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  1. Oh nice clear. The start reminded me of my own first clear on this one. Also nice to see how you make the Leo's work. Neither are super impressive, but they work well here. Ike was a bit tricky, but Towel Sakura not eating counters made it easier. First cheering Merric on and then flying to his aid when it gets though. Pretty in character yeah. No one bullies Merric on Marth's watch. Ike was pretty tanky for my not too fast team, but Silas is a nice little wall. So much for them not being capable of harming people. I do like Curious teams and skills. I haven't been able to get the most out of CC Corrin yet, but it does its job well enough. Marth is partly lazyness, but I do like myself some nice teleportation once in a while.
  2. Its the return of one of my first Bhb's. I remember cheesing a little in my first video with me taking a long time to get ready. So now I decided to change that around and not slowly make my way through the trees for multiple turns. It would be all action this time. I changed my mind after remembering why I hated that asshole blue flier with her almost infinate range and blade tome/super speed stat spread. So the lords and their friends also need some time to get going. @Landmaster @mampfoid @Robert of Normandy @Nanima Cool choice in music. That theme kinda made up for Zinnia herself not being all that great. Also cool clear. Almost all enemies stopped being threatening when hit with a dual pain blast. Still surprised Reyson even did 18 damage with weapon triangle disadvantage. though I would have been more bulky. Sakura made short work of that annoying guidance jerk too. I remember taking her along for the first clear too.
  3. Shame that the leak turned out to be true. I would much rather have the better oc’s or characters from previous games. This banner did not improve when I saw Gunthra. She joins the Lucas, Palla and Sigrun club of characters I like, but who have a slot wasted on AR stuff. Only Gunthra is worse with not one, but two wasted skill slots.
  4. I am hoping the leak ends up being fake. Otherwise its a very easy skip.
  5. I did try sending Boey at a blue mage way back in the day, but that almost never ended well. So I think i'll go with the +def or +atk. Atk smoke and Silas wave skill are also pretty easy to come by with fodder so that build will work out pretty nicely. Giving Fury to Lugh seems like a good idea. With his +Speed boon, tome and fury he'd reach a nice 45 speed while also patching his atk up a bit.
  6. It seems our Pokemon opinions could't be more different😀. Gen 4 is just all a big blur to me with me not finding any of the places, teams or the rival very memorable. The battle with Cynthia is the only real standout moment that still comes to mind. Meanwhile I can see gen 2 (and HGSS) flaws and it has a lot of them. On the other hand I think the Johto region has a lot of charm. The old Japanese style gives the region a unique vibe and it has a lot of memorable inclusions such as Kanto and things like the bug hunting contest. Nostalgia probably plays a big part, but Johto is one of the only regions where I can name every location and still remember how they look like. The selection of pokemon now is really solid now too. Its flawed, but I can easily look the other way when playing heartgold. Meanwhile BW2 is my favourite game in the series with Hugh and Bianca being pretty high on my list of favourite characters. I don't remember much about gen 4, but I think gen 6 is my least favourite. It had a lot of quality of live improvement which I liked and the selection of pokemon was great too. The game itself was way too easy though and I did't like any of the trainers at all. Gym leaders where back to being statue's in their gyms and their teams had never been less interesting. team flare is the worst enemy team by far, the rivals where pathetic and Lysandre's deal is undermined by Kalos essentially being one big utopia.
  7. Currently i'm looking into some help with two of my green mages. One who has fallen of lately and one thats still doing fine, but who could be a bit more flexable. I have a Boey thats in need for a merge with a better nature. My +res/-speed isn't really doing all that much for Boey's assets. I am wondering what the best boon would be for Boey though. I have two options for the tanky green mage -+atk to improve that awful 40 atk. 43 isn't winning any awards either, but its an improvement -I also have a +defense one in my barracks which would help Boey's already good defense growth. His current not too optimised build is -Gronowl (+def) -Recipical aid -Bonfire -Close counter -Renewel -odd/even def wave -Renewel or atk/def bond seal I'm also looking at new builds for my Lugh. I'm not really interested in getting rid of the serpent tome, but I am considering a less enemy phase related build. I have a swift sparrow in my barracks waiting for a new owner, but a bond skill might also work to give Lugh something that benefits him in both phases. Any advice on what the best A skill would be for him? I also gave him Leavatain's speed wave skill in a failed LHB strategy. Its pretty rare fodder so I think of making him use the skill for good.
