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  1. This map is alright difficulty-wise. Petrine is really strong, but nothing too special otherwise. I think I prefer reinforcement over small maps like this one. @Diovani Bressan: Oh wow. I believe this is the first time i've seen Abel in anything. I did't expect a launch unit like him to be one rounding Petrine. Donnel is less surprising, but I also don't see him used a lot. Not at all surprised to see Saizo completely wipe the floor with this map though. @Maaka: now that you menton it, I do believe this is the first I hear special quotes in your clears rather then galeforce procs. Cool to see sword Batre tear through that kinda tanky dragon. @Flying Shogi: Few merges or not Flino did a good job at taking care of Petrine. Winter Nino has some good bulk too with tanking that gronblade mage. @Landmaster Petrine brought the wrong weapon for fighting the Elise squad. That was one weak attack on OG elise. Not the most exiting ghb so I brought my last team along. Only this time its Leif accompanying the Orphans. He keeps being drowned out by the loads of other red swords I have in my Barracks.
  2. After all these years its finally happened. I've been Luke'd on. A dissapointing end to my hunt for more Siegberts Not saying no to that Celica I got though.
  3. @Unknown Gamer11 Thanks. Chad was worth the investment which surprised me since he did't make the best first impression on me. As for my Raigh. I have thought on +10ing him at one point, but I think he'll remain where he is for now. He's mostly glued to my Sharena team and everyone having the same speed helps the team out a lot. Nice clear too. Thats one invested Thea there. +10/10 and every skill is super rare. She hold her weight really well there. Mini Merric passively healing everyone all the time really saved the team on multiple occasions too. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Alfonse/Sharena is a new face. A fun unit to use, but I usually don't take units along that are so...good. But on Abyssal the extra firepower is much appreciated. @Landmaster @Flying Shogi I do usually leave Miracle at home, but this time it was needed to make sure that dagger jerk did't kill anyone. It helped that Raigh mostly attacked cavalry this run so his special slot was free. @Landmaster Sharena might get +speed, but only if i'm bothered to do the math to ensure Raigh and Matthew reach her speed again too. Melon float is a fun little toy too. I like how it works on both phases. Its why I swapped the serpent tome with it.
  4. Its very nice to see our last remaining lord finally get his alt. He and Deirdre also really fit well on a more classy banner like this. Lachesis got one much appreciated art upgrade so thats good too. Ethelyn looks great as well with her alt. I think Quan is the only unit whose art i'm not that big of a fan of. Along with me not being a big fan of Eldigan in general. But all in all this is a really solid banner. My only nitpick would be that its all familair faces this time around. I would't have minded seeing Azelle on this banner instead.
  5. I don't remember any funny experiences about being Rng- Screwed in battles themselves. I do remember my Edelgard being outsped by speedsters like Hanneman though. I think she had like 14 or 15 speed in endgame, but i'm not entirely sure about the number. I am certain she got doubled by everything and that it made her very frail.
  6. @Maaka Thanks. I was surprised how hard they hit. Even with weapon triangle advantage it was a nice one round. I also managed to do my Abyssal run. This time with all 3 of the araphen orphans. I did't expect to get very far, but they did well for themselves. Alfonse and Sharena probably put in the most work in this clear though. But oof that colourless dagger user is a jerk. Panic ploy, super high speed and high res. @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @Diovani Bressan @Flying Shogi and @Unknown Gamer11 for the Lugh and Raigh
  7. @Maaka Thats one super fast bartre. Or rather two super fast Batre's. They can even keep up with the new Corrin. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Poor Corrin has a rough time with all that gravity. That axe general felt like the true final boss of that map. @Diovani Bressan OG Marth was great as a support, but nice to see he got the killing blow too. @Landmaster This is the first time I see the minty canes on Elise. A new toy? I can see how it was a challenging map for team Elise, but did good facing off all those units attacking from range. ------- Its a busy week so I haven't put any time into Abyssal yet, but my team Sharena is still managing to clear the infernal version. Perhaps the new boon/bane changes will allow them to play along on Abyssal too one day.
