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  1. Leonardo is a unit that could use some changes. He seems to be designed as a mage killer' with Cancel and a pretty high resistance growth. Sadly Fe10 isn't heroes so that high growth goes to waste with a very low low cap. His other high growths are in luck and skill which isn't that great either. I would either change his caps so he can fulfill the niche he is trying to go for or just give a modest increase in atk or speed. Fiona bases could be a bit higher and she would also like it if there was at least one map that doesn't hinder her in some way. I would change Felicia's growths for other reasons. Not because they are bad, but because they do not fit the character. A character that is described as great in combat and horrible at helping should probably not hit like a wet noodle while being great at supporting others. Same with Rinka who looks like she should have a good strenght growth.
  2. @Landmaster Ouch. That poor green dagger enemy only dealing 1 damage to Elise of all people. @Endriu Nice. Done in under a minute. @DLNarshen Aoe skills are one way to bypass miracle. Hadn't though about that one yet. Julius looks pretty cool as well. It reminds me to dust of my own Julius sometimes. ------- All the teleportation and Sigurd being a supertank made this Bhb a bit more tricky then I orignially thought. Still both my teams eventually got past it. Gen 1 vs gen 2: Seliph got to do his thing again and this was a good place to try out Leif's new refine. Few people use Raigh and I think even less people use Tobin and Clive. So I used all three along with Matthew who would be on this list before he got his refine.
  3. These last few months I have got some interesting skills and i'm wondering who could make the best use of those. The last Takumi banner gave me another close counter to use on a ranged unit. Dozla seems like a good candidate. The pumpkin weapon and his +def nature gives him a very good 41 def stat. 32 speed is not fast, but it is something you can work with. Merric is less statistically impressive, but his high hp and 37 speed makes him semi bulki as well. Close counter could help him with flying slaying duty and the +5 atk/spd from his tome makes it easier to give away his A slot. Other then that I have like Matthew, Chad or maybe a bladetome/summer Lilina for the skill in mind. I also got a bonus doubler, but i'm not entirely sure who to give it to. Legendary Marth for double bonus doubler or perhaps someone like Dorcas for DC stuff. And finally I got myself a extra slaying axe and a extra rearguard. I was thinking of giving one of those to my +def Ross, but i'm not sure which is the best option.
  4. This is probably the best fe4 gen 2 banner they could have made. Many of the second gen are kind of bland and forgetable, but these 4 are some of the exception. I guess Patty’s absence could be explained by them not wanting yet anoter colourless demote. My super small gripe is that this banner’s star units are sharing their colour. I know sword ladies are super popular, but I think it would have made morse sense to give Ced or Athena the bigger toolkit. To make the non red colours more appealing and because its a bit odd that a ‘rookie’ like Larcei has more to show for herself then more experienced fighters like Ced and Athena.
  5. I had my fun with the movie. I can semi ignore the things that don't make sense such Palpatine puling out a giant planet destroying army out of nowhere and appreciate the things I did like. As before I like the main 3, the Rey/Kylo fight with pretty cool and so was the new first order bad guy. Palpatine's actor also did the same great job he always did. However Palpatine's return has a bit of a problem in the fact that it swallowed up the entire movie and caused very few things from the last two movies to actually matter. The first order has been reduced to a complete afterthought because they simply don't matter compared to the giant army that Palpatine conjured up. that might not be too big of a issue if Palpatine himself did't decide to be a big letdown himself too. lightning storm aside he did't get to do very much. Yet another force lightning showdown like he has done 3 times already. I remember him having cool combat scenes episode 3. He has his force lighting, but he also had a lightsaber and he even threw chunks of democracy at Yoda. Here he is just completely stationary and it content with just more force lightning. The entire Rey vs Palpatine fight ended up being a total bore.
  6. My last +10 project has been a long long time ago, but I finally got myself a third +10. Not Gordin as I had planned, but someone I actually managed to pull more then once this half year. I already had best Roy and now I have best Bo(e)y @mampfoid
  7. @Landmaster I never got around to clearing this one. It seemed like a good place to show of my almost complete Boey project. It all ended up a lot easier then I thought it would be.
  8. I'm sure it makes sense, but i'm a bit surprised that Elise tanked the blue mage even better then she tanked the red mage. This match was not the most challenging one in the world. A good testing ground for a little familiy reunion team. @Flying Shogi
  9. Yes😀. Roy deserves all the +10 merges Wolt worked nicely well too. A lot of fliers to one shot....that speed bane still hurts me though.