  8. Oh a +10 Broy.. I like it. That probably took a lot of orbs. Also impressive how managed to one round Cyntha despite the colour disadvantage. -------- Glad you liked the theme. I thought it was a good match. I've held off on giving Sieg galeforce for the longest time, seeing how I already had a galeforce sword pony. He became a lot more effective since i've gave him that skill. -------- @Landmaster (Can't seem to quote a message thats on another page) You seemed to have been busy on this latest banner. You already gave the watermelon dragon some pretty fancy skills too. Congrats on the latest unit(s) But cool and fitting clair. Mmorgan is always cool and you don't see spring Lucina very often. Nah did a good job of tanking most of the map, Yarne did his killing and Morgan got a few nice hits in as well. Poor Lucina struggled a bit, but she contributed nicely on the support. And thanks. Siegbert did pretty much see all corners of the map and no blue lance cav can stop a triple brazen Alfonse. ------------ I also remembered that my Royboy team hasn't been used much lately. @Nanima
  9. Cynthia is a pretty bombastic little lady. So the chosen team for today really isn't. These serious, normal, proper or cold guys would't want to be cought dead posing or doing hero stuff. I experimented a little with Boey, but that made the team lack some offensive 'oomph.' Luckily Soren is another source of frowns for this team. @Landmaster (No thumbnail for some reason. The video still works so meh. Don't care enough to try and fix that) No sweats here yeah. The whole map went down like flies. Smite is amusingly unfitting on Fmorgan. This map was low on bulk and high on annoying mages and not that bulky cavs. Easy work enough for the Takumi's. Only real source of trouble was the last mage that went after OG takumi
  10. I can respect this Banner and them giving the focus to some of the none superstars. No trio alts here. The problem with this banner for me is that I’m just kind of lukewarm about most non Morgan/Lucina/Owain/Inigo kids. I like that someone like Yarne could make it in, but I also think he’s meh. Kjelle is one of my least favourite characters and she even comes with a lame Aether raid skill. Nah is fine. Just a normal pick. Brady is probably my favourite, but he is looking oh so unimpressive. I think this is a skip for me, but I do hope they wil keep making banners like this.
  11. I doubt maladus was to blame for other characters not having screentime. Malladus only sporadically appears himself even. He basically just pops up out of nowhere several chapters into the game without introduction and is quickly replaced with Nyna for the majority of the scenes.
  12. Don't know if you used it before....I also forgot where this one plays, but Nier Automata music is always cool. But nice job beating the shit out of your grudge. It always feel nice to break down the brick wall. I can also see why this map would be tricky for a all physical colourless team. That armour took 0 damage from all, but specials and Gharnef's instant charge special means he can't be underestimated either. All the fancy teleports and repo's really came in handy. It seems you did't stop at revenge and went on a revenge spree afterwards😅 Tiki and Tak-Tak made for a surprisingly fun duo last summer and they where formidable on the battlefield together. Oh hey its my favourite Fire Emblem Lord and two lords that are amongst my favourites. Leif is cool too. I probably should bring him out some time too. Yikes at the speed banes on Roy and Alm though. But good job. LMarth made short work of those manakets and Alm shredded through all. Leif's job seemed to be to get Alm untrapped from his corner while Roy was up to his usual galeforce tactics. Haha glad I could be some inspiration :) But yeah Fallen Tiki and the twins had a terrible time with those high res fliers with me too. But cute team. Fallen Tiki was a unstopable self healing wall and both twins got a few good hits in while supporting each other. Ninian's babysitting helped everyone too. Planning on a family team in the future then? Also i've gotten used to Sam Riegel (normally very good, but sadly miscasted here) as Raigh, but after hearing it I think his Japanese voice suits him better. ----------- I seemed to have been unable to clear Gharnef last time, but it took surprisingly little tinkering to beat Gharnef this time. Such a mustache twirler should be dealt with by more noble figures. So its best girl Louise, two good girls and one good boy vs Gharnef https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vzPnGeCXxk
  13. Its probably longer then that😅 My FTiki killed the same enemies so many times that she's around 8000 sp now. Yeah. Feint skills are kinda Niche, but they where pretty usefull in this run because Tiki could use every hp point. I think its a very good boon. 41 speed after a speed refine means he reaches a very high speed naturally. I still need to give him some new tools to make sure he can really use that speed stat to the fullest. Something like res/speed bond or swift sparrow. I've yet to play with Dragonflowers myself. Mostly out of lazyness actually. But good luck next summer banner. Here's hoping the desire sensor doesn't hit you and showers you with older brothers. Raigh is almost unseen in Abyssals and Lugh is not the most popular pick so I agree that they are always a welcome sight in Abyssals. The dragon girls are far bigger powerhouses, but they could use all the support. Probably a better role for such a nice guy. I'll probably have him in another ghb/Lhb or two in the future since it took a lot of orbs to finally get a Lugh. It probably showcases the power of armours more. Or perhaps just dragon armours. But yeah they are naturally bulky on and their quick charging specials means they stay in good health easily.
  14. Christina Vee always puts in great performences from what roles I know her from. So a shame she's not Edelgard anymore. Perhaps conflicting schedules are too blame for this?
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