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  1. Oh, that's good! Because I was worried people wouldn't understand or something... (I kinda disappeared randomly so it's understandable to be annoyed). It was just one thing after another...but yeah, hopefully I won't be gone for that long again. Oh, thank you. Well it made me nervous because most people seem to come on daily or often unlike me and then I just went ahead and left for two weeks. >.< How long have we been on hiatus for? Hopefully I didn't mess anything up...
  2. Hey guys, I'm really sorry for disappearing randomly and telling anyone what happened...I feel really bad about it I'm worried everyone will be so mad at me... I was gone because school was stressing me out as well as tests before holiday break...Also I got a really bad cold on the week before Christmas, so I missed more school and didn't feel well. And THEN there was the holidays. Anyway I just want to apologize for doing this, and hopefully won't disappear randomly without telling anyone again. D: I feel like I'm in major trouble
  3. I'm SO freaking late on this but...about 2 weeks ago I finally got a male Sylveon, so I went in the grass. First thing I encountered? A female Eevee! So I caught it, and guess what nature it was? Calm! I got a Calm natured female Eevee right off the bat! Thanks again for your guys' help! I'm much farther in the game now. Ah, it's okay now. xD Thank you very much for the offer~! Wait so if you breeded a full box, at least one of the Eevees will be female? I got it quickly thanks to Cute Charm. I'll keep that reference in mind however. :)
  4. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas~! I apologize for disappearing for so long; I've been really busy!

  5. Eh, but if you knew me as a writer....oh gods. I hope I don't break the word limit again. xD
  6. *Gets a Glass Sword* Meh, it's an okay weapon I guess. Still, Happy Birthday, Virion, who kills enemies with magnificence! You need more love! :)
  7. Ah, okay. I haven't caught one yet because they seem pretty rare... That's really crazy. I was trying to get an Adamant Chespin, but I gave up and went with Naughty. Oh really? Nah, it's okay; I don't want to go through all the trouble since it took you a very long time to catch all of those Ralts. I think I'll just go with the Cute Charm strategy. Thank you so much for suggesting that to me though! I appreciate it. :) So all you need is a male Pokemon from the field egg group? And an everstone can pass the exact nature to the child too? There's no percentages or anything? Omigosh, I might try this out too. Thanks for telling me this!! That's really lucky. I only caught two so far. That's cool though! Awesome choices, I like Leafeon the best, so I agree with you on that! I really don't care about ivs (I'm STILL trying to understand them). So basically if you keep on breeding, you'll eventually get at least one Pokemon of the gender you want. I don't know if I have that much patience lazy (plus don't you have to hatch the eggs too?). I probably will use that strategy to breed other Pokemon though. I just want to get a Sylveon ASAP because I'm really far behind in the game. Thanks for clarifying!
  8. This basically. I admit I'm excited for it, but I'm mostly picturing tons of arguing...Hopefully it'll be a stable enough community to allow sane FE:13 fans to discuss the game as well.
  9. Okay, now I get it. So if you had to choose between the two, you should choose Oifayes. And really? So Jeigans are more under-appreciated? Thanks for clearing that up!
  10. Alison nodded worriedly. "P-Please lead the way..." When all of a sudden Shiharam got attacked by Alicia's powerful wind magic, Alison watched with awe as he fell to the ground dead. At that moment she realized Alicia was hurt, Alison followed her sister Ace, staff in hand and ready to heal her.
  11. At the word "healer", Alison exclaimed, "D-Did someone say they need a healer?!" Gripping her stave, Alison ran over to Ace and activated her healing magic. She got out of the way so the battle could proceed and then saw Alicia was in deep trouble.
  12. Alison noticed so much was happening at once. The twin sisters were fighting off an enemy claiming to be called "Shiharam" and Dan was fighting Klotho...She thought the only thing she could do to help was to continue to keep the wyverns at bay and offer her healing abilities to those who got hurt.
  13. I'm praying there isn't a word limit for the bio because I'm editing mine and it's turning out longer than I wanted it to be... >.<
  14. Well I mean I have an idea for a location to choose. I still need to think of how the battles will go. But yeah, I think I'll tell him. :) Shadow if you're reading this, I was wondering if I could do Limstella's battle at the Wellspring of Truth. You don't have to listen to me, I'm just wondering if I could.
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