  10. Roy and his friends took on the Infernal challange. The biggest pain was killing that healer, but otherwise it was a pretty smooth ride. Plenty of fools suicided on Roy and Wolt could one shot those annoying fliers. Abyssal will be a bit more of a challange @Landmaster: Oh wow. All 3 elise's are pretty capable of beating the crap out of all the enemies. Even OG elise had a few 40 X2 attacks. Meanwhile the mythical hero Altina would have only done 2 damage if not for her special.
  11. Dexit has been relatively. There are some lines such as Abra/Murkrow/Absol/Dratini that are missing, but a good chunk of my favourites made the cut. I also did't have any problem with filling my team. 6 spots are easy to fill after all. Thats not to say I don't think 'Dexit' is a shame, but its also something I did't notice too much. The absolutely horrible way Hidden abilities are handled had a far greater impact on my team. I get that hidden means you have to put some work in it, but the voodo magic neccesary to spawn just one HA, let alone one you want is just a giant pain. I don't have a single one yet and not because of a lack of trying. I'd even take the dumb SOS chains over this one.
  12. Thanks for the offer. I did't see the message till now though so I already managed to evolve my pokemon through other means. But i'm also up for trading if you have a pokemon you want from shield or if you have a trade evo.
  13. I know we have a wifi topic for questions like this, but that topic seems to have died. I think it might be a better idea to ask a trading question here. Is there a kind soul around here that wants to trade my Boldore back and forth? To my surprise I found a shiny one in the wild. As a 'rare' mon it earned itself a slot on my team, but I just need a little bit of help to make the most out of it.
  14. II got the game since I was in a Pokemon mood. My expectations weren't at their highest though since the weeks before launch has been a bit of a disaster pr wise. Lots of negative news and gamefreak might have avoided some of it if they did't seem to go out of their way to give the worst answers possible. Perhaps the low expectations where for the best though since I am pleasantly surprised so far. A few of my thoughts on the things that had me worried or just some thoughts in general. EXP Share Not quite the disaster I thought it would be. Throughout my playthough my (non starter) pokemon have been at my opponents level or even slightly below that. I do admit that I've ran a bit more often at the start of the game because I did not want to be overleveled, but all in all i'm surprised that the game is keeping up with me. It leaves me a bit confused about the BS pr response about most people leaving it on. Just saying that they tried to rebalance the game around it would have been a much better response. Difficulty So far Sword and shield is pretty easy, but again not as bad as I thought it'd be. Its easier then I wanted it to be, but its not the autopilot that X/Y was. I thought the Fire gym in particular was pretty good. Not difficult, but Ninetales and Arcanine are decently though at that point in the game and they both had different kind of skillsets. Setting The region is pretty cool. I liked most of the places, the new pokemon are mostly to my liking (Nickit really sucks ingame though) and I hope Gamefreak keeps the trainer card feature for future games. It gives gym leaders just a little extra info. The wild Area So far i've found the wild area to be a little lacking. Most of the pokemon you see in a area are the same kind of pokemon multiple times. Seeing only delibirds and one or two other pokemon means some area's are very skipworthy after 5 seconds. I think its a good way to test the waters, but the wild area itself is a bit meh. So far my team is mostly complete. All that is left for me is to find a good psychic pokemon to replace my Orbeetle. My original choice was Espurr, but I seemed to have missed it. Now i'm just waiting for another good one to appear.
  15. This banner completely snuck past me and FE6 also wasn't a banner I thought we'd get. The lack of Niime is a bit criminal, but I think its a cool banner otherwise. No superstars, but I think its good to focus on the regular cast as well. Echinda: Probably the demote, but still my favourite. She looks cool and design-wise Echinda's pretty unique compared to most female characters. We also really needed that axe she's carrying Igrene: The first red archer is Igrene and her kit looks pretty full of amazing skills. Cool Perceval: His art looks really cool. His toolkit looks like a second Camoo. Probably skipping him. Lalum: I don't like the art. Probably not pulling much on Colourless. Chad is neat too. My Orphan team is ready for the new addition. Surprised they did not give him the vengeance skill. It seems to go well with his character. Maybe he'll get fury instead?
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