  8. That bow knight is super though. Even Saizo barely survived a round with it. Everyone else was dealt with a lot more easily. I was surprised how well Tethys held up, considering she's a four star. I did't go for a 100% dagger clear, but I did end up with a 50% dagger clear. Raigh is secretly aiding Chad from afar while Soren is on support/babysitter duty. It wasn't the hardest ghb ever, but that does make it a good place to test out my latest +10 @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 @Maaka @SatsumaFSoysoy
  9. I completely skipped the tiki/nagi one. Did't even get the orbs so good that I can restock on this BHB. This wasn't the most exiting ghb. The stage looks kinda generic and its not too difficult. A good place to test out Shiro's new refine along with best dancer. @Flying Shogi: Cool. I was planning on going with the twins as well for a opposite theme team. They really only needed a tiny bit of support to clear this one. @Landmaster: I know I heard that song plenty of times, but can't exactly place it. But cool clear. Summer elise did a good job surviving Python before maiming a dragon. @Diovani Bressan @Maaka @SatsumaFSoysoy
  10. I thought it’d be a fun idea to +10 groom Marth since I did’t see him often. That was before I realised what an absolute pain grails where. I would have picked a prf one looking back. Still a complete project though
  11. @Maaka Thanks. I did't expect to be making use of Silque's weapon and spd opening, but it all clicked when I saw how all the members of team Sharena ended up with the same speed. They can use the extra stats to keep up with the stat inflation @Unknown Gamer11: now thats a cute team. As a fellow Raigh/Lugh/Flino user I approve. Base nino packed a especially mean punch, but everyone else did a good showing too. Raigh put in a lot of effort with the bond skills and your Lugh did't feel very threatened even when facing weapon trianlgle disadvantage from that dagger unit. ----- I also managed to get my Abyssal run in and you could say i'm a bit underhelmed. I just came in with the first team that sprung to mind and I barely needed to change it. Merric only needed escape route to make most of this map a breeze. Sanaki was there to tame hel and Siegbert did his usual deleting. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy
  12. After that first intro of book 3 it would only be fitting for team Sharena to take down Hel. I've been spoiling my babies a little and while Abyssal might be out of their reach, they still did a good job in the difficulty below that. Sharena gets to play with distant counter and Ike's skills. Raigh meanwhile got a nice new C skill. The map gave my team some problem. All those blue units restricted Raigh's movements by a lot and all the cavalry being blue was also a big annoyance. Wrys also kept getting one shotted, but eventually I found a way to carry them through it. @Zeo For my improved Matthew. He got bonus doubles to maximise Wrys' buffs and to get him out of his not so great starting position. @Maaka Cool that Soleil was there. One rounding hell is also no mean feat. Also fun to see a gen 1 unit still go to town on the game's shiniest new hero. @Diovani Bressan Hel really had to chase the team down the entire map only to go down without mouch trouble. Cool clear even if I still always keep forgetting how claude's weapon works. @Landmaster The elise's really where one rounding machines. Sleepy fairy did a good job tanking both Hel and that red dagger. Axebreaker really made her a lot less threatening. @SatsumaFSoysoy: I completely forgot the cake Cutter was a thing after it stopped being known for powercreeping the dark greatsword. Celica made good use of the extra power boost though. Still lots of her tearing through the enemy. @Anacybele @DLNarshen
  13. @Diovani Bressan: Oh wow. The guard status takes away the only thing about Eremiya that was even remotely threatening. And with her gone Saizo could Ep through everyone with ease. Also thanks. Gordin is holding up surprisingly well for a gen 1 unit. @Landmaster Thanks. It took far too long, but i'm finally mostly out of colourless hell. Surprisingly evil music for the loli squad, but perhaps it was fitting. Eremiya really could't do anything to the squad despite attacking so many times. Eremiya just keeps on dissapointing. Also thats a pretty cool high investment Sylvia. Did't know you had a +10 of her around. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Thanks. The miracle cheese was the only thing on this map that I had to spend a second thinking on. Also a unique evil + Azura team. I heard good things about Kronya and the vantage build does seem pretty potent. +points for surviving at 1 hp. @Anacybele Glad you liked the Gordin clear. And congrats with your +10 Sylvain. Seems you had good luck pulling for him. He really did some pretty high damage numbers. almost one shotting Emeriya and disposing of the rest pretty easily too. Did't think his base speed would be that high either.
