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  1. @Landmaster Its been a while since I made a crappy unit my new project, but my Tobin is almost done. This GHB wasn't too hard so it worked well as a playground for my Defensive Tobin build. It took some cheerleading, but he managed to do a good job tanking this GHB.
  2. Infernal was nothing too special. Roy was invincible as usual and the only problem I enountered was that even TA did't help Titania dealing enough daming against Thrasir. It was a good foundation for the abyssal run which was surprisingly easy. Smolzura was again supporting Gordin, but now she got a few hits in too. Another Titania went in for Support and Siegbert did his galeforcing job. @Landmaster: Oh I just noticed you got rid of that nasty -atk bane on your summer Elise. Keaton is still the near invincible powerhouse that he always is and your elise's worked out pretty well too. Was a bit surprised to see horse mage being able to one round Hector, but other then that he performed great too @Ginko: I'm jealous of that Shiro. Mine is still stuck with -atk. @NSSKG151: Judging from your intro I expected to see Delthea slaughter a lot of people, but I did't think Thrasir was one of them. Thats a lot of power behind her tome.
  3. A wow Ishtar really got a lot of action in. Kinda strange how a dancer can have that much offensive power. Phina meanwhile had a nice time with the generals and horses this map throws at you. The only thing that stung about my clear is that I wasted grails to get the Hit and Run skill for Caeda. Not knowing I already gave her that skill a long time ago. As someone who doesn't play aether raid much that took a pretty good chunck out.
  4. Armour knights are in a pretty though spot. Their one key trait is usually overkill and their drawbacks are too many. Their low res and speed make them a bit more fragile then they should and having low move is a pain to work with in bigger maps. Their offences also lag behind thanks to their low speed which doesn't help much either. The fighter skills in heroes are definitely not the answer though. I always thought the sheer power of those skills made them too dependent on it and that its a bit much in general. Perhaps giving them stance skills could help with their battle performance though. If they only hit once then perhaps really making those hits count would be a good way to increase their middling combat. Their low move is a lot more tricky to work around though. I don't think you really can change much about it without changing the very core of the armour classes. My best solution would be to just give allies more reason to be around them. Give generals more leadership skills or maybe draw inspiration from the final fantasy paladin class and have them cover for allies.
  5. I don't think Canto in itself is a problem, but having Canto is better then not having it 100% of the time. Being a mounted unit meanwhile is better then being a not mounted unit in 90% of circumstances. I think Canto/mounted movement in itself is fine, but that it should either have more relevant drawbacks or other units should get more fancy toys of their own.
  6. My Edelgard is currently at level 35 and she has a grand total of 15 speed. It makes her get outspeed by fast runners like Alois and she even ties with Haneman in speed. It makes her a bit frailer then she looks.
  7. This one was tricky. Astram is a teleporting delete button who can buff the entire team and the armour knights make for some dangerous reinforcements. But I have my +10 Roy so that means I win. Lilina is there for some good nuking and Marth/Caeda also put in a good amount of work. @Landmaster @Nanima
  8. Your clears where always pretty cool, but its probably a good idea to take a break if you are both busy and not feeling as invested anymore. So see you around and good luck with the RL stuff
  9. Waiting for a bit might be a good idea. Boey getting Close counter on his weapon stung since it meant a rare skill went to waste. Here's hoping Gordin gets a refine soon. I don't see myself going for Phina, but my other dancers like Ninian already have other buffing methods. The one's that don't are dancers I just don't use all that much in general.
  10. I got myself a Reinhardt from the new performance banner. Not the unit I went for and to to make matters worse Rein is -atk too. So its fodder time I've mostly been looking at his unique joint hone atk 3. Any units that particularly want the skill? First thought would be a dancer for the added support, but I also have a gordin who might like it. The extra +5 atk combined with death blow 4 and a seal would do a lot to increase his brave bow damage.
  11. Oh neat. Broy is rocking that refine. Reminds me that I still need to dew him. And Siegbert is on my list for merges. It probably won't happen ever since he is 5 star exclusives of course. Jullius dislikes this team :) Cool to see all these mages break through the mage tanky lion king and troubadour. And Sigrun tanking Cainghis was a neat little surprise. Still dunno why the Manakete attacked Shiro though. Rally attack was a last minute addition to secure the kill. Even Raigh fodder can come in handy at times.
  12. Tibarn and Caineghis are both pretty powerfull units. I figured this would be a difficult map, but that doesn't really seem to be the case. The rest of the map isn't too stong and there are no reinforcements to worry about. My Siegbert/Shiro/Boey/Mae team only needed some minor adjustments to be able to pretty comfortably beat round. @mampfoid @Robert of Normandy @Landmaster @Nanima I also tried my hand at a team consisting of some of my favourite emblem ladies. A bit more tricky, but still nothing I could't handle.
  13. @mampfoid It seems like I was not the only one working on a Boey. Cool to see him at work. also nice galeforcers. Tibarn put in a lot of work. My students and teachers cleared this one pretty easily. Perhaps they should have waited a little bit so that Gordin would have a refine too.
  14. @mampfoid Thanks Not quite the intention๐Ÿ˜ Well mostly it would be a team of opposites. So things like Canas and Bartre or Niles and like a super innocent characters. I am considering it. Gordin and Titania where my original plans, but going colourless only got me a depressing amount of identical healers/daggers and Titania also been a no show. I've been showered with Boey's though so I might just do that. @Landmaster Vantage Keaton does a good job murdering absolutely everything. I'm surprised at how good he always does since I rarely see him. The only downside to the refine is that I feel like i've wasted a close counter.....but yeah both refines are great. Mae is a supernuke with it and Boey can now use his a slot to buff up his def.
  15. I've been a bit out of the battle vids scene after some busy weeks, but i've put my new team to work. After a long time i've finally got my own Shiro and the Boey/Mae refined just came in. Perfect time for a opposite emblem run. Just Infernal as of now. @mampfoid @Robert of Normandy @Landmaster @Nanima The map wasn't entirely working in Shiro and Mae's favour, but both had their supportive roles to play. Siegbert went on a killing spree and Boey tanked where needed.
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