with all 3 of the araphen orphans. I did't expect to get very far, but they did well for themselves. Alfonse and Sharena probably put in the most work in this clear though. But oof that colourless dagger user is a jerk. Panic ploy, super high speed and high res. @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @Diovani Bressan @Flying Shogi and @Unknown Gamer11 for the Lugh and Raigh
  15. @Maaka Thats one super fast bartre. Or rather two super fast Batre's. They can even keep up with the new Corrin. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Poor Corrin has a rough time with all that gravity. That axe general felt like the true final boss of that map. @Diovani Bressan OG Marth was great as a support, but nice to see he got the killing blow too. @Landmaster This is the first time I see the minty canes on Elise. A new toy? I can see how it was a challenging map for team Elise, but did good facing off all those units attacking from range. ------- Its a busy week so I haven't put any time into Abyssal yet, but my team Sharena is still managing to clear the infernal version. Perhaps the new boon/bane changes will allow them to play along on Abyssal too one day.
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