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  1. I'm sure it makes sense, but i'm a bit surprised that Elise tanked the blue mage even better then she tanked the red mage. This match was not the most challenging one in the world. A good testing ground for a little familiy reunion team. @Flying Shogi
  2. YesūüėÄ. Roy deserves all the +10 merges Wolt worked nicely well too. A lot of fliers to one shot....that speed bane still hurts me though.
  3. Roy and his friends took on the Infernal challange. The biggest pain was killing that healer, but otherwise it was a pretty smooth ride. Plenty of fools suicided on Roy and Wolt could one shot those annoying fliers. Abyssal will be a bit more of a challange @Landmaster: Oh wow. All 3 elise's are pretty capable of beating the crap out of all the enemies. Even OG elise had a few 40 X2 attacks. Meanwhile the mythical hero Altina would have only done 2 damage if not for her special.
  4. Dexit has been relatively. There are some lines such as Abra/Murkrow/Absol/Dratini that are missing, but a good chunk of my favourites made the cut. I also did't have any problem with filling my team. 6 spots are easy to fill after all. Thats not to say I don't think 'Dexit' is a shame, but its also something I did't notice too much. The absolutely horrible way Hidden abilities are handled had a far greater impact on my team. I get that hidden means you have to put some work in it, but the voodo magic neccesary to spawn just one HA, let alone one you want is just a giant pain. I don't have a single one yet and not because of a lack of trying. I'd even take the dumb SOS chains over this one.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I did't see the message till now though so I already managed to evolve my pokemon through other means. But i'm also up for trading if you have a pokemon you want from shield or if you have a trade evo.
  6. I know we have a wifi topic for questions like this, but that topic seems to have died. I think it might be a better idea to ask a trading question here. Is there a kind soul around here that wants to trade my Boldore back and forth? To my surprise I found a shiny one in the wild. As a 'rare' mon it earned itself a slot on my team, but I just need a little bit of help to make the most out of it.
  7. II got the game since I was in a Pokemon mood. My expectations weren't at their highest though since the weeks before launch has been a bit of a disaster pr wise. Lots of negative news and gamefreak might have avoided some of it if they did't seem to go out of their way to give the worst answers possible. Perhaps the low expectations where for the best though since I am pleasantly surprised so far. A few of my thoughts on the things that had me worried or just some thoughts in general. EXP Share Not quite the disaster I thought it would be. Throughout my playthough my (non starter) pokemon have been at my opponents level or even slightly below that. I do admit that I've ran a bit more often at the start of the game because I did not want to be overleveled, but all in all i'm surprised that the game is keeping up with me. It leaves me a bit confused about the BS pr response about most people leaving it on. Just saying that they tried to rebalance the game around it would have been a much better response. Difficulty So far Sword and shield is pretty easy, but again not as bad as I thought it'd be. Its easier then I wanted it to be, but its not the autopilot that X/Y was. I thought the Fire gym in particular was pretty good. Not difficult, but Ninetales and Arcanine are decently though at that point in the game and they both had different kind of skillsets. Setting The region is pretty cool. I liked most of the places, the new pokemon are mostly to my liking (Nickit really sucks ingame though) and I hope Gamefreak keeps the trainer card feature for future games. It gives gym leaders just a little extra info. The wild Area So far i've found the wild area to be a little lacking. Most of the pokemon you see in a area are the same kind of pokemon multiple times. Seeing only delibirds and one or two other pokemon means some area's are very skipworthy after 5 seconds. I think its a good way to test the waters, but the wild area itself is a bit meh. So far my team is mostly complete. All that is left for me is to find a good psychic pokemon to replace my Orbeetle. My original choice was Espurr, but I seemed to have missed it. Now i'm just waiting for another good one to appear.
  8. This banner completely snuck past me and FE6 also wasn't a banner I thought we'd get. The lack of Niime is a bit criminal, but I think its a cool banner otherwise. No superstars, but I think its good to focus on the regular cast as well. Echinda: Probably the demote, but still my favourite. She looks cool and design-wise Echinda's pretty unique compared to most female characters. We also really needed that axe she's carrying Igrene: The first red archer is Igrene and her kit looks pretty full of amazing skills. Cool Perceval: His art looks really cool. His toolkit looks like a second Camoo. Probably skipping him. Lalum: I don't like the art. Probably not pulling much on Colourless. Chad is neat too. My Orphan team is ready for the new addition. Surprised they did not give him the vengeance skill. It seems to go well with his character. Maybe he'll get fury instead?
  9. There has also been news about the hidden abilities of the starters. I'm not really happy with the Scorbunny one Speaking of HA's. Is it already known how to get those in Sword and Shield? I hope its more user friendly then the awful, awful SOS mechanic.
  10. Well this was a bit of a letdown. Nothing on the map is much of a challenge. @Landmaster Gordin's refine got a testing run, but he did't get much chance to show it off. Boey and the cheer squad did the rest of the map with ease. Also a little bro theme vs Cormag. They did't run into much problems either.
  11. As characters all units in this banner are winners. Tethys was my most wanted ss character, Gerik is badass, the boys are cool and Ephraim/Lyon are a unique pair up at least. Not going to pull on Tethys though. I have the time to pull for her since she is the obvious demote. Shame she got such a lame exp skill, but I can see myself building her. Gerik has a lot of cool skills and I miss infantry axe characters. Most of my orbs will go on green. Ewan looks a bit lugh-like, but I can see myself going for red if there are no greens. Ephraim/Lyon is alright, but not something i'm pulling for.
  12. Yikes. That really does not sound reassuring. I'm also hoping thats a fake. Fewer pokemon on big trainers implies we're going back to X/Y difficulty and the low levels don't do much to make me think differently.
  13. I don't know, but I also don't know how E.v.s's worked in the previous gamesūüėÖ
  14. The way I see it 400 Pokemon is not ideal. I get that the list of pokemon keeps increasing and that its hard to just carry over everything indefinitely. Still all Pokemon being able to be carried over has been part of Pokemon for a long time. Suddenly yanking that away doesn't feel right. Still for me its not a dealbreaker. Its a negative, but I am seeing plenty of new Pokemon I like and some old mons that I haven't used about. I'm more worried about the forced EXP share. It doesn't have to be a problem, but it can be a big one. Being forcefully overleveled all game would be something i'm not looking forward for.
  15. He is. 200 dew are ready. Merge Gordins keep avoiding me though...for months now. Titania was in love with Ike's dad, but she's a bit less sighy about it then the other ladies. I was surprised with how well Flora performed. That -atk bane always stings.
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