  14. Biship of Woe is a great name for Eremiya. Everything about her makes me sad. She feels like a demote healer with her skills and even her map feels kinda lame. Gordin gives me less woe though. Because after 3000 years he's finally completed. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @Maaka @SatsumaFSoysoy
  15. My opinion mostly stayed the same on Warriors. A good solid game thats lacking in charm. Its Roster and story could both use some work. The roster is naturally the biggest complaint, but I would't have minded nearly as much as they actually went ahead as they advertised. SD/Awakening/Fates is not my combination of Fire Emblem games, but limiting yourself to 3 games gives you a bit of structure to work with. hyrule warriors did the same and I think it worked out well there. SD/Awakening/Fates isn't my crossover combination, but i'm not too harsh on them making that choice. I am harsh however on the fact the base game did a very bad job with their crossover selection. It did't feel like SD/Awakening/Fates at all. They mostly stuck to Awakening and Fates. Shadow dragon was giving the absolute minimun of attention. They had little room in the story and their playable roster was just 3 characters. SD got the main characters they where forced to include and they decided not to go any further then that. And on the whole the roster was just a bit lacking in imagination. If the second most popular female character in Awakening is your 'risky' pick, then you are playing things very safe. Why not have Donnel or Arthur trip around the battlefield? A Legion using Legions in his fighting style. Felicia too would lend herself well to a warriors game. Hyrule warriors gave itself a lot more freedom and it gave some amusing characters like Agatha or the villains. I felt they where a bit too concerned with cramming all the popular/important characters in and forgot to have a bit of fun with their concept. Its not all bad though. The game's fault is its charm and not its quality. All playstyles are enjoyable to use and the game has a lot of content going for it. They did't go completely overboard like Zelda, but I think the trial maps where a good amount of content. The supports also get a + from me. Its nice seeing characters from different games interact. Its something Heroes doesn't do enough off. Charm matters though. So while I enjoyed my time in Warriors, I also haven't really thought about it in a long time. I don't see myself returning to it any time soon either.
  16. I think it took me at least a year, but probably longer to finally +10 this one. It will be nice spending less time pulling interchangeable healers and gen 1 healers
  17. I could have worded it better, but my main complaint is not that the units are bad, but that they are very boring. Forrest and Lena’s kits are both mostly day 1 stuff. Day 1 staff, assist and special. They bring ploys, but those aren’t very new and exiting either. Fortress res is also old and not something you easily slap on someone. There are other staves to create or to reuse. Such as Maribelle’s. These staves and assists are already available everywhere. Its all very meh when compared to someone like Mustafa. If I don’t want to use him, then he has the ever useful bonfire, a new axe and def tactics. I think he and other non healers just add much more when they demote.
  18. Well this Banner is kinda lackluster. the good Julian. I think Rickard is more funny, but the OG thief is a good edition that should have been in a long time ago. The bad Oh Lena, what did they do to you? First Forrest, then Em and now this. Why do they insist on making healers as boring as possible. Its like they only remember their boring day 1 staves. Her other skills are just as lame. I’m not a fan of Kris either, but I find the Lena situation just a bit more tragic.
  19. Ingrid: She sure looks loaded, but i'm not too interested in another blue lance flier. Ingrid herself is ok, but not someone i'm going to pull on. Dorothea: Now here is someone I will pull on. Her skills looked unimpressive enough for me to briefly consider her the 4 star, but I like Dorothea. So most orbs on colourless. Sylvain: The actual 4 star of this banner. I like Sylvain, but he's not high priority. I might go for a green if I see it. Byleth/and Rhea: Nice to see Rhea join her even with less hips. Shame she's not in the lead, but I like her as a duo hero. Seeing her on vacation could be pretty interesting to see. Lorentz: I did not expect to see Lorenze, but it actually makes sense to put him on the banner. I'm getting some Raigh vibes from his stats though.
  20. A busy week left me with a bit less time to work on this clear. Abyssal is probably gonna be a skip this time, but I do have a delayed infernal run. I must say I had a harder time then usual. Teleporting mages are the worst. @Diovani Bressan: Nice clears. I thought Nowi doubled almost everything because Marth was playing speed chearleader, but it was less that and her just being absurdly fast. Did't expect to see that base speed on her. I always thought she was a bit slow. The infernal version in particular stood no chance. @Landmaster: Is that Pokemon music? OG Elise seemed to be the superstar of this run. The palm staff works pretty nicely with all the speed you already gave her. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Brave to kill of Seliph on Player phase. That was a lot of damage Kagero shrugged off with her personal. Celica was also good at shredding through everything. even blue units. @Maaka: Good to see that even pity breakers can be put to good use. Ouch at seeing that +5 though. ------ As for my own clear. I had some difficulties with all those teleporting mages. They're pretty fast and both hit hard. Especially that green gronblade one. So it was time for me to dust of Julius to laugh at them ( @DLNarshen for that one). I still barely pull any Gordins, but that gave me enough recources for another colourless project that is almost done.
  21. I'd say give some characters the echoes treatment. Merlinus and Elphin are the main advisers of the game and I don't see that changing, but that doesn't mean they should continue being the only people that get screentime. Right now Binding blade's plot is very focused on the basics and getting Roy from point A to point B. Having characters like Wolt or Lilina fill a role similar to Gray/Tobin or Boey/Mae could give the story a bit more charm. Roy's character might also benefit from not being chained to Merlinus all the time. Gameplay-wise everything is more or less fine. Maybe add some modern stuff to it. I'd keep most of it the same other then maybe tweaking some of the more extreme bad cases like Gwendolyn.
  22. Sephiroth is the first character that springs to mind. He's a iconic gaming villain from one of the most highly regarded games of all time. Yet in all the non ff7 stuff he came across as pretty boring. My not having played the original ff7 probably doesn't help me get Sephiroth, but he did't correct my low expectations in the remake. I was pleasantly surprised by all the characters I had little interest before. Cloud, Tifa, Aerith. Even Shinra and the Turks turned out to be enjoyable. Only Sephiroth remains as someone I f find a complete bore. I don't know if Xenoblade's chronicles 2 Jin is very popular or not, but i'm going to name him anyway. No Xenoblade 2 I don't find this mass murderer a 'splendid soul'.
  23. I would't go so far to say I disliked Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I did drop it out of annoyance. Its probably the highest rank game that I did't like all that much. The game making changing characters both annoying and counterproductive was something that kept bugging me and the game as a whole was kinda bad at explaining itself. Loads of tutorials, but I always felt behind.
  24. I did't expect much for this BHB and it matched those expectations completely. The Fates princes minus Kiragi did't have a hard time. I also don't bring Soleil out enough so she could help out. @SatsumaFSoysoy: Good thing that healer was around. I started to feel a bit bad for this map after seeing all those 0's @Maaka: Mustafa's forging bond rewards seem to be getting put to good use. Also good to see Bartre wasn't one point stronger. That might have messed up the galeforcing @Diovani Bressan: The two video's show pretty good how helpful Bride Micaiah is to Saizo. He can just go into murder mode immediately without having to set things up. Both clears where cool. @Landmaster
  25. This is a weird, but pretty decent banner. I'm a bit low on orbs so i'm probably going to skip aside from a few Lute pulls. Lute and Joshua are pretty well liked and I can see them working well for a beach banner. Good art too. Selena is a bit odd, but sure. I suppose she still wasn't in the game and it'd be a while before another Magvel banner comes along The new Duo hero is weird. I think its interesting how this opens the door to some character interactions from different games. Mia/'Marth' would't be my first choice, but I'm looking a forward to see where theý will take this concept. THem deciding to go with 'marth' rather then Lucina is a bit odd though. You'd think it would be harder to stay in disguise in that swimsuit. As for Rhys. he sounds about right for a tempest trial unit. A good character, but one that probably would't set the world on fire. I'm just hoping he brings some non launch skills with him. The base game staves/heals are starting to annoy me.
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